Lord, teach us to number our days

Dear Father:
My cousin, who happens to be a pastor, always, had this joke about me when he tried to stir up his congregation or whenever he was preaching the good news to someone.

He often told them, I don’t know if he still does that though, but he often told them using me as an example how the death of close friends always draws me closer to God than ever before.

You see, Father, it’s like that many of us won’t act till something happens and when it does, we try to reflect swabbing places in our heads and sometimes consciously or unconsciously asking the big “why if.”

Father, the truth is I am not alone in this sort of reflection. The sudden death of a close family member or a friend often leaves us wondering how much time do we have left. The thing is the Old Man up there is no longer in the business of sending prophets to warn us ahead of our departures.

If I can vividly recalled only one man had such an opportunity and that was King Hezekiah, to whom God sent the Prophet Isaiah to inform him to put his house in order because he was about to die.

Besides that Father, nowhere in the Good Old Book it is written that a person was warned of his departure from the face of mother earth-it has never been and it will never be.

But why am I reflecting on all of this. I mean, I should be telling you about the Pro-poor agenda in our village, right Father? I should be telling you about what is going on with the Footballer and his many promises.

But it’s like my Cousin said, when a close friend of mine leaves in a way that I can’t describe especially when we were just together the other day then it leaves me wondering about my own life and how much time do I have left.

Regardless about what many may think of him, yes we have lost a giant in the family of the Pen Pushers, a very brilliant young man. We served as panelists on several talk-shows and even share podiums addressing similar issues of concerns to the inky fraternity.

Yes, within a blink of an eye, he no longer belongs to us but to the ashes. KAK as he was affectionately called is no longer with us-yes Father. Just last week, we all addressed the meeting between the Footballer and the heads if the Pen Pushers’ family at the Footballer’s displaced camp. If only we knew that it would have been our final meeting with him, I don’t know what I would have told him though trust me. But I would have asked him to stay a little bit longer.

And don’t ask me why Father, because gone with him are ideas and strategies, knowledge that he could have written down in books that he didn’t. He was really an organizer and knew the issues. He presented them without being acrimonious.

No matter how tense the debates were, KAK presented them in a more professional way that even his opponent saw the wisdom in his presentation without being offended. He was the people’s guy. He could relate with any pen pusher. He will be missed.

Yes, he will. He left us. As I saw the images from his departure one thing that touched me was that even at his departure, he was celebrated. The birds sang as the trees clapped their hands celebrating his life even if many didn’t take notice, the birds and the trees also paid their homages. Farewell brother. Our only request right now is Lord; please teach us to number our days.

Lord, the Country Giant is surely in town

Dear Father:
Um, you know there is a saying that everything can answer to its name. I don’t know whether it is out of naivety or sycophancy, but we in this highly forested village are quick on giving names to our leaders or friends. And more often than not we forget that those names have effects.

Few years back when the Old Lady rose to power, she was nick named the Iron Lady by her close friends. Soon town criers, both local and international picked it up and before we knew, it had become a household name not only in our village but in every neighboring village including that of Uncle Sam’s and his cousins.
So for the next 12 years, we saw a very stubborn Old Lady, who was not easily moved by what anybody thought of her. She was like an Iron; to have her move was difficult. One needed to mount persistent pressure to get her listening.

Yes, Father, whether knowingly or unknowingly, the Old Lady’s behavior was conforming to the name Iron Lady-no one mess with iron. So at one point in time, some of those very close friends of hers would say-that Old Lady get “dirt”-it’s an expression used locally to describe someone who is not move by pity, they just do what they want to do and move on, while you worry about their actions or inactions.

That is while dumping close allies like the sleeping Oldman and other gravy seeking politicians were nothing to her. In fact, what do an iron care Father-once you don’t heat it to bend it, it doesn’t change in any shape or form.

Now, we have the Footballer being nick named the Country Giant and by equivalent the Country Devil. For those who grew up in the village know that Country Giants are ruthless in their paths. Their appearance alone can scare off an entire inhabitant, only his friends surrounding him can enjoy the spoils.

Father whether he is the Country Giant or Country Devil it conveys the same message. The meaning followers try to portray is that just by his appearance alone scares others away.

