Securities draw lessons from US elections

Liberia’s National Elections Security Taskforce says police are learning lessons on how to deal with security issues during elections, in respect to lessons learnt from other elections around the world particularly the last minute intervention by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that was very critical in determining the fate of the State.

“We’re learning lessons from all of the different elections we’re seeing around the world. We just saw the US elections. We saw how the FBI’s intervention at the last minute was very, very critical and crucial in determining the fate of that particular state,” Taskforce chair and Inspector General of Police Col. Gregory Coleman said Monday, 9 October.

His comment comes in response to demands for a police report and quick action against a disturbing brutal incident between supporters of opposition parties Coalition for Democratic Change of Sen. George Weah and Cllr. Charles Brumskine’s Liberty Party in Nimba during the campaign seasons.

In the US elections cited by Col. Coleman, the FBI announced fresh inquiries regarding Hillary Clinton’s alleged use of a private email server while secretary of state barely a week to elections, with some analysts suggesting that given the time to polls, it was hard to prove a negative or re-establish her innocence immediately.

Concerning the Tuesday polls here, Col. Coleman says the National Security Task Force is here to serve Liberians and under no circumstance will the task force tolerate anybody trying to disrupt the election process and the peaceful transition of power.

The taskforce composed of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) and Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS) warns that it will act swiftly and decisively if anyone or group of people try to cause trouble on or after elections day.

“We expect no problems, but we are prepared for any eventuality,” Col. Coleman says, and assured the public that the task force does not represent any party and will never be weaponized institution to serve political ends.

According to Col. Coleman, over 7,000 officers have been deployed in teams across the country to pay close attention to polling stations.

“On Election Day itself, you will surely see security officers deployed in your communities. They are there to ensure your safety and security as your exercise your democratic rights. Do not be alarmed if some are in riot gear and carrying weapons, especially in the more populous areas,” he says.

Army Chief Gen. Daniel Ziankahn says the AFL will not be seen deployed in the streets unless there is a threat analysis, which requires the army’s intervention. He says they will be protecting vital places and critical infrastructures.

Liberian Immigration Service (LIS) Commissioner Col. Lemeo Reeves says that borders would be closed during the elections time.

The Election Security Task Force has urged all political parties to communicate with their partisans to act according to the law and respect the electoral process.

By Winston W. Parley-Editing by Othello B. Garblah

Simeon Freeman rates election peaceful

Presidential hopeful and standard bearer of the Movement for Progressive Change Simeon Freeman says he did not encounter any problem when he went to cast his ballot in Tuesday’s Presidential and Representatives Elections. The businessman-turned politician says he is very hopeful of victory because he has advocated for the Liberian people for a very long time, but concedes that no candidate will win the first round of polling, predicting a runoff, which he hopes to participate in.

A total of 20 presidential candidates, including one female and five Independent Candidates vied in Tuesday’s election. According to the Constitution of Liberia, a candidate for the presidency must obtain 50 percent plus one of the total votes cast to win the poll, something which practically seems unlikely given the number of candidates in the race.

A runoff poll between the two top political parties or presidential candidates might be announced by the National Elections Commission for the second week in November, 2017.

Mr. Freeman, a staunch critic of the Sirleaf administration, notes that if he lost the election, he would continue with his business career. The MPC standard bearer is the distributor of DStv in Liberia, a South African-based digital television network. He also runs a water company here.

Voters were excited on Tuesday morning as early as 6:00 a.m. to cast their votes at polling precincts Montserrado County Electoral District #17.
Speaking to this paper, the Principal of the Lott Carry Mission School, Rev. Emile D.E. Sam-peal describes the electoral process as very peaceful, noting that citizens were excited to vote and the electoral rules were respected, including the rights of everybody.

Rev. Sam-peal warns against violence, stressing that violence affects everybody, including the country.  The President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) Charles Coffey, who voted at the Lott Carey Mission in Brewerville City, says he believes the polls were peaceful and calls on the media to report what they see.

By Bridgett Milton -Editing by Jonathan Browne

Voters furious in District#11

Electorates at the New Life Ministry polling center in Electoral District #11, Montsrrado County have expressed dissatisfaction over slow-pace start by poll workers from the National Elections Commission or NEC during Tuesday’s polls in the district, lamenting that they woke up very early and went to polling centers to exercise their constitutional rights, but were constrained to queue in the hot sun for hours due to late arrival of polling materials.

