Lord, here I come

Dear Father:
Okay, I am back having been away for sometimes trying to lobby for my owner appointment. I have tried but the Footballer says no way yet. He says there are plenty noise in the camp so I should lay low yet. When he comes back, then he will slip my owner name to me under the table so I can be doing small thing quietly-no noise.

What does he mean by saying you must lay low yet and what are the noises you are talking about?
Huh, Father, your own, you let noise. People secret they come tell you here now; you want me to talk about the people palaver. If they hear this you think I will still get my lay thing my man promised me?

But who told you they will read this thing sef. The people fighting for their job business, you think they get time to be reading our private conversation.

Okay oo, but Father right na da na small noise in the camp oo. The people from the Ray Hay man’s camp are crying for job. The other man who they put rogue, rogue behind the other time, we haven’t heard any name from his camp yet. So as we speak, it’s like the Footballer has put on his master dribbling boot and the way he is dribbling of late, hmmm.

Tell me something my son!
Father, da na small fire over there oo. Don’t see the top of the grass looking green then you think everything is rosy oo.
In the first place, the Footballer has put in place one criteria you must not be more than 50, because he doesn’t want anybody to come and call him small brother. So all the people on his list now are just 50 and below. There have been some rare cases though. But for that one you must have demonstrated some longtime commitment to him first, then the camp. But if you came just yesterday and you want to get job, you better think again if you are not below 50.

The Footballer says no free ride oo-and da the one bringing the frustration in the camp. So most of the people right now are crying in the corner oo, they scare to scream before people hear it and ask them what happen.

Okay, so they say the Old Lady left the coffers very empty ehn?
Father da lie oo. Let them go ask the big people at the village saving who were giving themselves 300,000 Uncle Sam’s money as car loan. They sat there and besides awarding themselves those loans they gave themselves some fat bonuses.

The Old Lady said she left over 150 million of Uncle Sam’s money, so they should produce that money.
This is where we now want to see the Footballer’s first punch against corruption. I mean how can few people just sit down somewhere and give themselves loan from our village money, while the entire village is crying no money.

But the Old Lady na put their butt outside so we waiting for the Footballer to flex his muscle and bring those perpetrators to book.

I mean how can they sit there and take a loan of 300,000 each person when our village is broke and they need to pay us our money so we can pay our staff. Or they think only they alone know how to conjugate the verb- we eat, we eat and eat.

Lord, let him beware of his predecessor’s errors

Dear Father:
Hmmm, the good old Book says there is nothing new under this sun that no man has ever experience before. It says there is nothing new. If you want to be a driver, somebody has been a driver before or is a driver.

Ask the old drivers around, you will learn two things: either how they failed or how they became successful in plying their trade. There you will learn from their errors. But haven listened to their stories and yet, you choose to walk down the same path of error, your end will be worse than them.

Um, my son what kind of sermon you na start so today again?
Father, it’s not a sermon, it’s a warning to the Footballer. I hope all these are lies and it is not truth. We are hearing some names that he is bringing to work in our village. Most of those people Father are his friends. And the last time I checked for the past 12 years, people in his camp and outside his camp have been insulting the Old Lady for putting so, so friends in our village leadership and at the end it was difficult at some point to discipline them.

Now, with everybody thinking that he would have done well, the Footballer, we understand is bringing hustlers from Uncle Sam’s village some of whom cannot currently pay their car notes there or have no experience or whatsoever for the kind of positions he has lined up for then.

Is he bringing people to start learning on the job? Is that why they were screaming all around here for to incorporate novices and incompetent people?

I wonder he has ever read the pages of the town criers in our village for the past 12 years. Anyway the white man says if you want to hide something from the black man put it in a book or generally in writing because they will never read it.

So maybe all those years he did not read what the town criers wrote and I doubt he will even read this letter Father.

It is Like Caesar, who failed to listen to the soothsayer’s warning: “beware of the ides of March”. It was the 15 day of March one of the Romans holidays then. A day that his enemies had plotted to kill him including his best friend Brutus.

This is why I love to read the 48 laws of power. Robert Greene says in Law Two: Never put too Much Trust in Friends. He says you should learn how to use Enemies.

“Be wary of friends-they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.”-Robert Greene.

