Lord, are they really eyeing interim government?


Dear Father:
Um, you know, there is a common phrase people frequently use and more often than not we tend to under play the magnitude of such a phrase or statement. That is I often hear people say, “today, you shall know me. You have not known me before but today you shall know me.”

In our village settings, you often hear it being put like this-“you don’t know me before that today you will know me.”

Truly, it is very difficult to know the true nature of a person unless something pops up. No matter how long a man hides, his true character will one day show up.

So when a man tells you, you wait, you never knew me before but today you will know me, it simply means he is ready to show you his true color. Don’t get me wrong, I know in every individual there is some degree of madness-that gene that makes us get angry. When a person’s own reaches un-proportional level, he or she becomes very dangerous to his neighbors or community.

My son why all this beating about the bush?

Father, I am not beating about the bush, I am only setting the premise for what I am about to say. You know for the past few days some of our big people in our village have really shown their true colors or characters. Yes, they have at the expense of the very poor people.

I don’t know but I have found it difficult in my own thinking to distinguish between selfishness and greed. I think there is a thin line between the two or one leads to another. But whatever the case is, I personally think too much of greed and selfishness have entered our village most recent politics.

And make no mistake Father, I am not saying some of the big people are wrong to go to the House of Elders to seek redress, but what I am also saying is that when the House of Elders grants you, your request and you turned around and employ other tactics just to create some level of uncertainties, than you have a problem.

My grandma used to say if you want to know what people think of you just cause trouble, but let me extend it more by saying if you want to know a true character of a man let something happen.

Yes, Father, it is easy to trust a man based on his conversations and other stuff, but a true nature of a person is not reveal when he is begging for help or when he needs one. It comes to the fore, when something happen.

The way we sometimes handle issues either confirm our true nature or show who we really are and what we truly stand for.

And quite honestly Father, in as much as I respect the big people in our village, some are so disappointing because they soon lost their mojo in the face of challenges.

Why preach the masses theory when you know that your mode of approach is even hurting them the more? Do you want to see them dying before you know that you are hurting them? Do you know how many businesses are suffering right now because of the ways you all are preceding?

Now, if they knew they were going to join forces, why were they insulting each other from the beginning?

So, who do they think they are fighting for now, is it us or them? Because from all I see Father, this whole thing is not about us, it is about them. Had it been about us they will not be bringing in all kinds of technicalities. Yes, they won’t have brought in all those because the sooner we depose of this thing the better it is for our village and our people.

But to be jumping around here forming strange alliances in the face of uncertainties, it makes it difficult for me to believe that somebody is fighting my battle. Whatever their agenda be it, interim government or not, you guys have shot yourselves in the legs already.

Lord, why are they so desperate?

Hmmm, it na easy in our village. Right now, the big, big people are so confuse to the point that it’s all a see-saw battle as they jump from one camp to another. To tell you the truth Father, we are so confuse that identifying the ruling camp from the opposition camp has become so difficult.

So, why all these confusions and jumping from one camp to another is all about my son? I mean why they can’t just stay one place and be the man or woman they think they are? Father, it is easy for you to say, but for these people it’s all about the jobs. And they are so desperate with passion. Father, can you imagine some are going to the extent of cooking up stories and repeating same on every town crier station?

The people say if you want to make a lie believable as the truth, just keep repeating it till all the people start discussing it at the market places, while the children also sing it into songs on the streets-the book people called it propaganda. But wait oo my son, some of these people force to remain in village power?

Um Father, you are asking the right question oo, but the wrong person. The truth is for most of these people they have known no other job since they came from school besides our village job. So starting in the private sector like some of us, is too hard a thing and it is something they are just not used to.

Can you imagine our papy them been feeding them with their taxes. We too have come and are also feeding them with our own and they want to perpetuate themselves to the extent possible for our children them to grow up and feed them with their taxes too?
Ay mehn, you will be a free rider throughout your life? You can’t give your friend them chance too? You want to tell me all the book you learned at that big school there you can’t do something for other people to benefit thru employment or that only village job you were born to do?

But my son you know what it means to have gotten used to free car, free fuel, free allowances and you don’t even know how much a gallon of gasoline cost at the filling station then just within the twinkling of an eye, you are no more enjoying these things?
I think so too Father. But come to think of it too, these big, big people who are going all out to make sure their people preside over the village cake appear to be more desperate than their crowned figures themselves.