Speaking to this paper, a mother with a one-month-old baby, Musu Karngbo, explains that she and her baby were in the queue up to 10 a.m. yesterday, and the process had not started.

"I am going home to breastfeed my son; I have other children to take care of at home, that’s why I came sooner to vote and go back to take care of my children”, Madam Karngbo expresses in anger.

"I am disappointed in NEC, I came to vote for my country, let these people stop doing these things to us in this country, we want peace”, she continues in an outburst.

Another aggrieved voter, Jacob Zarbay, similarly complains that woke up early to vote, but the process delayed and eventually started at 10 a.m. “They should get ready to close the polling station at 10 p.m.”, he protests

He notes that polling staffs were trained and they should know their job and should have started in time.

Another District#11 resident, Frank Johnson says he was at the polling center at 4a.m. because he knew that the place was going to be congested.

Johnson continues that in spite of the delay, he was waiting patiently to cast his vote, blaming the National Elections Commission for the inconvenience.

However, one polling staff, who refused to be identified, explains that they already had some equipment at the center, and were awaiting the final voter roll that would enable electorates to vote.

The New Life Ministry polling center in Distric#11 was in complete disarray as impatient voters left the queue in protest of the delay with some saying they would not return to vote because they were disappointed.

By Ethel A. Tweh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

Tension at polling center

Serious tension built up Tuesday, 10 October specifically at the William V.S. Tubman High School polling center in the 12th Street community, a Monrovia suburb where scores of voters protested over the absence of polling staffs in Precinct # 00343 to enable them cast their votes, threatening to halt the entire process at the center.

The protesting electorates explain Precinct # 00343 registered the first group of voters during the voter registration exercise, but unfortunately for them, every queue they entered with the cards to vote, there was no corresponding record from the National Elections Commission to indicate that they were suppose to cast their ballots there.

The disenchanted voters lament that they had gone to elect candidates of their choice only to be told by NEC polling staffs that the specific center they registered in could not be identified on the record.

Speaking to reporters, one registered voter, Mr. Joseph Kolleh, says the action by the NEC was delinquent, noting that the Commission should have put in place all necessary measures to avoid such embarrassment that could spark electoral violence. “Firstly, I think NEC should have all of the experience when it comes to election, but I think they are lacking some things, and these are things that have the ability to cause electoral violence and undermine the hard earned peace that Liberians are enjoying today”, Joseph notes.

“If you are to conduct a national election, those essential things like the identification numbers of voters and polling places, among others are things that need attention, but the Election Commission has failed in that direction and this is what their failure have led us to”, he laments.

According to him, if the NEC failed to listen or do something to address their concern, they would obstruct the entire process, because since they left their various houses, no one is paying attention to them, lamenting that what is so frustrating is “We saw our names on the board during the voters exhibition exercise, but only to come and our names and the center had disappeared.”

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

CABICOL calls on political parties

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Liberia or CABICOL issues a statement here, calling on political parties and candidates to respect results of the 2017 Presidential and Representatives Elections held across the country on Tuesday, 10 October.

Addressing a news conference in Monrovia on Monday, 9 October, eve of polling day, the President of CABICOL, Most Rev. Anthony F. Borwah, says political parties and all contestants should respect the choice of the Liberian people, noting that in every democratic election, there are winners and losers, so Liberians should be cognizant and remain committed to the Farmington accord.

Political parties here signed a pact at the Farmington Hotel few months ago, committing to non-violent elections. Father Borwah notes that the democratic principles being espoused allow Liberians, who have met the criteria set by the electoral laws to contest  or elected positions wherein 20 candidates vied for the presidency and 986 candidates for 73 seats in the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s elections.

He says it is also encouraging to note that of the total of 1006 contestants, 163 are females constituting 15.9% of the contestants, which are all indicators of a growing democracy. Rev. Borwah also says as a follow up to a Pastoral Letter issued on June 4, 2017 on elections, they reiterate their call for peaceful, transparent and violent free elections, while urging members of the National Elections Commission and all those working with them to remain professional and irreproachable.