Indeed the Country Giant or Country Devil is surely in town and there are sounds of cries beginning to be heard already signifying his presence.
Now some people are beginning to act like the Biblical John the Baptist who would soon send his disciples to ask Jesus if he is the Messiah he had prophesied and testified about. And Jesus would answer and say go and tell him the blind eyes are opening and the cripples are walking and the dead being raise from the death.
John had been confused. He was in prison for putting his mouth in King Herald’s private business and thought Jesus would have come to bail him out and since he wasn’t coming, the same John who said behold the lamb of God, now began to ask if truly he was the one or we should wait for someone else.

So that is what happens when you declared someone and finds out that the person is not working to fulfill your personal interest then you begin to ask if you had made a mistake or not.

There are many of my papay them around here no name. They can’t even come outside because they thought the Country Giant coming to town would have reintroduced them to lucrative village jobs that they had been used to-No! The Country Giant knows those that have dressed him over the years in the bush, not new recruits.

The other night while closing from work and walking to my car, a friend approached me asking how business, and with my latest style of responding to greetings I have picked up from Les Brown, a motivational speaker-“Better than good and better than most”, I responded.

My friend said mehn the way things are going, I want to believe the Old Lady was better. I first pretended like I didn’t hear him. My friend continued, can you imagine since January I have not paid my staffs?

I asked who ever stays in town when the Country Devil or the Country Giant arrives. Is it not those men who are part and parcel of the Country Giant or Country Devil’s entourage?

In the village setting they will refer to the non-members of the secret cult as sinners and those people who are part and parcel of the secret cults are the ones who stay in town and enjoy or make merit with the Country Devil or Country Giant.

So, my answer like that of Jesus’ answer to Jon’s disciple was -why complain when you have introduced to the village a Country Giant whose presence you said others could not stand? What make you think anything will stay in his path and enjoy along with his entourage that are not part of him.

Lord, are they saviors or salvagers?

Dear Father:
Hmmm, I hope what I am hearing is not true. No, I doubt it because the Footballer, in as much as I am not closed to him, I know he will not allow himself to be pulled around by people, especially with this kind of scaring news.

That is why I am saying I hope what I am hearing is not true.
Son, what is it that you are hearing?

Father, I am hearing that the Footballer is asking a certain entity to employ some 100 people from his camp. And not just employing those hundred people but paying them Uncle Sam’s Money $3500 each per month, meaning 350,000 per month and in the first place not more than three people earn this amount at that entity as we speak.

But I thought this was a pro-poor government, people who had vowed to manage your village money and deliver the much needed services to the poor people.

Ah Father that is why I am finding it very difficult to believe this kind of cheap gossip. Yes, Father, I called it cheap gossip because I know within the Footballer’s heart of hearts no entity with already over hundreds of staffs scattered all over the place can afford to recruit 100 new staffs and not only that but pay them a monthly income totaling Uncle Sam’s money $350, 000 every month plus the entity’s existing payroll.

My 8-years old daughter would say with a shout “Daddy that’s not possible!” Yes, Father and I would also join her on this other gossip in saying “that’s not possible!”

My son, what is this noise I am also hearing about voting business in your village there?
Oh, Father, it is the Voting House people and my friend from the Money House. The people from the Voting House sent their budget for the voting to replace the Footballer and the disgraced jailed Ray Hay man wife in the Upper House of the Traditional Council. But my friend from the Money House says the money the people calling for is too much.

Father the man na stop there oo, he says in fact voting na important.
Aaah, yes oo Father. The thing sef my friend na talk full my mouth. My friend says in fact voting is not important, this tend to suggest that they should just select two people and put them there as replacement. Can you imagine that Father?

And what makes it more scaring is that if this man start talking like this it is possible 12 years from now, they will try to convince the Footballer to change our village oracle to enable him run for third term or even life time king, like it is now being done in Pekin man village.

You know, my son, what I am seeing here is a total display of arrogance.
It’s true Father. You see, when people who have not tasted power before get into power, it’s like a child, when you bring the child a gift and asked the child to give to you to either open it or something, the child says no. He or she tries to be over protective with the very thing you just deliver in his or her hands. The child tends to forget that you gave the toy or whatsoever to him in the first place.