Father, sometimes I wonder if they don’t know how to conjugate the verb like the chief from the Traditional Council who was heard on a town crier saying “you eat, I eat.” Thank God the people got rid of da other one. They got too tire too late. Okay my son, since you don’t want to mention it, let me ask you this, which side the Old Lady is leaning?

Father, you, yourself know that the Old Lady get dirt. When people think she is this, before you realize, she is on the other side. The Oldma is very slippery and unpredictable-to borrow the book people English na. Ehn you know that mouse with the long nose-it can be eating you and blowing breeze to the place at the same time. So let the people be there saying all kinds of things. But one thing I am sure of is she is not desperate.

Lord, did they know that they ate “Cafu”?

Dear Father:

Hmmm, the pastor them in our village will make plenty money again. Right now, nobody blaming or talking about evil spirit or witch craft oo. In fact, everybody is laughing at the left side of their mouths how they have chopped some poor politicians them money and are feeling good.

And they think it’s just okay, but for how long? Few months from now that small deliverance they will be conducted around here?

Um, ay my son what do you mean by that?

Father, don’t they know it’s a curse to walk in deceit? They were very much sure that they were not going to vote for some of these poor people, yet they took their money and pretended that they were with them.

That poor person took all their savings just to make sure that they were empowered to run their campaign and what did they do-they deceived them and not only did they deceived them but they mocked at them in their little corners. What a terrible thing to do?

Now, not many of them know that what they have eaten is a “cafu” (an oath). When these cafu get ready to haunt them, they will start blaming their grandmothers and old parents in some village who knew nothing about their deceitful attitudes as witches and wizards.

But for all you know, they would have soon forgotten that they deceived someone who they crooked by pretending to be supporting them and taking their gifts.

Father, they should go and asked those young women who are jumping from one Pentecostal Church to another praying for husbands.

In their early twenties, they taught they were stars taking gifts from every Tom, Dick and Harry, pretending to be in love when all they were interested in were the gifts those men were bringing. Some have grown in their thirties and approaching their early forties but finding it difficult to settle.

But they have long forgotten though, how they deceived men that were madly in love with them and showering them with gifts. Now those cafu they ate from men who genuinely love them have caught up with them, they are the frequent visitors at the doorsteps of every prayer mother or deliverance minister.

Some of them have even passed their flower ages and in their minds’ eye they think they are still beautiful as they were, but the cafu has caught up with them.

Today, people are in their homes laughing at poor politicians who money they have eaten and not voted for them. These people are painfully counting their loss and they are laughing at them-not knowing they are heaping more curses on they and their children’s head.

Deceit has a terrible consequence and many people tend to down play it. Clear and simple, if you know that you will not support a person be honest and don’t pretend to be, just to chop his or her money.

Father, I know some people are saying when they bring the money we will eat it, but that money was for a purpose and if you did not accept the conditions, you should have just as well refuse the gift. But you accepted the gift and deceived the person- woe onto you and your generations. And the pastors will not help you; they will only chop your money free.

Just ask the single ladies who have made prayer bands their offices around our village today. They will tell you their stories how men used to worship them. But what did they do?

For those poor politicians, they will go thru the pains for the kind of money they have spent on people, but they will get over it with time. But you, since you refused to have told them the truth that you were not prepared to cast your vote for them, yet you collected their t-shirts and money, you are carrying a generational curse-only God can save you. Beware.

Lord, da one da fighting!

Dear Father:

Hmmm, the other day I heard that the chiefs in one of our far away neighboring villages found their seats very useful in another way. They say instead of the manufacturer’s intended usage which is sitting, it was useful in the form of missiles against each other.

Honestly, which one be my concern, even if they had slashed each other’s throats with their newly found weapons. For all you know, I careless about how they run their village over there, that is a cup of tea for them to drink, not mine.

Um, I know what you are thinking right now Father.

Are you for real right now my son?

Yes, I do. You are thinking that if I care so much less about them, then why am I mentioning it in our conversation or why am I all in their fries?

Father, believe me that is the truth, I careless about what they do in their village over there. If they like, they can eve burn the sea around them for all they care.

But it is just one thing that has me melting into their fires. That is, da their fighting had to do with not wanting any old person to rule them in their village. That is what is so bemusing to me-trust me Father.