The statement equally wants the media to abstain from sensationalism and divisive politics, and appeals to the youth to refrain from violence in all its form. “It is historic due to the fact that this will be the first time in the past 73 years for a sitting President to successfully and peacefully turn over power to another elected President’’, CABICOL says.

It thanks the international community, citizens and residents of Liberia for contributing and ensuring the prevalence of peace in Liberia for the past 12 years. Statement.

By Bridgett Milton

CONEX Group response to FPA

Authorities at the Conex Group, an international trading and investment holding company has reacted sharply to publications within the Front Page Africa newspaper which accused the entity of milking the country through the International Gateway Monitoring System or IGMS. The company has not only refuted the allegations of off book payments worth tens of millions of United States Dollars to officials of the ruling Unity Party to fund the party’s 2011 campaign but has also provided detailed information to set the records straight.

Below is the full text of Conex response to the FPA’s articles: CONEX Group is a legitimate International Trading and Investment Holding Company with a presence in Europe, the Middle East and four West African countries.

The founder, CEO, and Chairman of Conex Group is Cherif Abdallah, a natural-born Liberian, born of Liberian parents. As a business executive, it is not only incumbent upon him to create opportunities for himself, but he must also use those opportunities to foster economic growth within Liberia. Conex is a legitimate entity, and the taxes generated from our business benefit the Liberian Government and its people.

We are not ones to propagate our success or engage in publicity stunts; however, the baseless and ludicrous allegations printed in the October 3 article entitled “Unity Party Share Tens of Millions of Dollars in Off-Book Payments Under Shell Company To Fund Campaign,” and the October 4 article entitled “Unity Party Stalwarts Pocketed US$45M From Liberia During Ebola Outbreak,” both featured in the print and online versions of Front Page Africa newspaper (FPA), have forced us to set the record straight.

The Transaction
In 2011, Mr. Abdallah identified an opportunity through which the Government of Liberia (GOL) stood to benefit from the number of calls coming into Liberia through telecommunication companies. Without any direct monetary investment from the GOL, he created a partnership that would benefit the Government and people of Liberia by creating the International Gateway Monitoring System (IGMS), through which international calls could come into the country.

The initiative was put through a long international bidding process. Conex, with the strategic partnership of the Global Voice Group (GVG), won the bid. GVG is a well-known international telecommunications services company that has a positive track record in over 20 countries.
The services provided by GVG and Conex were to monitor all telecommunication companies to ensure that the GOL would benefit effectively from revenue generated by the companies.

By imposing a fee which is common in all communication sectors of the world, we structured a transaction that created an avenue through which the GOL could generate previously unavailable income. This fee was imposed on calls coming into Liberia, similar to taxes levied on all other goods and services imported into the Country. This was a method developed by Conex and GVG to ensure that no financial burden would be imposed on people living in Liberia or organisations operating within Liberia.

The entire process was negotiated by the parent company of Conex, and a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) was created for the implementation and holding of Conex’s interest in the IGMS Project. That SPV was called Conex Telecom. This is a process used by many Multi National Corporations (MNC’s) and international companies throughout the world. It is not unusual, and Conex Telecom was in no way a “shell company,” as implied by the writer/s of the previously mentioned articles.

The structure for the agreement with the Government of Liberia was as follows:
40% Government of Liberia
40% Global Voice Group (GVG)
20% Conex Telecom

Conex and GVG financed the telecom infrastructure system commonly referred to as the Network Operating Center (NOC), which is still being used by the GOL to monitor all calls being transmitted by cell phone companies for the sole purpose of tracking the correct revenue due to the GOL.

Conex and GVG trained Liberians to operate the NOC in order to completely manage the International Gateway Monitoring System (IGMS) for Liberia. The agreement was a Build Operate Train and Transfer Model (BOT), which was successfully completed. Liberia continues to benefit from the project Conex created.

It is common practice that when a business creates a revenue stream that previously did not exist, that business receives a share of said revenue. That is what business is all about – making profit. Consequently, for a period of three years, Conex received 20% of the revenue created for the Government and People of Liberia through the Gateway Project partnership. Please note that this revenue stream did not exist prior to the inception of the GVG/ Conex agreement with the Government of Liberia.