Yes, trust me Father, it is very comfortable to surround yourself with friends, but those friends gat nothing to prove to deserve your trust. For them they already have you. You all speak the same language, hangout at the same places, but for your enemies, they gat a lot to prove-because they are aware that you can cut them off at any time.

So, Mr. Footballer, beware that whatever errors you are running into, you still have the opportunity to correct them. Seek the relevant advice and do what it right. This is our village don’t turn it to a friendship club like your predecessors or you may end up worse off than them.

There are too many toxic people you are surrounding yourself with and bringing in to our village leadership, you have the opportunity, don’t blow it.

But my son, will he ever read this?
Father, I forgot, he is black man. They never love to read but love to be told stories; I hope someone will tell him the story.

Lord, let him be aware of the new relationships

Dear Father:
You know, a friend once told me sometimes back that she always love to be in a new relationship because for the first few weeks or so of a relationship she gets all the love and affections-I mean the frequent calls to check on her, with all kinds of platitudes, lunch dates, gifts etc.

But as times goes by and as the relationship aged from weeks to months, then true characters begin to reveal themselves as disappointments set in and this is what she just can’t stand. And therefore, for her new relationships keep her happy.

What are you trying to get at my son?
Father, you see our people say success has many families and failure is an orphan. From the day our village Voting House announced the Footballer as the winner of our recent voting, too many people have started a courtship with him.

Suddenly, there are so many experts on the horizon, with all the magic solutions-some in good fate and others as a way of hustling for the almighty “JOB”.

How do you know my son?
Father, trust me at least I was here for the making of the Old Lady and I know how some people who dismally performed or later became her harden enemies got their jobs. And so they had all these magic solutions to our village problems in black and white. But most lack the moral rectitude to put such blue prints into practicality.

The next slogans we heard were “we left our good, good jobs” in Uncle Sam’s Village to come and make sacrifices-where? Just the same old Liberian attitudes, plenty of big mouths with nothing in handy.

When the Old Lady finally got fed up with them and fired them, one had thought that they would have run back to their big, big jobs after their flops. But where are they today many have been named in various scandals and corruption while others left disgracefully.

Yes, Father, but they were those with the magic solutions on papers. Don’t’ get me wrong Father; I am not saying it is wrong to provide one’s expert opinion or a way forward on the state of our village. As a matter of fact we need all hands on deck but not the evil hands.

Trust me Father, for the coming there, they will come. The languages of many have changed and so they will come to the Footballer’s rising. Yes, indeed, they will come, both crooks and good fellows all will jump on the boat.

But like the soothsayer told Caesar, beware of the ides of March, so I say to the Footballer beware. It is important that our new crown hero, the Footballer beware of those coming in with all manner of platitudes.

A friend once told me enjoy the moment while it last, but what happens when the birds stop singing and trees stop clapping and you are left alone, what do you do?

Another friend told me the other day that there are many who are parking to relocate from Uncle Sam’s Village because they feel their time has come. And so they have started announcing themselves by first sending all kinds of salutations and favorite words that could not have been said earlier.

I mean Father; this guy was condemned by most of these people. In fact many have labeled him as IMeR- Ineligible Mentally Retarded. Yes, Father, but today the choruses have changed. Some will be very sycophantic-beware!

Lord, was the Footballer speaking in parable?

Dear Father:
Hmmm, you know, the other day after the Footballer was announced the winner of our village voting, there was a big party at the camp as part of their 21 Day celebration- I don’t know if that Charismatic Camp, because one thing I know is that it is the Charismatic Churches that like 21 days business.

Anyway, maybe they were just copying the slogan 21 days. But this is what happened though, during the celebration, I was told, the Footballer while in his office upstairs, slide the glass and looking down and seeing his followers bogging it down, he said to their hearing only if they could marry each other it will make the camp stronger.

Father, on a serious note, many of them took the statement lightly and laughed it off for the night. But it meant a lot though.
Imagine if all the people working on our village farm had all their families here-I mean their wives and kids here. They all go to our places of learning here and go to our human garages here. You could imagine how improve our village would have been with the best learning places and human garages.

So, yes, the Footballer indeed was right, such a union can make our village powerful, and some people like my short friend used to say-“I am going home to see the family.” And I always used to ask him then how does he call this village.

