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Prosecuting For Crimes Against Humanity - Why Not Liberia, Too?

That life – any, yea, the world – is not fair is evinced in various ways. One of those ways has to do with the international community’s selective prosecution of those who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity in various parts of the globe. It’s mind-boggling that the decision-makers of the world would vehemently fight for and seek the prosecution of certain perpetrators of crimes against humanity, while at the same time wink at – and, sometimes, out rightly reject or oppose – the prosecution of others, including those whose crimes are well-known and well-documented.

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Agreeing with President Sirleaf; But Telling Her That She Confuses Us – Part II

As we stated in Part I, we, through the Issues Desk, wish to look at President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s speech, specifically the part that is on the reconciliation process, and make a few points.

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Agreeing with President Sirleaf, But Telling Her That She Confuses Us – Part I

We, through the Issues Desk, wish to look at President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s speech, especially the part that is on the reconciliation process, and make a few points.

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Will Gays Ever Go Gay?

A very eloquent creationist pastor in the United States once indicated, “Modernism is dangerously changing the meanings and applications of our words. Before, the word “gay” commonly meant “happy or lively”; however, it has now changed, and its common meaning is “a man and a man sleeping together as a man and a woman would.”

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Allowing Free Speech to Flourish

Information reaching our Issues Desk indicates that some in society are determined to forbid or discourage the exercise of free speech. It is this misplaced and nefarious determination on the part of some Liberians, especially in view of what has been said and done concerning the gay rights debates and discussions, which has prompted the re-publication of this article.

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The Day UL Students Brought Sadness and Disgrace to the Ground of Ideas


The day was Friday, January 13, 2012. I was on my way to the offices of the New Dawn, but first stopped on the campus of the University of Liberia. The serene pockets of debates or discussions that usually characterize the campus were absent. In their stead was commotion. Once again, violence had visited the university.

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On Snowe’s Money Making A Woman Go Naked

Let’s Talk So and Talk So

The Issues Desk wishes to look at the Snowe’s-money-makes-woman-go-naked story. It is a story that has generated a lot of discussions and debates since it was reported, not since it occurred. What we are not sure of and cannot say is whether the discussions and debates have produced more heat than light, more light than heat, or equal amount of heat and light.

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The Stupidity of Illegalizing Prostitution

Twelve Reasons Why It Should Be Legalized

Discussions on many crucial social topics and issues continue to stir the minds and arouse the interest of a great deal of our compatriots. For instance, there is the discussion about whether homosexuals – that is, gays and lesbians – should be allowed to live freely or not. Some say they could live together, but they should not be allowed to get married or adopt children, while others say the practice should be banned completely. There is also the discussion on marijuana. Some argue that it should be legalized, while others say that it should never be legalized. Still, there is the discussion about whether prostitution should be legally allowed in the society or not.

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Again, Ma Ellen Is Wrong - Protests Do Solve Problems

The Issues Desk wishes to look at a statement made by Ma Ellen recently and prove, evidentially, that her statement is wrong and, at the same time, unfortunate.
According to the Friday, December 16, edition of the Insight newspaper, Ma Ellen told a group of journalists on Wednesday, December 14, that protests solve no problems. According to the paper, Ma Ellen exact words are: “Protest solves no problem.” As indicated earlier, the Issues Desk is interested in proving this statement otherwise, in other words, to evince that, indeed, protests do solve problems; protests do work.

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The Call for Africa to Arrest Former President George Bush

Putting Trouble in Africa’s Pocket

The Issues Desk wishes to look at Amnesty International’s recent call for either of three African countries to which former President George Bush were to visit to arrest the former president for international crimes. The countries are Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia.

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