S/ Court halts impeachment proceeding

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Liberia’s Supreme Court has mandated the House of Representatives and other Legislative Standing Committees on Judiciary “to stay all further proceedings in the matter of the petition for impeachment” being advanced against Justices Kabineh M. Ja’neh, Phillip A.Z. Banks, III, and Jamesetta Howard - Wolokolie.

“You are further commanded to instruct the respondents herein to file their returns to this writ, in the Office of the Clerk of this Honorable Court on or before the said 19th Day of August, A.D. 2017,” the Supreme Court orders Wednesday, 9 August.

Impeachment proceedings are being worked out here at the House of Representatives following protests by Sen. Dan Marais, Sen. Dr. Peter Coleman, Sen. James Tornola, Sen. Numene Bartekwa and Rep. George Mulbah that came after the Supreme Court’s recent decision on the controversial Code of Conduct in July.

After ruling in March this year that the Code of Conduct was legal and binding for all its intent and purpose, the Supreme Court, however, ruled in July and overturned the disbarment of opposition Liberty Party’s vice presidential candidate Harrison Karnwea’s from the October elections by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

The NEC disbarred Mr. Karnwea on grounds that he violated the Code of Conduct by his failure to have resigned as Forestry Managing Director two years ahead of conducting the October elections.

But while the Supreme Court agrees that Mr. Karnwea did violate the Code, it however, finds that his violation was not egregious to warrant his disbarment by the Commission.

The Supreme Court’s order for the House to stay all proceedings in the impeachment petition comes after some lawyers including Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephas and Edwin Kla Martin petition the high court for a writ of prohibition against the legislative impeachment proceedings against the justices.

In the petition for a writ of prohibition filed on 9 August at the Supreme Court, the lawyers claim that the action being taken by the House is illegal and unconstitutional in seeking the impeachment of the three justices on account of the decision “handed down unanimously by the Honourable Supreme Court in the case Harrison Karnwea, Sr. versus the National Elections Commission.”

They raise fears in the petition against the conduct of the lawmakers, claiming that they seek to influence and rig the results of the ensuing October presidential and representatives elections.

The petitioners have fears also that appeal against the NEC’s decision involving the representatives that are seeking re-election in October could see them (lawmakers) intervening to influence the Court’s decision by proceeding to impeach and remove justices from the Court when decisions do not favor them.

Citing Article 3 of the 1986 Constitution, the petitioners argue that on the basis of separation of powers, none of the three branches of government here is answerable to the other, nor could any of them superintend the other.

“Your Honor is most respectfully requested to take judicial notice of the principles of separation of powers specified under Article 3 of the 1986 Constitution,” the counsels say.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

Sherman comes to town

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Ruling Unity Party (UP) immediate past chairman Grand Cape Mount County Senator Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman has come to town. He says suggestion that he is masterminding an impeachment proceeding against Justices Kabineh M. Ja’neh, Phillip A.Z. Banks and Jamesetta Howard - Wolokolie is untrue and intended to create a set of new enemies for him.

In an effort to counter claims that he is behind the impeachment of the justices, Sen. Sherman provides historical accounts to a joint interview on 9 August relating to how he has come a long way with each of the embattled justices, and how he served both as lawyer for President Ellen Johnson - Sirleaf in the days of her struggle before later becoming her political ally in recent years.

“I do not have the time or energy to be involved in the impeachment proceeding and I certainly am not behind what is happening,” Sherman tells a joint interview at his office at the Liberian Senate on Capitol Hill Wednesday, 9 August.

Sen. H. Dan Morais of Maryland, Grand Kru Senators Dr. Peter Coleman and Numene Bartekwa, Margibi Senator James Tornola and Bong County Rep. George Mulbah began a push here to have the three justices impeached following the Supreme Court’s decision in the controversial Code of Conduct in July.

The Court’s decision received mix public reaction here after it overturned the National Elections Commission’s disbarment of opposition Liberty Party’s vice presidential candidate Harrison Karnwea on grounds that his violation of the controversial Code of Conduct was not egregious to warrant his disbarment from the October presidential and representatives’ elections.