For a second there, their actions remind me of my own village situation. You remember the other day when the Old Lady said it’s time for the young people to take over our village? It was like the usual joke where they say the ugly animal should go and fetch water and baboon, looking at pig and telling him to bear gee.

The Old Lady said our next election will pave the way for the next generation of leaders then one party jumped up and say she is ungrateful- awl!

So, what about all the other people in our village that are running to chop our village president, why can’t they talk too only this one group of people?

The thing is Father; everybody is getting rid of the old guard system because they can be terrible and sometimes end a village up into the wrong hands.

Is that so my son?

Yes, Father, the old guys come with too many risk: frequent medical check-ups, forgetfulness, loss of strength, playing grandparent to their kitchen staffs when they should actually be disciplining them for theft of our village meager resources and worst of all, the village stand the risk of ending up in to the hands of some unprepared deputy with excess baggage.

So, yes it’s true. It’s time for the chiefs at our Traditional Council to start setting old age limit. They already have age limit for young people seeking our village power, why wouldn’t they set an age limit for the old people.

Hmmm, da one da fighting business coming inside so, because for some people I know, they think have invested all their hopes inside one Old Man who is likely to suffer from stroke if he does not find himself inside round two.

Lord, empty talk won’t help them! (Pt-2)

Dear Father:
Hmmm, so this thing here da na secret again oo-everybody in our village have heard and it is so shameful to say the least.
What’s that my son?

Oh Father, you haven’t heard, they say hot tears came running down the cheeks of the Papay the other day when the Old Lady said they could not accept some plenty money brought in my some strangers to help with the Handshake’s campaign. Da geese oo!

They say the people came just two days after the disgruntle Roosterman told some of our village town criers that the Papay did not need the Old Lady’s help to win our village election.

They say the Papay feet were very heavy to leave the Old Lady’s office that day. They say had it not been for the help of one of the Old Lady’s kitchen staff who was available that day to hold his hand and take him to the lift then da na small wahaha was going to be in our village.

Ehn you already know how some of his zealots can think ehn. They would have said the Old Lady poisoned him, not knowing da the money he saw that they mean him with had given him 4G stroke.-my name ooh.

But the Papay sef ya, you say you na want to be bother with somebody, but that their money you want? He more than the young girl them who na want the man but wants his money.

If you don’t want somebody, why receive their gifts? If you don’t want the man don’t take his money-period!
It is one of our highlife singers, who says if you like monkey you must like his tail, but you can’t want somebody money and at the same time don’t want to associate with them-pure hypocrisy.

My son, you na start again?
Father, da one da public news.

You know, the married people get something they call bedroom politics; somebody want something but he can’t get it till he does what she has demanded. Look at you there, you think I am going any farther with that, shame on you- da my mouth you want hear the details from about bed room politics, you better go and ask the married people.
Anyway, similarly, in our political setting we get something called internal bickering or in fighting. You and I can’t agree on something, but you want me to give you my money. Isn’t it the same politicians who say put your money to where your mouth is?

Oh, you na want my mouth inside but you want my money. How can I give you my money? Don’t it defy your own saying-put your money to where your mouth is?
I heard the some people declaring on one of these town criers the other day that they have drawn a red line for me. I hope you just don’t cross your own red line to come to mine side of the line you have drawn.

The truth is this village is for all of us, and we will not be afraid to tell you in the eye about your evil deeds in the dark. If you don’t like what we write, just don’t buy our paper-at least that will help you, because what you don’t hear or know, doesn’t affect you in anyway.

You know, you already get plenty skeleton in the closet then you want to come and threaten somebody. But you just wait; I am waiting for the appropriate time when I open my mouth in this village all the hidden secrets will come outside. Ehn your desperate for president job in this village, your just keep pushing me to the wall. When I can’t move any longer, I will fight back and you all know absolutely nothing is going to stop me except your kill me like I know many wish I was dead by now.

nd don’t get me wrong, I am not going to write anything I don’t have hard facts and recording for. So, go ahead, draw the red line. Tell your people not to do business with me for all you care. But remember just this one thing, this is the village I was born in regardless and like you, I have rights just make sure your rights don’t violate mine right as mine won’t violate yours- nonsense!

Lord, empty talk won’t help them! (Pt-1)

Dear Father:
Hahaha, ooh, hahaha! Lol. Father trust me empty talk won’t help them. They say people from the handshake camp have been jumping from one town crier station to another trying to make themselves feel so good and make your humble servant look so terrible.