So, I think my friend has forgotten so early that it was the same voting thing that put him in office in the first place. To come at this time now and says it’s not necessary or not important is a complete dishonesty and a show of arrogance that needs to be condemned by everyone in our Forested village.
He has good intention, but his approach is out of order Father.

Lord, Yor leave them: the children say they want jobs, not school

Dear Father:
You know, our old people say, if you tell the child that poopoo is on the palm kernel and he refuses to listen and still go ahead to crack it, when the poopoo splash on his face, then he will know that all your cries were in his best interest.

Hmm, my son, you na start again with this your old people say. So, tell me what all this old people say parable is about. Um, Father, nothing much oo, da some of our brothers who now have the opportunity and they are refusing to make use of it and are trading their future for the present.

You are joking!
Yes oo Father. You know, since the Footballer took over the reign of our village, many of the children who were behind him, most of them either yet to enter our village’s Hill of Learning or have dropped out and need to reenter.

The Footballer after taking over the Village told them to take advantage of the time to go back to school, they have all refused insisting that they want job. They want to be riding big, big cars.

My son, don’t they know that it is better to prepare for an opportunity and wait for it than to have one and not be prepared?
Father, I wish they could read this letter of yours and understand the deep meaning into this. You know it is one thing to be ill prepared for a job that you know within yourself, you are not emotionally, academically and physically prepare for as compare to the one you know you are ready to do.

Right now Father, I would say this is purely the trading of one’s future. My former Pastor in Charlie Land, Dr. Obtabil will always tell you buy your future and sell it not.
In simple term, your education is your future, and this is what most of our brothers are knowingly selling cheap right now for a job that they could be fired from in the next 6 months for a quality education that could provide them good jobs in the future, no matter what kina political party is in power.

You see Father, I don’t blame them, because our problem in this village is that we like short cut to everything, forgetting to know that this short cut kills dearly.
Our old people say everything you want to become ask, because there are people who were before you that went thru similar experiences.

We all move around here from one Atiyee (herbal tea) shop to another castigating some of our old people who think that the village job was made for them. But what we have always forgotten to ask them is why can’t they find other jobs besides village job?

But the answer is simple Father; most of these people have had no other credentials order than the high school certificate. Some had only obtained high school certificates and were recruited as cadets, and one regime after the other had one way or the other kept them there till, when the time to show their credentials came, they were unable to produce them. And so, they will fight tooth and nails to get onto any government that is in power.

Some on the other hand since they graduated with first degree from our Hill of Learning, the only job they have known is village job, despite all the opportunities to improve by acquiring advanced degrees they too have stocked.

So, they are the most self-proclaimed walking historians around here who are yet to impact knowledge. The only way they know how to impact knowledge is to go on the local town criers and sometimes talk trash-I mean real trash too. And I am not surprise that some gullible in our society still celebrate them-nonsense!
These people are still around and could be an example for our brothers to follow. The question they should be asking themselves is “is that how I want my life to be after I have left this village job?”

Now, if any of them would be satisfied with such an answer, then I am afraid that we have bigger troubles ahead, because these half-baked leaders would be the ones to cause problems for us and our children in the future.

Yes Father, because when their certificates have no value for the future jobs after their political linages have expired and no way to get back in village government then we are in trouble.

Father, check around our village today, look at the CVs of our people, and then you will soon realize that majority of the trouble makers in our village are half-baked educated people who cannot survive without a village job. This is why I could not understand as a teenager then as to why a certain Doctor (academy) could follow all these dropouts to form a rebel group that left our village destroyed beyond measures-A certain Phd holder indeed. To be continued.

Lord, only if they knew the power they have!

(Revisited in Observance of International Women’s Day)
Dear Father:

You know the other day; I was in conversation with some unusual visitors in my little office when the topic of Adam’s whereabouts as at the time Eve had the conversation with the Serpent in the biblical Garden of Eden came up in passing.

The truth is Father; the Holy Book tells us that Adam had gone out in certain part of the Garden that afternoon, when Eve had the conversation. So, it means that husband Adam only believe what wife Eve told him.