But Sen. Sherman, who stands at the center of accusation to have the justices impeached, emphatically says that there’s no reason to get back at the President. Instead, he makes conclusion that what the FrontPageAfrica assumption does “is to create set of new enemies to give the impression to the embattled justices that he is responsible for the situation that they are in.

“Gentlemen, why do you forget? Kabineh Ja’neh is on that [Supreme Court] Bench because of me, and you guys have forgotten. In Liberia, the Senate rejected him twice after he was nominated. Then they eventually confirmed him,” Sen. Sherman says in reflection on his role as counsel for Justice Ja’neh back then.

Even after Justice Ja’neh’s confirmation, Cllr. Sherman further recalls how the civil society here challenged him through a prohibition, an occasion the veteran lawyer says he further seized by accompanying Justice Ja’neh at the Supreme Court to stand for him in the legal battle.

He argues that if he had lost the case, the embattled Justice Ja’neh would never had sat on the Supreme Court Bench, thereby leaving him to wonder how he could just come from the U.S. where he has been taking treatment and wants to impeach the man he fought so hard to get him sitting on the Bench.

“You guys were not journalists at that time right,” he jokingly inquired, and adds that “I [am] the one who defended him at the Supreme Court and we won the case.”

Regarding Justice Jamesetta Howard - Wolokolie, Sen. Sherman recalls that she met her husband back in the days at his (Sherman’s) house at a party for which he (Sherman) had invited Madam Wolokolie and the man that would have become her husband later. “You might not believe it, but at her wedding, I was one of the best men,” Sen. Sherman says of Justice Wolokolie.

He additionally recalls that he and Justice Phillip A.Z. Banks worked on the Opinion of the Supreme Court, and that the embattled justice also served as his teacher at the law school.

Sherman, however, agrees that if these justices have done something wrong, they will answer for their wrongs except that he personally doesn’t have the time and energy to go after impeaching them.

As it relates to President Sirleaf, Sen. Sherman admits that it is public knowledge that “President Sirleaf and I do not have the best relationship.” “That is a fire I do not want anybody to waste gas on, gasoline on. There’s no need to put gasoline on that,” he tells the interview in response to the local daily’s report that he wants to get back at the President.

While admitting that he and the President have some serious differences, Sen. Sherman, however, says he considers it as something that happens to politicians. But he expresses believe that people are making up stories to make the fire blow up more and create enmity between him and the president.

In reflection on his health condition when he publicly fell off and fainted here on 11 May during the endorsement of Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai by majority Senators on Capitol Hill, Sen. Sherman says he traveled to the U.S. upon recovering from coma and did not return until the Supreme Court made its decision.

He says he also remained in the U.S. until protest against the Supreme Court’s decision started here in Liberia. “When Sen. Dan Morais in the newspaper, was in the media rejecting the Supreme Court decision, when several other people and organizations were in the media rejecting the Supreme Court’s decision, I was [not] in the country. I definitely was not in the country,” he says.

He says he cannot see how he was in the U.S. and be so powerful in manipulating the lawmakers that were protesting the Supreme Court decision to seek the impeachment of the justices.
To back his claims of innocence to the impeachment proceedings, Sen. Sherman recalls how he earlier opposed Sen. Dan Morais’ proposal made on the Senate floor to repeal the Code of Conduct.

In its publication, FrontPageAfrica attributes to an alleged anonymous lawmaker that it is not a coincidence that all of these started only when Sen. Sherman returns to the country.

It alleges that the Grand Cape mount County Senator wants to get even with President Ellen Johnson - Sirleaf, and claims that its anonymous source suggests that it highly suspects Sen. Sherman of being the mastermind of the impeachment proceeding behind the scene.

But Sen. Sherman says he believes that the local daily wants to put him in confrontation with the Supreme Court. “Am I the one who was among the civil society people who challenged the Supreme Court decision, who complained about it? Am I the one?” Sen. Sherman wonders.