Can you imagine this Father, even little known messengers from our village town criers and all are trying to discredit some of us and as it may try to canvas for prolong services indirectly, that is should the handshake be even lucky to go for second round. The truth of the matter is this papa is too old and weak period!

So to say that this man slipped and felt is it a crime? And you know something Father; their argument is so baseless as their defense. The question that these impressionists give whenever they have an opportunity on any of our village town criers is why only these people saw it and reported it and not all the other ten people that were there?

The simple truth is those remaining ten are not as sophisticated as we are in a way-they are the stenographers who wait for the main event on stage when in fact the actual event had already occurred at the man’s resident stopping place before he could even leave for the public glare. So, how will they know? Da news oo!

You know, in this our town crier field the only way people can trust you with the most sensitive information is when you are not susceptible to bribery-using every privilege information for monetary gain. You moh say, ask me, I will explain.

This is why certain sensitive information is not available to all. This is also why many of the town criers like the ones surrogates of the handshake continue to refer to on these airwaves were never privilege to such. Their main concern, like some of their masters was to make the Papa look good by all means necessary even if there are shortcomings, ignore them period!

Those sorts of attitudes make you a compromising town crier and take away the essence of the town crier job-hmmm. Yes, people always want to know the unusual because those are the things the people don’t want the public to know, and anyone who reveals that is always consider as an enemy of progress depending on their definition of enemy of progress though.

So why you think they are so irate about the news, it’s because this is something they really don’t want out there so the best way to deal with it is to discredit the messenger and call him names. Say it repeatedly that everyone who hears it consider him a monster liar.

You know, Father it is very interesting to note that in our village it is quick and easy to lynch the messenger while ignoring the message. And like I said they have this old way of trying to fight off the truth-discredit the messenger. Make it very difficult for people to believe him.

The people say the Papay fall, everybody jumped up da na true! They paid that man to say da thing there. Some even went to the Chinese tea centers to quote figures (10, 000) Uncle Sam’s money. Can you imagine that Father?

But give them a simple test-ask them to watch the old man for 30 minutes if he doesn’t doss off to sleep then he is as fit as a racing horse.Some even went further to link some prominent individuals of our village to the crime of bribery, saying that they are behind all this-Nonsense!

Father, I figured these people have ran out of messages because to take two weeks to say something is not true and force the poor old man to run just to prove that he is as strong as a racing car is even more demeaning than to say he falls, because anybody can slip and fall.-To be continued.

Lord, these people are so interesting

Dear Father:

Uh, this saying that when the thief is from your house, he is not a thief but when it is from your neighbor’s house he is a thief is actually dominance among these Handshake people who are fighting tooth and nails to take our village for the third time.

What do you mean my son?

Oh, Father, haven’t you heard? The other day I was reading something in one of our town criers even though the people also sent it to my email but whilst I was browsing the web, I saw it in this town crier too. So I decided to read it from their end. It was one of the so many polls people are conducting in our village to according to them tell us who they say people think are leading the race for our village president. But what interested me most were the comments left behind by the diehard Handshake loyalists.

The thing is this other poll didn’t appear to have favored their man as the past ones have been placing him ahead and have been carried as screaming headlines in most of our local town criers this one actually depicts him as someone who has fallen from grace to grass. Yes, Father this one shows that their man has left the first position to a third position. It shows the Footballer as number one and the Chosen One as second.

Tell me something my son!

Yes, Father and this is the sign of defeat that the Handshake loyalists could not stand and were raining invectives on the owner of the town crier condemning the authenticity of this other report because it shows that their man is really losing it. They said it was faked and sponsored by rivals to make themselves feel good. So indirectly, what they are saying is that any result that doesn’t put their Oldman first is as fake as gold. Can you imagine this Father?

The funny thing though, these people have failed to realize that they are the ones tearing down their own numbers. Instead of focusing on marketing their man, they are all over the village picking at one club here and there. So, how their popularity will not drop-non sense!

But Father come to think of it, how these boys will not be putting up a fight in every corner with diversionary tactics, when they fear of losing their 12 years dynasty. And worst of all when their man is coming in with his nephew in-law-My name oo!

My son, are you saying the Oldman chose his nephew in-law as running mate?

But Father, da fire coming from my mouth. The man chose his older brother son in law to be his running mate, and you think the people are joking around here. The man running mate has two children by his older brother’s daughter.