The good old Book says where your heart is there where your treasure shall be also. Father, I know initially the Old Lady tried hard to convince some of her kitchen staff to relocate their families back home to have them settled. At one point, I was told, she even pleaded with some of them to even relocate their families to as close as Charlie land to avid the too many bills they would have to pay in Uncle Sam’s Village.

You see, if the people who continue to scream over their voices saying they love this village cannot trust our learning systems and human garages but would rather take their families to neighboring villages for such purposes, how would they improve these already existing facilities.
Yes, Father so when I say the Footballer was speaking beyond the crowd that had gathered at his camp, this is what I think he was referring to. This is why I say he spoke in parable.

But you see Father; there is the difference in just saying a thing and actually doing it. It is one thing to say a thing and another to do it.
So, as it stands, we don’t know the criteria for his recruitment. I remember when the Old Lady came to power on the book slogan, she said only people with degrees were going to work on her farm. She went further to say that those with bad human rights records were also never allow to work in her kitchen. But before we knew it, certificate holders were appointed as big men and women to oversee some of our village hamlets. So there was a 360 degree turned around from her initial criteria that had town criers appraising her here and there.

As it stands Father, we are hearing all kinds of news about people trying to fight for village job. We know it has not been easy for some who were working with the Ray Hay man, but for the others who had just been around supporting the Footballer; it is not an easy decision to take.
And so Father, there is a need for some entry criteria and whether the zealous supporters will understand it’s another concern altogether.

But again, I am glad that the Footballer is thinking that if only those who want to work on our village farm could just think of relocating back home with their families and trust the systems we have been used to and improve it to suit their standard then our village will be developed and we will be a strong people together and we will just not dream it but live it.

Lord, so the “No Book” people na get the thing?

Dear Father:

So this thing here, it looks like the “No Book” people na carry it oo. I am looking on Facebook and all the tones are reducing, I mean the “Book” people are calming down. They have begun singing a new song: “yes yor na win, but we will work.” Ah wa, that geez ooh.

So, they want to tell me that monkey dey work baboon dey chop thing they been doing around here. Wait a minute, so if they knew all of these, why did they waste our time like this? Why didn’t they just say it’s all about the job from the beginning?

My son, you know, people always have a way of consoling themselves in defeat. So the people gat to take solace in something too na.

No, Father, they could also be right too oo. The book people gat their saying that you prepared to wait for an opportunity, not wait for an opportunity to come before you prepare.

So when the Book people give up to say the “No Book” people na win, but they will work, it is something serious oo.

The truth is what most of the people from the “No Book” camp have not considered yet as they prepare to party all over the place tomorrow is what comes after the party. I mean Father, after they have danced on the streets and paraded in victory style, what would happen after the next day.

You see, it is one thing to desire something but it is another thing if you have absolutely no plan, no road map as to how to make good of what you have desired.

What are you trying to say my son?

Father, truth be told, there are things we are missing here oo. Yes, it is true that the “No Book” people are poised to carry this thing and there are no doubts about it, except there is a miracle. But as things stand only the fool will hope for such a miracle.

Anyway, so when all the noise has died down and the first day of work is set to begin, it will be something to watch oo.

Well, Father, right now let the “No Book” people handle their own expectation for me it’s their cup of tea. But my thing is to tell the Book people, I told you so.

They are their own problem and major cause for their own miseries. They did not listen to your prophet. They don’t know that I can hear from you too, not because I am not wearing a white gown and standing behind a pulpit every Sunday.

I was very prophetic when I repeatedly told them that if they did not put their house in order, they would have been destroyed they said I was a paid agent.

My son, no don’t’ bring that other talk at this time, the defeat is already hurting the people; especially the kind of beating this boy has given them.

Father, the old people say the child who can’t hear can feel. They also say when you tell the child popo is on the palm kernel and they don’t listen, leave them let them burst it, when they burst it then they will smell it.

I just hope they get all the emergency vehicles on red alert because the roads are going to be busy.

I heard some people have started living in regret already. But what we care anyway, when you play big heart, you can suffer like a small child.

Lord, what do we really want?

Dear Father:

Puaah, so wait oo, when the people eyeballs were cleared, like real satellites, we had almost 90,000 invalid votes almost the number of people who registered in three of our village hamlets called counties. Now tell me, you think how many we will have a day after most of them had gotten drunk with all kinds of drinks, because whether we like it or not, those who love to be in the head will be drinking drinks on that day.