He declines to comment on the ongoing impeachment proceedings on grounds that when an impeachment proceeding is commenced; the impeachment trial will be conducted by the Liberian Senate of which he is a member.

He says the Senate sits as the jury while the Chief Justice sits as the judge, and therefore tells the interview that “it wouldn’t be proper for me to comment on the proceeding that is now going on in House.”

By doing so, he says, he would compromise his position and would not be able to serve on the … jury if that matter ever reaches the Liberian Senate.-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

PYJ claims police brutality in Kokoya District

The Standard Bearer of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MRD) alarms here that officers of the elite Emergency Response Unit (ERU) from the Liberia National Police have allegedly mal-handled several local miners in David Dean Town, Kokoya District, Bong County in central Liberia.

Senator Prince Yormie Johnson explains to this paper recently that the town has huge gold deposit, and a Turkish company MND has hold of the gold deposit in that part of the country.

According to him, the mining company detonate explosives to crush rocks in the mines where pieces of gold are collected like rocks and then the dust are thrown in nearby streams but whenever residents of the town go to the stream to gather dirt for rewashing in order to earn daily bread, the police move in with arms and arrest them.

According to the Nimba County Senator, the only decent structure in the area is a police station, well furnished and painted and police officers assigned there are well taken care of, while the rest of the town and its residents wallop in poverty and ruin as though the place is a forgotten land.

He expresses fear that if nothing was done to address alleged mal-treatment against the people by both the police and the mining company; they could result to something ugly.

He further details that due to residents continuous visit to the company’s waste site, police arrested and flogged several of them, adding that some of the residents were brought to Monrovia and detained.

He says before they were released, Liberia’s Minister of Defense Brownie Samukai allegedly threatened to deal with them drastically, if there were a repeat of their action.

Senator Johnson says he had informed Bong County Senator Jewel Howard Taylor about the situation, and the matter is expected to appear on the floor of the Liberian Senate plenary.

He stresses that the Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy, Patrick Sendolo, will be invited to explain about the company, pointing out that as a member of the Liberian Senate, he could not recall a concession agreement between the MND Company and the Liberian government ever signed.

The MDR Standard Bearer describes as frustrating and disappointing, the manner in which Liberians are being treated at the gold mine by foreigners, who under the watch of the government.

When Presidential Press Secretary Piah was contacted via mobile, his cell phone rang endlessly on several occasions without picking up the call. However, Bong County Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, has written the plenary of the Liberian Senate, seeking the intervention of that august body into alleged illegal mining in her county.

Making her case before the full plenary of the Senate Tuesday, 8 August Senator Taylor explains that a troubling situation is affecting her people, especially, citizens in upper Bong in whose communities two mining concessions AMlib-Liberia and MNG Gold operate.

She says that since the inception of these concessions in the county, residents of communities in which they operate, are yet to benefit from their operations as per acceptable social agreement under such circumstances.

“Our citizens have complained that these companies are not providing the expected assistance to the communities in which they operate despite the extraction of huge mineral deposits from their communities. Considering the gravity of this matter and the urgency required in responding to the grievances, as expressed by our people, I deem it a compelling duty, as senator of the county, to bring this situation to the attention of the Liberian Senate for appropriate redress so as to bring relief to our people,” Senator Taylor’s communication dated August 7, 2017 reads.

Meanwhile, the plenary of the senate has forwarded the communication to its committee on Lands, Mines, Energy for thorough investigation and report to plenary within one week.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor -Editing by Jonathan Browne

Don’t Vote Wrongly

Montserrado County District #12 representative candidate Dr. George B. Samah is cautioning Liberians against voting the wrong people into elected offices based on ethnicity, friendship and religious affiliation.

He spoke with the NewDawn on Tuesday, 8 August at his district office along the Somalia drive, Barnerville Junction. There are 23 candidates vying for the representative seat of District 12, including the incumbent.