Okay, somebody will say but the people are not together again so what. But the truth is they are still in-laws as long as these children exist between them no matter what.

Somebody told me the other day that we think the Congo people are bad but when the country man ready, he can put his whole body inside it. Had it been a Congo man who chose his nephew in-law to be his running mate by this time our entire village is on fire. But like I often say when the thief is from your house he is never a thief.

So our people will sit down and allow a real dynasty to rule our village. This one will be a complete family government oo. These are things had it been with other clubs by this time the Handshake people will be screaming all over the place. They are here fighting tooth and nails to ensure that certain people from certain club don’t run.

They could not succeed on that one and they ran after some poor Elders who had done exactly what the village people have asked them to do. But being as it may, they still have to fight.

You see, Father that is while I often say only losers wine about their best. They are the only group in our present competition who is running around the place looking for whom supporting who and not how they can get their own support. And they have forgotten that this foolishness of theirs is causing them a lot. They should be careful before the next poll places their man at the tail end.

Father, I think instead of indirectly insulting owners of town criers or telling people who a particular town crier belongs to, they should focus on their strategies, other than that I can see most of them being jobless soon.


Lord, when will we ever be taken seriously?

Dear Father:

You know, the people in this village never seize to amaze me. So why were they making all those noise about a certain conduct? They knew from the word go it would have been a complete disaster just as most of the contracts here ended up in complete disasters with no head, no tail.

Qaedifi rice, a complete disaster, of course the Oldman has a lot of explaining to do on this one. The Gbezhon renewable, a rip off, and so many other things they signed at that Traditional Council, so what made them to think that a certain conduct was going to hold?

You know, Father, the book people say he that comes with equity must come with clean hands. How will you asked somebody to come clean when you, yourself is dirty? Your very house is not clean. How will they take you to be anywhere near serious as you have said?

Tell me something my son!

Yes Father, the people are jokers. The very people who were demanding equity from their friends, they are not clean. And Father it is so shameful, the manner and form in which they are jumping boats at the last minute to time is so crazy. It’s like putting fire in a hole and seeing all the different types of creatures jumping out of the hole in confused directions.

They should really thank God for some of the clubs that had nobody running on them oo or else many of them were going to be left by the way side, especially the Old lady’s children, many of whom are now considered to be outside children among them.

But you see Father, when I say these people, majority of them are belle driven and self-centered, people don’t believe me. If the people are not loyal and committed to the very clubs that brought them to prominence, how can they be loyal and committed to the very people whose votes they are seeking?

These people are only after their own, nobody else. If you cannot take care of your own children at home, that the ones of the street, you will take care of?

Anyway, back to the conduct issue. So why did they waste our time and our village resources when we told them from the beginning that this thing you people talking here will not work in our village for this other voting time?

You see, they say town trap is not for rat alone: it can catch chicken, dog, cat and even human beings and all.

The old people say when you don’t have plenty children, you can’t join witch craft.
But I would like to put it another way, if you have plenty children, don’t join witch craft, because you will have more children to sacrifice then somebody’s one. The thing is weeping will never finish from your house, but the person with the single child, that one time crying. So it simply means that you who have the plenty children you gat many funerals and crying to do.

You see Father; this is why after the conduct collapse most of their children had to now run to foster homes as orphans. Simply because the witch craft play of the parents have caught up with them. The very rat they thought the town trap would have caught has escape with ease leaving the chicken, goats, dogs and even human beings captive.

Lord, da small breaking heart?

Dear Father:

Hmm, you know the other day I was listening to our Papay praying and saying how he will leave his own with God if he doesn’t carry the thing. He said because all the people have told him that him they want-and he believe them too ooh.

What do you expect him to think my son?

Father when I listened to the Oldman only one thing came to mind-LOSER. Because it is only losers who wine about their best and how everybody says they are behind them.
And Father never count on anyone who tells you I will do my best. I often tell people don’t promise me you will try, tell me I will do it. The thing is it is more self-assuring if you say, I will do it than to say I will try.

So to hear the man who has doubled the fleet of cars in his convoy talking about leaving his own with God if he doesn’t carry the thing, then it leaves me wondering about his self confidence level. Then it simply means he doesn’t believe in himself. Trust me Father; nobody wants to be led by somebody who is willing to try, no not this time.

But my son, are you listening to yourself, didn’t you just say the man na increase the fleet of cars in his convoy? Doesn’t that send a message that he is beginning to think that his dream of becoming your village next king is coming to fruition?

