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“No One Is More Grand Gedean ” – Dr. Barh

In his recent communications addressed to Members of the Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus, Professor, Dr. S. Benson Barh, prominent Senior, ethnic/tribal citizen of Grand Gedeh County, wrote that “No one (Grand Gedean) is more Grand Gedean than the other (Grand Gedean)”.

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Ebola Epidemic Political Blame-Game

In recent months and continuing, the Liberian and international media has been and is active in the process of educating and informing the public about the spread of the Ebola virus and its deadly Epidemic, with socio-economic and political analysis and its impact on the Mano River sub-region of West Africa, especially, our country, Liberia. The local, daily updates of new cases of infections and deaths in our densely-populated City of Monrovia and suburbs of body removals and burials are, indeed, scary and deeply troubling and worrying.

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Land Disputes, Confusions & Conflicts: Liberia’s Next National Challenge?

In a congratulatory message to the newly-appointed National Land Commission for its Draft Land Rights Policy recently made public for national, consultative debate and eventual legislation, dedicated to land acquisition/possession and definition of ownership rights reform, including Customary, Land Tenure reform in Liberia.

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Pres.Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to Pres. Obama

H.E. Barack H. Obama
United States of America
Washington, DC

Mr. President:

I bring you greetings from the people of Liberia and in my own name. Let me first express our gratitude for the support you have given to us in the Mano River Union as we battle this unprecedented outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease. Your announcement that further resources will be made available for the effort was welcome news for us.

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ULAA's Resolution on the Liberian Ebola Virus Crisis

Given that the people of the Republic of Liberia are currently experiencing the menacing effects of the dreaded Ebola Virus, which has imposed untold deaths and suffering upon the population, mainly health professionals and volunteers as well as ordinary Liberians and other nationals, the national leadership of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), under the dynamic leadership of its National Executive President, Madam Nellie Francis Sirleaf-Savice, convened an emergency meeting on August 12, 2014 to further deliberate this most critical matter. The deliberation was intense and lasted for hours, deriving the following conclusions:

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How West Pointers survive days of quarantine

After less than 21 days of establishing a holding center in the township of West Point, recently quarantined by the Government of Liberia, I visited the center on Monday, September 1, 2014 on a fact finding mission to assess condition of inmates there.

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Discord in Ebola...not the right sign or sound

Legendary musician and folklore hero of the Bassa people, "country people” music ambassador Sundaygar Dearboy was hit hardest when Ebola sent the wrong cord to his heart over the week end. It took the life of his sweet heart and wife to be on Saturday August 30. She was an expecting mother in her 5th month of pregnancy.   He has been away in a recording studio doing what he knows best:

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Do the right thing, Madam President

Your recent action in fighting the Ebola Virus decease is commendable and I want to join others in commending you on your effort. However, my attention is drawn to your recent strategy - the setting up of a Withholding Center within the West Point community and the AFL recent action also in the West Point area in which a 16-year old boy was killed.

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Stay Put To The Very End!

Open Letter To President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Dear Madame President:

No time in our history has any government been confronted with the enormity of such a crisis, which has all but undermined the normality of life and threatened our recovery efforts at such devastating pace. Madame President, your leadership is particularly being tested at this time in history. During this crisis you have tried within the limits of your experience in dealing with some issues, but you have failed in addressing others.

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The Ebola pandemic ravaging

Through West Africa and in particular Liberia is exposing the yet still fragile nature of states, state structures and national institutions.  The particular nature of health systems and responses to health epidemic is found wanting.

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