Anyway, our conversation was actually about the powers of the daughters’ of Eve. And as usual I was satirical about the whole conversation from the start when I said “only Eve knew what the Serpent told her and husband Adam just had to believe what he heard from her.”

All agreed in unison that indeed it was true Eve was the one who spoke to the Serpent, and all she had to do was tell husband Adam.
But then again, I pondered out loudly as to whether Eve actually told husband Adam the full details of her conversation with the Serpent or just the edited version-meaning the one she thinks would have sounded nice in the ears of husband Adam in convincing him to partake in the apple brunch.

My unusual guests all daughters of Eve burst out with laughter and in agreement too. “Yes ooh!” they all exclaimed with laughter.Then Father, it brings to mind what else the Serpent would have told Eve that up to present has been embellished in the DNAs of all of her daughters regardless of race, culture and creed.

Because Father, come to think of it, if a daughter of Eve chooses to concealed a thing, nobody is going to hear a jinx thing about it. She could even be having an affair right under the noise of a son of Adam, and trust me that son of Adam will never notice. But that is not just that it even goes beyond that and drives into several other areas that they have the ability to showcase the prowess they have embellished in their DNAs from their mother Eve-and for me Father that is the power of a woman.

These daughters of Eve are so powerful like their mother and since then all we have to do as sons of Adams is to believe them.For instance, a woman comes out and says I am carrying your child-you as a son of Adam believe that indeed, the unborn kid is yours, even if you are not the owner. You believe the mere fact that she told you that you are the owner, until modern science DNA can prove otherwise.

But beyond these, Father, these human species are so powerful, and the day they all realize their powers there will be a reverse role between them and the sons of Adam.
For instance, one of the most powerful ways they can control the sons of Adam is through sexual emotions.The daughters of Eve can easily get their acts together when it comes to putting their sexual emotions under control, while taking advantage of the sexual emotions of the sons of Adam, exploit them and get away with what they want in no time.

Oh yes, trust me Father, they are gifted with enticement. They can hypnotize a son of Adam to the point that he can even sign documents and make decisions that no one of his kind can force him to. They have traded giants, and brought down Kings and Kingdoms through their powerful enticing acts.
And you know Father; I have found it very difficult to understand why society classifies the daughters of Eve as the weaker ones. The truth is they are the stronger ones.

For example, a son of Adam and a daughter of Eve both husband and wife will leave home in the morning and go to work at the same time and if possible return home together. Why the son of Adam is relaxing either watching the evening news or a football match, that daughter of Eve is in the kitchen cooking and preparing the family for the next day. But yet society calls them weak.

These are people who can even transition to the next world with your secrets kept in safety. Trust me, Father; had it been Adam, Eve would have easily succeeded in knowing the entire content of his conversation with the Serpent.

But today, the Serpent is moving around freely all because Eve was able to prove that she was reliable in keeping the Serpent’s secrets safe by just narrating the edited version of their conversation to Adam and in no time he (Adam) was in. - Editor’s note: this Letter to God is being republished in observance of international Women’s Day. Kudos to women around the world, you have the power to change our universe.

Lord, another mediocre and hypocritical group in the making?

Dear Father:
You know, the people in our village never cease to be amazing. It is so interesting how some of them take the less important issues to the fore above the main issues of concerned.

I was listening to most of their comments the other day when our man the Footballer went to visit one of Uncle Sam’s cousins, I mean that is his familiar ground and obviously the man has some command over the way he presents himself to the public. But Father, for most of our people that was the most important thing ever that the Footballer could stand with world leaders.

Did they really think he couldn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with world leaders? But that beside the point, what is the main crux of our Footballer’s visit.
Now, Father to show how most people who claim to be loyalists to our leaders are so myopic and mediocre, the Footballer on the first two legs of his visit has been talking development and preaching how our village is broke and needs help-sound issues.

But to my greatest surprise, those who should now take the man message and try to water it down to the lay man in our village as it relates to those things that are at the heart of the survival of our people only pick the part that have to do with football.