Father, I beg you ya, what the Rooster man didn’t do here in 2005? And if I may ask where did he end up, was it not in the human garage taking drips?

My fear is that this man is too old and I don’t want him getting breaking heart after the news of the first round starts to flow in. And the way I see it, it appears like plenty of his country man them will get breaking heart too oo, because the way they are so sure that their Papay will carry this thing. Ah, let them take time ay, life too short for sorrow oo.

The old people say, we must always learn from the past because it has some lesson to teach us. Let them go and ask the Green dude who went as far as sewing his inauguration suit because of one lying prophet who had told him to do likewise.

They should ask the man, he didn’t recover from that false prophecy for the last voting time, and thank God some strange people have added new energy on to him.

But the truth is for somebody who claims the whole village has said he is the one they want to be king to be speaking like a loser; it sends a totally different message of a man who lacks self-confidence.

And before I go Father, I don’t know when the people in this whole handshake club will ever learn. Haven’t they heard that town trap is not for rat alone, even the chicken them and all can fall inside.

What kind of parable is that again?

Oh but Father haven’t you heard about the mass resignation that is taking place in this village? They say many of the Old Lady’s kitchen staffs are resigning like rain dropping.

But why do they have to wait all this while?
Father the people thought their own law they pass was only for their opponents, not knowing when you na get plenty children you can’t join witch craft.

Na their own trap is catching them left, right center and even at the time they have refused to resign, everybody now knows that they are just a bunch of law breakers. They are the Animal Farm’s type of characters we read about in that Uncle Sam’s cousin’s book. Day na break on them with all their zippers opened and their trousers and skirts hanging that the time they say they want to resign? Da so, so shame killing them na.

Lord, this is very sad

Dear Father;

You know, it is very sad to hear the way people stretch their veins to defend the indefensible in our village all because of personal gains and interests.

And come to think of it Father, most of these surrogates don’t even believe in whatever they are pouring out there in defense of whoever their benefactors are. The simple truth is they are always after their bellies and what they can get to survive on for the next day.

For a second there, I don’t blame some of them though, because if you were to ask some of them where you see yourself two to three years from now, you will be amazed to hear “nowhere sir.”

And don’t add what is your motivation for what you do, because the response will leave you flabbergasted.

Yes, Father, that is if they are very honest and not blaming anyone else for their failures and allowing themselves to be used and dumped by individuals whose aims are straightly designed to accomplish their selfish desire by any means necessary.

So here I was the other day listening to one of the Town Crier Houses in our village. And what I heard was beyond mindboggling. I mean don’t get me wrong though because I know politics is characterized by propaganda but when propagandas are based on lies, then it raises eyebrows about the true integrity of the individual. Ask Uncle Sam about this one.

But this is the thing though, in the midst of countless evidence, a surrogate of a particular candidate from one of our political clubs here was painting that particular leader as a saint. And this particular political club leader is noted for not taking responsibility for things he knowing or unknowing participated in.

In fact, he is fast becoming famous with “It wasn’t me,” because nothing he has ever done wrong. Yet there are records impeccable to show that this particular guy is no saint as he has either portrayed himself or being portrayed by his followers. But again that’s our village. A thief is only a thief when he is not of your own household.

Father, what saddens me most is when people look at the evidence right before their very eyes and open their mouth wide just to lie through their teeth.

Another thing is that most of the surrogates are job seekers, people who just jump on a band wagon, just waiting to be rewarded with an office to continue plundering our village’s resources where ever they may have stopped.

This is so sad, when people are so dishonest with the truth, just to get an opportunity to plunder the village resources.

Of late, I have heard people of corruptible records with no standing of themselves jumping all over the place endorsing people here left and right. The truth is they don’t care if some of those individuals have the ability to lead our village from poverty. No, all they care about is what is in there for them.

This reminds me of 2005, when some so-called elders in our village jumped behind the Footballer. And when the run-off result was announced, they came running saying disappointingly-we thought the boy had the thing.

What they were simply saying was that they were only supporting him because they found that the possibility of them getting a job from him would have been easier than the Old Lady who knew the kind of character they were unlike the Footballer.

So, it is no surprise, that some of these individuals are again hallucinating around here behind individuals they think will again give them the opportunity to be ushered back into the political limelight and rewarded with our village resources. But disappointments await them all.


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