The members of the leadership of Conex are not communists, and Liberia is not a communist country. Liberia has a capitalistic free enterprise system; therefore, a Liberian-owned business is entitled to receive remuneration from its successful efforts to increase Government revenue.
The allegation that Mr. Abdallah financed Unity Party elections in 2011 and 2017 is an outright lie. We challenge Rodney Sieh , Editor-in-Chief of Front Page Africa, to present evidence of a $25 million USD contribution from Mr. Abdallah to the Unity Party at any time.

Though Mr. Abdallah did not make the donations mentioned by the writer/s of the two articles, are campaign donations by a Liberian businessperson to a Liberian Political Party a crime? Mr. Abdallah works very hard for everything he has achieved in his life. We are grateful that we live in a Country in which anyone has the right to spend his or her money in any legal way he or she sees fit. If Mr. Abdallah chooses to donate to a religious organization, political party, charity, scholarship fund, or friends and family, that is his decision to make, and it is no business of the ghostwriter of the aforementioned articles.

We will not stay silent in the face of the falsified allegations published by FPA. The stories The most shocking of the two articles was the one in which the headline read “Unity Party Stalwarts Pocketed US$45M From Liberia During Ebola Outbreak.” Is not the implication that those mentioned in the article somehow misallocated funds meant for Ebola relief? This was the most vile and offensive of the innuendo lobbied by FPA at Mr. Abdallah.

If $45 million was “pocketed from Liberian taxpayers,” does that not imply some form of financial wrongdoing? Where is the evidence of this? The sentence “GVG has attempted similar corrupt deals in the past” is curious. What was corrupt about this transaction? The onus was on the writer to explain the statement, and he or she did not. Are journalists free from accountability? Have the FPA standards for journalism fallen so low?

Speaking of accountability, even first-year journalists know that the onus is on the reporter to try to receive commentary from a person mentioned centrally in such a subversive piece of writing. No FPA staff member contacted Mr. Abdallah or the management of Conex for comments.

Is it common practice for journalists to use incendiary and editorialized language such as “schemes” and “cronies” in an article that was not identified as an Opinion piece? The FPA ghostwriter/s did not bother to do the research necessary to confirm something as simple as the correct spelling of the name of our CEO, but the Liberian public is expected to believe that writers of the articles properly researched the topic that led them to make the wild allegations printed? How preposterous.

Journalistic Integrity
It is unusual and unethical for a journalist to write an inflammatory article, full of innuendo and accusations, all under the cloak of anonymity. At the bare minimum, a quote would have lent more credence to the allegations. If FPA will not identify the unnamed sources cited in their articles, or provide proof of any campaign donations, they should, at the very least, provide some kind of concrete evidence of wrongdoing. FPA has yet to validate their statement that anyone referenced in their articles “pocketed US$45 million from Liberian taxpayers.”

The appearance of these articles just days before elections begs the question: what ulterior motive does FPA have for writing and printing the falsehoods seen in these articles? Was Conex simply collateral damage in a political war?
Shame on Front Page Africa, and shame on Rodney Sieh for allowing the kind of writing, that can only be called yellow journalism, to grace the pages of his newspaper.

In conclusion, we will add a message from Mr. Cherif Abdallah:
I want everyone reading this Press Release to know that in the future, if I identify another opportunity to structure a transaction that would benefit the Government and people of Liberia and myself, I will certainly move forward. I love Liberia. I love my role as a Liberian Private Sector Architect. If people in other African countries can appreciate the economic growth created by African business executives, I shall not be intimidated in my own country. I will continue to conduct all of my affairs with integrity, and I have absolutely no regrets what so ever..
I Rest My Case.

Real Change is imminent

About 2.1 million Liberian registered voters are expected to head to the polls on Tuesday October 10, (tomorrow) to elect a successor to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, with many desiring a real change, which some believe is imminent.

President Sirleaf is stepping down after two consecutive terms of office. Her vice President in those two terms, Joseph N. Boakai is seeking to continue the party’s agenda, but many Liberians have been calling for a change.

Liberians here are hopeful that real change is imminent at Tuesday’s polls. Liberty Party candidate Charles W. Brumskine who has campaigned on the “Real Change” slogan believes that his message for a real change and not just change has resonated well with the electorates across the nation.

“This election will be peaceful,” said Pastor Philemon Tarpeh of the Remedy Moment International as he delivers his sermon on Sunday October 8. Pastor Tarpeh, referred to as the Pioneer by members of Remedy says whoever wins Tuesday’s polls has been chosen by God to set the nation in order.