For Christ sake, what my grandmother in my village has to do with Football or soccer? She doesn’t care about your football. All she cares about is to have a farm to market road where she can be able to sell her garden eggs and plantain, others care about factories that they can sell the fruits to for fruit juices.

If you stop just at the football news and leave the most important things out to the people and just start running with “yes, our president is doing well”, just because he had a press stakeout with another world leader, you are no different from the Pastor with one sermon every Sunday: “Run with your life, run with your life.”

Yes, we all know our man is doing well. At least majority of the people in our village knew he could do well that is why they put him there in the first place. Those who are trying to get at the level of acknowledgement are people like you now taking to social media to make it an issue. So let’s leave them there for now.

But you, who believe in him from day one, should now pass this stage. You are only being mediocre and hypocritical. Our leaders are good performers on the world stage and anyone from our village is a good performer at any level. Only fools, like those taking to social media and saying “our President is doing well” are those who think that people here have no brains or head on their shoulders.

And this is what we do and we leave out the most important issues. The Footballer is taking about investment in food production, aviation, technology and all of that and all you can write on social media is how they are going to improve football-nonsense!
My son why are you being so hash on these people?

No, Father, if we don’t start correcting these hypocrites right now, they are going to forget the issues that matter to our village and treat this Footballer like they did the Old Lady. They are only concern about the less important issues and will leave the most important issues out as if he has done nothing.

We are not here to think whether the Footballer speaks better grammar or not. It’s not the grammar that we are after. Football is not our issue right now. The main concern of our people is getting jobs, and being able to move from one village to another and put food on their families’ table and that is the issue you should be highlighting not football.

It is the same thing that happened during the Old Lady’s administration when Uncle Sam’s President came here and pledged 5 million books, while he built an intersection bridge and supper highway in Charlie land and we are yet to learn from that.

If it is football stars you want, trust me, they are going to develop your football but you won’t be able to travel from one county to the other or you won’t even have people with the strength to play.

And you people stop making it look like the Footballer doesn’t know his left from right. “Oh our president is doing well,” with all due respect, he is not dumb! He is even smarter than some of you who think you are smarter than him. His composure is thousand times better off than many of you in the world of intelligential. Our thing is to ensure that he delivers on the most important things and those are the things we should take to social media, not how he stands with other world leaders and post for the camera. Stop being mediocre and hypocritical, you will make people miss out on the most important issues.

Lord, here I come

Dear Father:
Okay, I am back having been away for sometimes trying to lobby for my owner appointment. I have tried but the Footballer says no way yet. He says there are plenty noise in the camp so I should lay low yet. When he comes back, then he will slip my owner name to me under the table so I can be doing small thing quietly-no noise.

What does he mean by saying you must lay low yet and what are the noises you are talking about?
Huh, Father, your own, you let noise. People secret they come tell you here now; you want me to talk about the people palaver. If they hear this you think I will still get my lay thing my man promised me?

But who told you they will read this thing sef. The people fighting for their job business, you think they get time to be reading our private conversation.

Okay oo, but Father right na da na small noise in the camp oo. The people from the Ray Hay man’s camp are crying for job. The other man who they put rogue, rogue behind the other time, we haven’t heard any name from his camp yet. So as we speak, it’s like the Footballer has put on his master dribbling boot and the way he is dribbling of late, hmmm.

Tell me something my son!
Father, da na small fire over there oo. Don’t see the top of the grass looking green then you think everything is rosy oo.
In the first place, the Footballer has put in place one criteria you must not be more than 50, because he doesn’t want anybody to come and call him small brother. So all the people on his list now are just 50 and below. There have been some rare cases though. But for that one you must have demonstrated some longtime commitment to him first, then the camp. But if you came just yesterday and you want to get job, you better think again if you are not below 50.

The Footballer says no free ride oo-and da the one bringing the frustration in the camp. So most of the people right now are crying in the corner oo, they scare to scream before people hear it and ask them what happen.

Okay, so they say the Old Lady left the coffers very empty ehn?
Father da lie oo. Let them go ask the big people at the village saving who were giving themselves 300,000 Uncle Sam’s money as car loan. They sat there and besides awarding themselves those loans they gave themselves some fat bonuses.