Dr. Samah says because positions are given to the wrong people here, the citizenry do not have running water, infrastructures, and electricity. The former program and administrative officer of WHO, has classified electricity in Liberia as Christmas light, on grounds that it is being provided on an ‘on and off’ basis. He cautions all Liberians to vote wisely and not repeat the same mistakes.

The independent candidate says greed and corruption are a way of life in Liberia, noting that they are killing the nation. Dr. Samah says when elected representative of District #12, he will improve the health care delivery system of the district and modify education.

He calls on his supporters to remain peaceful during the time of campaigning, and confidently asks them to get ready for his induction in January 2018. Meanwhile, Dr. Samah calls on his critics to stop spreading rumors that he’s not a resident of District #12. “It is a lie, I have been a resident of District #12 for years, am a resident of [the] district,” he concludes.
By Samuel P. Kamara-Edited by Winston W. Parley

Sellers driven away to erect campaign billboards

Authorities here are driving away street sellers from petty trading sites in Monrovia and its surrounding to allow parties and independent candidates to erect their campaign billboards here.

While touring market sites here in Montserrado County on Wednesday, 9 August, the NewDawn’s reporter witnesses armed officers from the elite Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of the Liberia National Police enforcing the removal of sellers from congested streets corners and marketplaces while billboards are being planted.

While the police are clearing sellers from the streets, political parties including opposition Coalition for Democratic Coalition (CDC) of presidential candidate Sen. George M. Weah, Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) of Dr. Mills Jones, and some representative candidates are seen erecting their billboards at the sites that are being cleared.

But when contacted Wednesday evening to ascertain whether police were called in to aid the operation, Police Spokesman Sam Collins says the issue of billboard planting is being controlled by the city government and not the police.

He says they have nothing to do with billboard planting because it does not fall under the purview of the police, and adds that the city government controls the city. “... I don’t know what you’re talking about, if the police were launching any operation like that I would know,” he concludes.

Notwithstanding, the NewDawn’s reporter says several parts of Monrovia and its surroundings including the ELWA Intersection, Redlight in Paynesville, and the Duala Markets have seen armed ERU officers ordering street sellers to vacate the main streets or risk losing their goods.

Goods of some petty traders and marketers who refused to adhere to the police directives were confiscated while other traders were apprehended and turned over to the Paynesville City Corporation on grounds of allegedly violating city ordinance.

Speaking anonymously to our reporter, a police officer says the move by the Liberia National Police (LNP) is in line with its constitutional mandate to ensure the protection of lives and properties as political campaign activities intensify in Monrovia and its surroundings.

He warns that the police in collaboration with authorities of the Paynesville City Corporation would continue the streets clearing campaign until intransigent petty traders and marketers return to market places rather than selling in the streets.
He says selling in the streets poses grave danger to the lives of the very sellers. Meanwhile, some parties supporters including CDC’s local office supporter Jefferson Martin, MOVEE’s Miatta Dennis, have backed the action of the police.

They claim that anything that could hinder the ongoing political campaign of political parties and their candidates would be counterproductive to the attainment of peace in the country.

They used the medium to appeal to marketers, petty traders and wheelbarrow operators to stop selling at prohibited locations in Monrovia and its environs, and instead relocate themselves to areas directed by the LNP. They claim that it would help to avoid confrontation which could serve as impediment to ongoing political activities.
By Emmanuel Mondaye--Edited by Winston W. Parley

Dr. Jones leads partisans to district #5 Saturday

As political campaigns intensify across Liberia, the Standard Bearer of the Movement of Economic Empowerment or MOVEE Dr. Mills Jones, is expected to lead over 5,000 partisans and supporters of his party candidate for Montserrado County Electoral District#5 Benjamin Yele Wehye, to officially launch the party headquarters in the district on 12 August.

Making the disclosure Wednesday, the Information Officer for Mr. Wehye, K. Nelson Gonwoe, says prior to the launch, Dr. Jones would lead an array of senior partisans in a parade, which starts from the Ma Kebbeh Gas Station to the campaign headquarters of Mr. Wehye situated behind Paynesville Town Hall for the formal program.