Pastor Tarpeh who pastors more than seven thousand member congregation says Tuesday’s polls will fulfill prophecy about the nation. Though not a partisan of any of the political parties vying for this year’s elections, his message signal the tone of real change which many Liberians here believe is expected to be ushered in by Tuesday’s polls.

Many of the candidates have so far vowed to fight corruption, repair the country’s economy, make Liberia self-sufficient in terms of Agriculture and reconcile an already divided nation, not many have come close in saying the how. Other candidates who campaigned on the change slogan are the Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC of football legend George Weah whose slogan is “Change is coming;” while former Coca-Cola Executive Cummings has also campaigned on “Change is here.”

Brumskine who is the proponent of the “Real Change” slogan appears to be seated pretty and confident to win Tuesday’s presidential poll with poll ratings placing him ahead of major candidates in the race for the presidency.

Brumskine says he wants to considerably reduce illiteracy and poverty in Liberia. To achieve this, he vows to make education free both at primary and secondary levels, if elected as well as increase teachers’ salary to maintain qualified personnel in the classroom.

A lawyer with career experience spanning over 40 years both in Liberia and under United States jurisprudence, he does not pinch his words about what he intends to do immediately upon hitting the grounds of the Executive Mansion, pledging to cut his own salary by 30 percent and similarly those of his top officials to redirect such funds to vulnerable sectors of the economy.

He wants to change Liberia by taking the money from the hands of few elites in Monrovia to invest it across the country, but reminds that it cannot be done without the help of Liberians.

"I need a mandate from the Liberian people so that the country can change and change for the good of Liberians”, he pleads, and continues, “It is time for the old people to enjoy their retirement benefit, it's time for our children to have free education, it's time to take government money from the big shots and invest in the average people."

The LP says it is not taking anything for granted in these elections in its resolve to retire the governing Unity Party at the ballot box. LP Chairman Benjamin Sanvee, notes that the party is underestimating the appetite for change in Liberia, and predicts that the UP will not reach a runoff if there were to be one.

Polls will open at 8am and close at 6pm with the first provisional official results expected within 48 hours, according to the National Elections Commission (NEC).


Weah wraps campaign with star-studded rally

Thousands turned out for Senator George Weah's star-studded rally in Monrovia three days before election. Weah brought some heavy-hitters to Monrovia in his final appeal to voters.

Congolese soukus singer, dancer, producer, and composer Koffi Olomide, Ghana based Liberian own Nollywood actor Van Vicker and Deng paraded with Weah in principle streets of Monrovia while interjecting their support for the presidency of Amb. Weah.

The Coalition for Democratic Change nominee for the Executive Mansion was joined by his wife Clar Weah and the Vice Standard Bearer Senator Jewel Howard Taylor. It was a strong showing of solidarity on Friday evening in battleground Montserrado County where every vote could mean the difference between winning and losing as the polls in the county shows Weah indisputably as the frontrunner in the last few days.

“This is the man that turned an ordinary Acarous Gray to an honorable lawmaker,” said District #9 representative Munah Pelham during her introduction of Senator Weah to the podium.

“What the cynics and the pundits don't know is that I own the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS); this place will always be my turf because I made history here as a soccer player,” Weah said as he took to the microphone. “On Tuesday, I want you to go out in the numbers and vote for me so together we can "Change for Hope" because I do believe we can build a better Liberia together.”

The turnout was the biggest political rally the country has ever seen in its history. The entire Monrovia was completely locked down. There were thousands of voters and supporters trooping from every part of the city to the ATS from the Bushrod Island belt to the Barnersville belt to the Red Light and Paynesville belt, and to the Robertsfield Highway belt. According to pundits, CDC pulled over hundreds of thousands of supporters on Friday in an unprecedented manner to showcase its efforts to win this election in the first round on October 10th.

Friday night for Weah was all about energizing his base and getting out the votes in Montserrado County and the surrounding suburbs. Weah was on message and remained hopeful throughout the night. Not mincing words, he took some jabs at one of his opponents, Vice President Joseph Boakai and repeated President Sirleaf's recent comment that Liberia belongs to a younger generation.