The Old Lady said she left over 150 million of Uncle Sam’s money, so they should produce that money.
This is where we now want to see the Footballer’s first punch against corruption. I mean how can few people just sit down somewhere and give themselves loan from our village money, while the entire village is crying no money.

But the Old Lady na put their butt outside so we waiting for the Footballer to flex his muscle and bring those perpetrators to book.

I mean how can they sit there and take a loan of 300,000 each person when our village is broke and they need to pay us our money so we can pay our staff. Or they think only they alone know how to conjugate the verb- we eat, we eat and eat.

Lord, let him beware of his predecessor’s errors

Dear Father:
Hmmm, the good old Book says there is nothing new under this sun that no man has ever experience before. It says there is nothing new. If you want to be a driver, somebody has been a driver before or is a driver.

Ask the old drivers around, you will learn two things: either how they failed or how they became successful in plying their trade. There you will learn from their errors. But haven listened to their stories and yet, you choose to walk down the same path of error, your end will be worse than them.

Um, my son what kind of sermon you na start so today again?
Father, it’s not a sermon, it’s a warning to the Footballer. I hope all these are lies and it is not truth. We are hearing some names that he is bringing to work in our village. Most of those people Father are his friends. And the last time I checked for the past 12 years, people in his camp and outside his camp have been insulting the Old Lady for putting so, so friends in our village leadership and at the end it was difficult at some point to discipline them.

Now, with everybody thinking that he would have done well, the Footballer, we understand is bringing hustlers from Uncle Sam’s village some of whom cannot currently pay their car notes there or have no experience or whatsoever for the kind of positions he has lined up for then.

Is he bringing people to start learning on the job? Is that why they were screaming all around here for to incorporate novices and incompetent people?

I wonder he has ever read the pages of the town criers in our village for the past 12 years. Anyway the white man says if you want to hide something from the black man put it in a book or generally in writing because they will never read it.

So maybe all those years he did not read what the town criers wrote and I doubt he will even read this letter Father.

It is Like Caesar, who failed to listen to the soothsayer’s warning: “beware of the ides of March”. It was the 15 day of March one of the Romans holidays then. A day that his enemies had plotted to kill him including his best friend Brutus.

This is why I love to read the 48 laws of power. Robert Greene says in Law Two: Never put too Much Trust in Friends. He says you should learn how to use Enemies.

“Be wary of friends-they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.”-Robert Greene.

Yes, trust me Father, it is very comfortable to surround yourself with friends, but those friends gat nothing to prove to deserve your trust. For them they already have you. You all speak the same language, hangout at the same places, but for your enemies, they gat a lot to prove-because they are aware that you can cut them off at any time.

So, Mr. Footballer, beware that whatever errors you are running into, you still have the opportunity to correct them. Seek the relevant advice and do what it right. This is our village don’t turn it to a friendship club like your predecessors or you may end up worse off than them.

There are too many toxic people you are surrounding yourself with and bringing in to our village leadership, you have the opportunity, don’t blow it.

But my son, will he ever read this?
Father, I forgot, he is black man. They never love to read but love to be told stories; I hope someone will tell him the story.

Lord, let him be aware of the new relationships

Dear Father:
You know, a friend once told me sometimes back that she always love to be in a new relationship because for the first few weeks or so of a relationship she gets all the love and affections-I mean the frequent calls to check on her, with all kinds of platitudes, lunch dates, gifts etc.

But as times goes by and as the relationship aged from weeks to months, then true characters begin to reveal themselves as disappointments set in and this is what she just can’t stand. And therefore, for her new relationships keep her happy.

What are you trying to get at my son?
Father, you see our people say success has many families and failure is an orphan. From the day our village Voting House announced the Footballer as the winner of our recent voting, too many people have started a courtship with him.

Suddenly, there are so many experts on the horizon, with all the magic solutions-some in good fate and others as a way of hustling for the almighty “JOB”.

How do you know my son?
Father, trust me at least I was here for the making of the Old Lady and I know how some people who dismally performed or later became her harden enemies got their jobs. And so they had all these magic solutions to our village problems in black and white. But most lack the moral rectitude to put such blue prints into practicality.