I know some people will say they are trying to make sure they stay within the village oracle to enable the Oldlady turn over legitimately, so that those making all kinds of noise for some interim arrangement to be put to shame.

So Father, the question now is what do we want as a village and people? Why are we so embroiled into so many fights just for personal greed and vendetta that we have to be putting our village and our children’s future at risk? We are all over the place demanding this and demanding that?

The truth be told, putting a voting day just after this all important universal holiday of merry making is a slap in the very face of the people and the result-trust me will be as terrible as the turn out.

Father, we don’t need a rocket scientist to tell us about the turnout, because trust me it’s going to be very low and some people will be looking at the ballot papers dazed from the night events-remember now, they will be drinking drinks.

You know, Father, I am really beginning to understand what our old people mean when they say if you praise the white chicken too much it will jump into the ray oil. And indeed, we are actually begging for trouble regardless of how you see it and from where you see it.

People say that’s the tenants of democracy. But democratic tenants left in the hands of selfish, greedy and wicked men and women who cares only about their bellies in total disregard to rules that guide this process, is an abuse of democracy itself.

It’s like giving a child the freedom to roam freely in the house, without ensuring that he or she is cognizance of the rules and regulation that govern the home, sooner or later you will realize that the child is abusing that freedom. It will be too late if you don’t tell the child where his or her freedom begins and stops.

The other day there was some group of people in front of the voting house chanting that the big man over there steps down. Now, they don’t care about the implications of these demands all they want is that their voices should be heard- good!

At the same time, while they are doing this, there are some who are also demanding that they don’t want the Oldlady to preside over this voting.

So, who do they expect to appoint the new person, assuming that we wasted our time to listen to them just for the sake of the argument?

You know, I do like to cook though, and I have find out that over the period I have enjoyed cooking my own dishes, too many season can spoil the taste. Not all the various seasons are meant to go in every soup or use to season every meat or fish.

There are seasons for a specific kind of soup, meat or fish. And I have also found out that there are times for those seasons. If you want to season the meat you have to ensure it is season before boiling it. You can’t put the meat in the saucepan with water and you expect it to affect the meat, it will now be season for the soup not the meat.

What am I driving at here? You see Father, when people out of their own negligence don’t do the things they supposed to do from the beginning to achieve their desire results, and tried to do it when the time is past, no numbers of interventions can help you to achieve that desire result.

It is like what we say about students who study few minutes before a text: “it rains the whole of last night, you didn’t collect the water, and the dew won’t help you either.”

Lord, they are occasion scammers

Dear Father:

You know, it was sometime in 2002, while working in Charlie Land as a town crier, I had this Orbroni (Ghanaian local dialect pronunciation for white people) friend. He had come as an intern from the Queen’s village, I mean Uncle Sam Cousin’s village.

So one day while sitting in the office the Orbroni said to me: “hey guess what, someone just emailed me from Cote d’Ivoire that their dad has a diamond creek, and she wants me to do a diamond business with her.”

At that time the 419 scam was not as popular as it is now and the use of internet was just gaining momentum in Charlie Land at the time. And so I could understand why my Orbroni friend was excited. But later I had to explain to him that it was a scam. But it took me time to actually convince the Queen’s grandson about this.

Today, in our village, Father, “419” has taken so many forms. Today you meet a girl and if she wants to beg you for money the first thing she will tell you: “Oh, this coming Friday da my birthday oo.” What she is simply doing is begging you for money directly but has just done so in disguise. This sort of scam can take so many forms, for example some use an upcoming popular event.

This brings me to a story one of my lecturers shared with us the other day. He said he had gone on one of the local beaches to hang out with two strangers, who are his friends. And so while sitting there, three young ladies came and spoke. And when they did they told him that they were graduating from our Hill of Learning.

So this lecturer asked which college? One of them replied: “The University of Liberia,” he as first thought they did not understand, so he repeated the question. And the young lady replied the same-University of Liberia. Then he said. “Which Department,” the Lecturer pushed further. “Business,” She replied.

The lecturer sensing that these young ladies did not even know the difference between their colleges and departments thought to himself that something was wrong and just ended the conversation there according to him. But Father, one is cleared, these girls were not graduating.