Defense refute IRRED report

Authorities at the Ministry of National Defense has refuted a report by the Institute for Research and Democratic Development(IREDD) accusing Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai, Jr., of authorizing the participation of AFL soldiers in a district political rally under the auspices of the Unity Party.

IRRED in its report published by this paper and several other dailies alleged that Minister Samukai deployed officers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) to provide security for the contractors hired to construct a podium in Barnersville for the launch of its representative candidates’ campaign ahead of Vice President Boakai’s visit there.”

“The report is totally untrue as at no time and date, as mentioned by IREDD, and published by the supra mentioned local dailies did any military personnel participate in any political rally,” the Defense authorities said in a release issued Friday October 6.

“Perimeter security at the rally was provided by clearly uniformed personnel from the Executive Security Consultancy (EXECON) firm. The stage and truss were built by a team of young Liberian technicians while the public address system and musical equipment at the rally were provided by the musical crew known as the “Beast””, the release added.

The release said Minister Samukai has never ever authorized any military personnel at any political rally or otherwise. The AFL remains a professional military institution that has no intention of participating in any political rally, whether before, during or after the pending October 10, 2017 Presidential and Representatives’ Election.

In another development, the Liberia Coast Guard (LCG) has interdicted for illegal and unreported fishing, a fishing trawler, DZINTARS, at position 06 24.39’ N 011 02.12’ W, less than 12 nautical miles from Liberia’s Coastline. The vessel crossed over into Liberian territorial waters on 28 September 2017. Upon inspection, the LCG found the vessel to be in multiple violations including shutting down its Automatic Identification System(AIS) four (4) nautical miles from the border with Sierra Leone, the lacked of landing declaration, violation of Liberia’s Catch On Entry(COE) regulations, among others. Meanwhile the vessel with over 321 thousand kilograms of fish on board is chargeable under Liberian Laws for contravention of the Fisheries Regulations and Tax and Customs Laws of the Republic of Liberia. The authority at the Defense Ministry is recommending a fine in the neighborhood of 1.5 Million United States Dollars as a measure of deterring poachers who are engaged in illegal activities within Liberian Exclusive Economic Zone.


Ellen prophesizes victory

President Ellen Johnson - Sirleaf says her choice for representative candidates in Grand Bassa and Bomi counties are at fifth places, respectively on the ballot papers, and the other in Montserrado County is in district #5, suggesting to her that five is a lucky number to win.

Mrs. Sirleaf concluded campaign activities on Sunday for Grand Bassa County District #3 representative candidate Julia Duncan - Cassell and Montserrado County District#5 representative candidate Mr. Alexander Suah, saying she is glad to give her support.

While she prepares for a transition of power based on what the presidential and representative elections bring, Mrs. Sirleaf however cautions partisans and supporters of candidates in the race that she likes to see good people get elected to the Legislature to protect her legacy.

During a campaign on Sunday, 8 October in the Police Academy Community, President Sirleaf pleaded with residents of Montserrado District #5 to vote Mr. Suah because he would be with them and work for them as he has done before.

While dismissing the perception that she will not be able to do something after her presidency, President Sirleaf vows to stand by Mr. Suah when he gets elected to the Legislature, urging electorate to elect him.

Giving reasons why she wants Mr. Suah to represent District #5, Mrs. Sirleaf says the candidate has done something for his people, reminding residents of the district that if they drink clean water, it is because of him.

She describes Mr. Suah as someone that is faithful, noting that if he says he would do something, you can count on him.

Earlier attending a thanksgiving and intercessory service with Grand Bassa District #3 representative candidate Julia Duncan Cassell at the Triumphant Life International Ministries on Sunday, President Sirleaf told the church that the peace that they pray for and she also suffered for is [sure].

She thanked Liberians for their role in maintaining the peace, and also thanked God who has allowed it to hold. She urged the church to continue to pray so that God can take the country through a peaceful transition so that Liberia can rise a little bit more.

In separate comments, the candidates have promised to do better for their districts when elected to their various seats. In Montserrado District #5, Mr. Suah says he has been working with some 32 women groups and young people attending vocational schools.

In Grand Bassa District #3, Candidate Julia Duncan-Cassell, a former member of the cabinet, pleads with her people to vote her to the Legislature, having reminded them of some of the works of the Sirleaf government in which she has worked, citing payment of civil servants through banks, among others.

By Winston W. Parley-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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