The next slogans we heard were “we left our good, good jobs” in Uncle Sam’s Village to come and make sacrifices-where? Just the same old Liberian attitudes, plenty of big mouths with nothing in handy.

When the Old Lady finally got fed up with them and fired them, one had thought that they would have run back to their big, big jobs after their flops. But where are they today many have been named in various scandals and corruption while others left disgracefully.

Yes, Father, but they were those with the magic solutions on papers. Don’t’ get me wrong Father; I am not saying it is wrong to provide one’s expert opinion or a way forward on the state of our village. As a matter of fact we need all hands on deck but not the evil hands.

Trust me Father, for the coming there, they will come. The languages of many have changed and so they will come to the Footballer’s rising. Yes, indeed, they will come, both crooks and good fellows all will jump on the boat.

But like the soothsayer told Caesar, beware of the ides of March, so I say to the Footballer beware. It is important that our new crown hero, the Footballer beware of those coming in with all manner of platitudes.

A friend once told me enjoy the moment while it last, but what happens when the birds stop singing and trees stop clapping and you are left alone, what do you do?

Another friend told me the other day that there are many who are parking to relocate from Uncle Sam’s Village because they feel their time has come. And so they have started announcing themselves by first sending all kinds of salutations and favorite words that could not have been said earlier.

I mean Father; this guy was condemned by most of these people. In fact many have labeled him as IMeR- Ineligible Mentally Retarded. Yes, Father, but today the choruses have changed. Some will be very sycophantic-beware!

Lord, was the Footballer speaking in parable?

Dear Father:
Hmmm, you know, the other day after the Footballer was announced the winner of our village voting, there was a big party at the camp as part of their 21 Day celebration- I don’t know if that Charismatic Camp, because one thing I know is that it is the Charismatic Churches that like 21 days business.

Anyway, maybe they were just copying the slogan 21 days. But this is what happened though, during the celebration, I was told, the Footballer while in his office upstairs, slide the glass and looking down and seeing his followers bogging it down, he said to their hearing only if they could marry each other it will make the camp stronger.

Father, on a serious note, many of them took the statement lightly and laughed it off for the night. But it meant a lot though.
Imagine if all the people working on our village farm had all their families here-I mean their wives and kids here. They all go to our places of learning here and go to our human garages here. You could imagine how improve our village would have been with the best learning places and human garages.

So, yes, the Footballer indeed was right, such a union can make our village powerful, and some people like my short friend used to say-“I am going home to see the family.” And I always used to ask him then how does he call this village.

The good old Book says where your heart is there where your treasure shall be also. Father, I know initially the Old Lady tried hard to convince some of her kitchen staff to relocate their families back home to have them settled. At one point, I was told, she even pleaded with some of them to even relocate their families to as close as Charlie land to avid the too many bills they would have to pay in Uncle Sam’s Village.

You see, if the people who continue to scream over their voices saying they love this village cannot trust our learning systems and human garages but would rather take their families to neighboring villages for such purposes, how would they improve these already existing facilities.
Yes, Father so when I say the Footballer was speaking beyond the crowd that had gathered at his camp, this is what I think he was referring to. This is why I say he spoke in parable.

But you see Father; there is the difference in just saying a thing and actually doing it. It is one thing to say a thing and another to do it.
So, as it stands, we don’t know the criteria for his recruitment. I remember when the Old Lady came to power on the book slogan, she said only people with degrees were going to work on her farm. She went further to say that those with bad human rights records were also never allow to work in her kitchen. But before we knew it, certificate holders were appointed as big men and women to oversee some of our village hamlets. So there was a 360 degree turned around from her initial criteria that had town criers appraising her here and there.

As it stands Father, we are hearing all kinds of news about people trying to fight for village job. We know it has not been easy for some who were working with the Ray Hay man, but for the others who had just been around supporting the Footballer; it is not an easy decision to take.
And so Father, there is a need for some entry criteria and whether the zealous supporters will understand it’s another concern altogether.

But again, I am glad that the Footballer is thinking that if only those who want to work on our village farm could just think of relocating back home with their families and trust the systems we have been used to and improve it to suit their standard then our village will be developed and we will be a strong people together and we will just not dream it but live it.


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