So here is the situation the Hill of Learning is the biggest public and highest institution of learning in our village. Its graduation programs are in themselves a festive event that attracts a lot of activities. Many students use the opportunity to solicit funds from people all in the name of the graduation. And indeed some really raise funds, with every member of the family chipping in here and there. You can imagine.

Similarly, others use this occasion to scam. And so you would find at most entertainment centers, during this time people talking about the graduation to friends and new encounters.

This is not just with the graduation though. In churches too, especially Charismatic Churches to do these 21 Days Fasts and prayers, there some who would come to you and say my brother, umm, the fast is not easy oo, please give me small thing to break my fast. Meanwhile, if you find out such a person has not even fasted. But they use the occasion to beg.

There are some who just go to these places of worship just to beg nothing more. They target those that come in these flashy vehicles and looking well-dressed. They will explain some stories that you cannot resist helping, but they are scammers.

So, you see how the “419” scam has evolved over time. Though these various scams have been around but in actually fact they lured you into giving them gifts by lying to you about their situations and needs.

Not every beggar really needs help. For some it’s a kind of business and only the gullible will always fall for these scammers.

Lord, the GSM companies in trouble oo

Dear Father,

Um, some people can just take advantage of every little situation to do their dirty deeds ya. For them, every condition is an opportunity as long as it’s an excuse that can be widely accepted especially when the excuse has become a national problem. They are like NGOs who take people’s disaster to be a new frontier for investment.

What is it again my son?

Um, Father, do you know that of late when you calling your friend, your partner or relative, sometimes you will hear a nice female voice that will tell you that they number you are calling is either switched off or out of coverage area. Sometimes they will also tell you that the number you are calling is busy.

Father, more often than not, the said message is not true. It can be due to the network of that particular GSM Company which has brought forth that error message. In short, it’s as a result of poor network.

So, everybody knows when the networks say a particular phone is busy or switched off, that is not really the case sometimes though.

But here is the thing though, some people are now taking advantage of the situation to lie to their partners to say their phones were never switched off, when in actual fact it has been switched off for some dubious reasons.

Tell me something my son!

Father, the thing has become so rampant that many people have gotten to understand that some people are really taking advantage of this bad network to lie to their partners or regardless.

Most cheaters, when they are with people other than their significant others will actually switch off their phones just to avoid calls from their partners. How do you know- my name oo!

And as soon as they are done with whatever they were up to, they will put the phone on. And you know if the person is a daughter of even and is the jealous one, she will have started her own intrapersonal conversations and jumping to conclusions before you know it.

So when they switch the phone on and start seeing the various messages, they will say oh honey my phone wasn’t off oh, it was the network. For some it’s the other way around they will put the phone on “21” and when you send message, the message will go through. But when you push them and say my phone shows that the message was delivered they will still lied through their teeth to say their phone was off.

You know Father, the other day I complained to one of my friends how I have been calling him and most times the network would say his number is either busy or switched off.

But you won’t believe what the guy told me Father. He said my brother that the network oo. He said this network is putting me in trouble.

When I asked what do you mean, My friend went further and this is the part that really got to me. He said do you know that my girlfriend came with some anointing oil from one of these Pentecostal Churches around here and wasted it on me.

When I asked my friend why she would do that? He replied saying the girl says this phone switched of or network busy that lie, some kina girl is playing on me to leave her.

But it could be true though, but in this case, I know my friend all by himself already have problem with answering phone, so the network is just another excuse of his.

The thing is sometimes you are calling the person and you know at your end the phone is ringing but the person will tell you, he or she didn’t really hear it ring from their end. Na wa ooo, the GSM Companies are in trouble.

 Lord, are they really eyeing interim government?


Dear Father:
Um, you know, there is a common phrase people frequently use and more often than not we tend to under play the magnitude of such a phrase or statement. That is I often hear people say, “today, you shall know me. You have not known me before but today you shall know me.”

In our village settings, you often hear it being put like this-“you don’t know me before that today you will know me.”

Truly, it is very difficult to know the true nature of a person unless something pops up. No matter how long a man hides, his true character will one day show up.

So when a man tells you, you wait, you never knew me before but today you will know me, it simply means he is ready to show you his true color. Don’t get me wrong, I know in every individual there is some degree of madness-that gene that makes us get angry. When a person’s own reaches un-proportional level, he or she becomes very dangerous to his neighbors or community.

