Sino-Liberia Relations Is a Re-enforcement of Liberia’s Transformation

The recent bilateral talks between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf may be a re-enforcement of the already existing Sino-Liberia Relations.

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LNP: Gradual Accomplishments Must Attract Support

Thought with maximum caution, public perception about the LiberiaNational Police or LNP may currently be diminishing. This may be against the backdrop of the ongoing ‘operations’ of themen, women and officers in the field against various criminalactivities in Monrovia and its environs.

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The Challenge Now Is Ours as a People Come 2017

By now, many Liberians across the country may be extremely disappointed with the Legislative Branch of the Liberian Government, most especially the House of Representatives about their continuous conduct.

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The Liberia National Police: Restoring Its Diminishing Relations with the Public

Law enforcement may only be a successful task on the basis of a collective team work with the civilian population.Wherein there are strain relations between law enforcement officers and civilians, crimes and violence over-shadow the peace and security of the society.

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Alarming Bank theft requires CBL’s intervention

Apart from the daily poor customer service characterizing the Liberian banking system, internal robbery continues to hunt its credibility.

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Liberia National Police: Good Beginning Steps, but….

Among the commitments made before the Liberian Senate by the new leadership of the Liberia National Police or LNP on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 is to address the issue of crimes

in an urgent manner, as the security of the nation and its people could not be compromised. A further assurance was that the public would be would begin to experience a huge presence of police visibility in various communities beginning with Monrovia and its environs in his first hundred days in office in collaboration with community policing to reduce the level of crimes perpetrated by criminals.

And if anyone had thought such commitments were intended to shower members of Committee of National and Veteran Affairs of the Liberian Senate with warm sentimental platitudes to ensure speedy confirmation of the Inspector General and his deputy for Operations, recent developments in police operations are a clear manifestation of its new agenda to ensure public safety.

Last weekend’s police operations in a few communities in Monrovia and its environs against crimes, especially armed robbery at which time a few armed robbers were “fatally stopped”, as well as deployment in Central Monrovia against car-loaders or “zogos” are indicative of the deeds characterizing such commitments.

While many would think it may be too soon to say that the beginning is good, it would equally be unfair not to encourage the men, women and officers of the Liberia National Police for such beginning steps and motivation.

At least a level of confidence and safety was restore among citizens – commuters, restraints, petite traders, as well as commercial drivers, down town Monrovia on Monday, September 26, 2916 as a result of the huge police deployment all over the place that discourage theft of various sorts by car-loaders, alias “zogos”, while there’s still high hope for peaceful ‘night rests’ for indications.

Unless the practical reality of the commitments of the leadership of the police is again politicized by politicians, especially ahead of the 2017 Presidential and Representative Elections in Liberia, to attract support/votes, hope for public safety is alive. We do sincerely acknowledge the government’s competing priorities, but the issue of internal security over seen by the LNP cannot be equally seconded.

In the wake of the inadequate budgetary allotment, we join the leadership of the Liberia National Police, in appealing to Liberia’s partners, donor community, as well as philanthropists, among others for logistical support. It is no doubt that the LNP is the urgent need of vehicles, motor-bikes, uniforms and other gears, as well as communications, among others to make its operations more effective and efficient, now that it is taking the first steps. Logistical assistance would further boost the morale of the men, women and officers in the field at night and day in engaging crimes and various traffic violations across the country.

Less we forget, the issue of better salaries, benefits and insurance would further augment their morale for the necessary sacrifices in the interest of the nation and its people. 

Amid Inadequate Budgetary Allotment: LNP Remains Demoralized, Strangulated

DESPITE THE RENEWED vigor and progressive leadership inserted into the Liberia National Police recently by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the issue of logistical capacity and motivation remains a major challenge in executing its statutory responsibilities.

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Liberian Media 2015 and Beyond: Leading to ‘Change the Face of Things’ in Liberia

Just recently, we hailed the nation and all of its sectors and partners  for the holistic and tremendous strides in keeping the country going against all odds, including the deadly Ebola virus disease or EVD  to this New Year.

In so doing, we equally emphasized the challenge to continue such collectivism or national unity, not only to continue battling the deadly Ebola virus disease to its complete demise, but in all directions of our national existence and growth and development, practically referencing the phrase: ‘In Union Strong, success is sure’ as expressed in our National Anthem in pursuance of our national development agenda wherever we find ourselves.

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Ganta Opposition Talks:

Let’s Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt The weekend of Saturday, September 17, 2016 may be a great andrewarding history in Liberia, depending on the final outcome of thegathering of more than a dozen Liberian opposition political partiesin the northern commercial city of Ganta in Nimba.

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Embracing the New Year with a change



Not much may have been pursued and achieved in the year 2014 by us and our nation only because of our national health crisis, even though a national development agenda had already been in full swing at the start of the year.

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