My son why all this beating about the bush?

Father, I am not beating about the bush, I am only setting the premise for what I am about to say. You know for the past few days some of our big people in our village have really shown their true colors or characters. Yes, they have at the expense of the very poor people.

I don’t know but I have found it difficult in my own thinking to distinguish between selfishness and greed. I think there is a thin line between the two or one leads to another. But whatever the case is, I personally think too much of greed and selfishness have entered our village most recent politics.

And make no mistake Father, I am not saying some of the big people are wrong to go to the House of Elders to seek redress, but what I am also saying is that when the House of Elders grants you, your request and you turned around and employ other tactics just to create some level of uncertainties, than you have a problem.

My grandma used to say if you want to know what people think of you just cause trouble, but let me extend it more by saying if you want to know a true character of a man let something happen.

Yes, Father, it is easy to trust a man based on his conversations and other stuff, but a true nature of a person is not reveal when he is begging for help or when he needs one. It comes to the fore, when something happen.

The way we sometimes handle issues either confirm our true nature or show who we really are and what we truly stand for.

And quite honestly Father, in as much as I respect the big people in our village, some are so disappointing because they soon lost their mojo in the face of challenges.

Why preach the masses theory when you know that your mode of approach is even hurting them the more? Do you want to see them dying before you know that you are hurting them? Do you know how many businesses are suffering right now because of the ways you all are preceding?

Now, if they knew they were going to join forces, why were they insulting each other from the beginning?

So, who do they think they are fighting for now, is it us or them? Because from all I see Father, this whole thing is not about us, it is about them. Had it been about us they will not be bringing in all kinds of technicalities. Yes, they won’t have brought in all those because the sooner we depose of this thing the better it is for our village and our people.

But to be jumping around here forming strange alliances in the face of uncertainties, it makes it difficult for me to believe that somebody is fighting my battle. Whatever their agenda be it, interim government or not, you guys have shot yourselves in the legs already.

Lord, why are they so desperate?

Hmmm, it na easy in our village. Right now, the big, big people are so confuse to the point that it’s all a see-saw battle as they jump from one camp to another. To tell you the truth Father, we are so confuse that identifying the ruling camp from the opposition camp has become so difficult.

So, why all these confusions and jumping from one camp to another is all about my son? I mean why they can’t just stay one place and be the man or woman they think they are? Father, it is easy for you to say, but for these people it’s all about the jobs. And they are so desperate with passion. Father, can you imagine some are going to the extent of cooking up stories and repeating same on every town crier station?

The people say if you want to make a lie believable as the truth, just keep repeating it till all the people start discussing it at the market places, while the children also sing it into songs on the streets-the book people called it propaganda. But wait oo my son, some of these people force to remain in village power?

Um Father, you are asking the right question oo, but the wrong person. The truth is for most of these people they have known no other job since they came from school besides our village job. So starting in the private sector like some of us, is too hard a thing and it is something they are just not used to.

Can you imagine our papy them been feeding them with their taxes. We too have come and are also feeding them with our own and they want to perpetuate themselves to the extent possible for our children them to grow up and feed them with their taxes too?
Ay mehn, you will be a free rider throughout your life? You can’t give your friend them chance too? You want to tell me all the book you learned at that big school there you can’t do something for other people to benefit thru employment or that only village job you were born to do?

But my son you know what it means to have gotten used to free car, free fuel, free allowances and you don’t even know how much a gallon of gasoline cost at the filling station then just within the twinkling of an eye, you are no more enjoying these things?
I think so too Father. But come to think of it too, these big, big people who are going all out to make sure their people preside over the village cake appear to be more desperate than their crowned figures themselves.

Father, sometimes I wonder if they don’t know how to conjugate the verb like the chief from the Traditional Council who was heard on a town crier saying “you eat, I eat.” Thank God the people got rid of da other one. They got too tire too late. Okay my son, since you don’t want to mention it, let me ask you this, which side the Old Lady is leaning?

Father, you, yourself know that the Old Lady get dirt. When people think she is this, before you realize, she is on the other side. The Oldma is very slippery and unpredictable-to borrow the book people English na. Ehn you know that mouse with the long nose-it can be eating you and blowing breeze to the place at the same time. So let the people be there saying all kinds of things. But one thing I am sure of is she is not desperate.


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