Dr. Jones is former executive governor of the Central Bank of Liberia and is vying for the Presidency for the first time like many other candidates in the race. Mr. Gonwoe continues that thereafter, the standard bearer would address partisans and supporters of Mr. Wehye, who is the party’s candidate for electoral district#5.

Wehye is vying against incumbent Representative Thomas Fallah, who is seeking a third bid on the ticket of the opposition Congress for Democratic Coalition (CDC) of Montserrado County Senator George M. Weah.

According to Gonwoe, the presence of Dr. Jones in the district would stimulate and encourage partisans and supporters to go all out in communities to campaign for victory for the party on 10 October.

He calls partisans and supporters in the district to come out in their numbers in preparation for the big political showdown which MOVEE must get at all cost. Meanwhile, Candidate Benjamin Yele Wehye, is commending authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) for ongoing clearing of street peddlers to provide an enabling environment for the free conduct of campaign activities by political parties and their candidates.

By Emmanuel Mondaye-Editing by Jonathan Browne

Supporters harm Boakai’s chances

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Zealous supporters of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai are rather harming his bid for the Liberian Presidency ahead of the October 10 polls, Presidential Press Secretary Jerolinmick Piah told journalists here Tuesday.

Piah’s comments come amidst series of accusations emanating from within the circles of the ruling Unity Party that it’s immediate past standard bearer and current President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is not in support of Vice President Boakai’s presidential bid but that she has rather pledged her support to other candidates in the race.

“Our initial thought regarding this issue was that it remains at the margins of the national discourse and not elevated because it represents triviality and a complete non-issue. But because of the nature of our society, we have determined that it is of importance to be spoken to, Piah said.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,” he continues, “the issue I am making reference to is the continuous attack and accusation mainly coming from individuals and groupings that are supposed to be collaborating for the sole purpose of electing the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia and Standard Bearer of the Governing Unity, the Honorable Joseph Nyumah Boakai as the successor to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during the 2017 General and Presidential Elections.”

Piah said rather than using such energy to gather votes and make the case for the vice president, his surrogate groups are engage in spreading fake news about the President’s support to candidates other than Vice President Boakai.

He opined that such actions were tearing down and destroying the unity of the Unity Party and the relationship of the President and her Vice. Piah alluded to a fake communications and imaginary meetings being linked to the President by those spreading such rumors and falsehood about her support to an opposition candidate.

He said these Boakai surrogates have gone to the extent of drafting a fake communication purported to be written by President Sirleaf that are grammatically sickening and logically out of bond. “This is simply not characteristic of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf we know,” Piah added.

Setting the records straight, the Presidential Press Secretary said it all began several months ago, following lengthy discussions between President Sirleaf and Vice President Boakai and a subsequent petition by the people of Lofa County for the Vice President to contest the 2017 General and Presidential Elections as a candidate for the Liberian Presidency. He said President Sirleaf made clear and known her support for the bid of her Vice President and comrade for many years.

He said that opened declaration of support by President Sirleaf towards the Presidential bid of Boakai has been renewed and re-echoed at least three times as a means of assurance due to the attitude and conduct of people who claimed that Mrs. Sirleaf is supporting candidates other than the Vice President.

“We have thought that these re-echoed and renewed messages were enough to clear the minds of those who question the President’s commitment to support her Vice President, but the unfolding trend of events is suggesting otherwise. The insinuations and rumor mongering about not supporting the Vice President is continuing unabated. This is really really sad to say the least, Piah bemoaned.

“And so, our direct response to all of the rumors and misinformation is: As of this point, Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai remains President Sirleaf’s choice for the Presidency realizing though that the actual power of determining who becomes President of Liberia from the October elections remain the sole responsibility of the Liberian people who will make the choice through their votes.

“This declared commitment by President Sirleaf has been supported in deeds and in actions well known to the Honorable Vice President himself”, Piah added. He said as it is customary among world leaders, President Sirleaf has informed all of her colleagues at the levels of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), African Union (AU), the United Nations and others institutions that she supports the Presidential bid of the Vice President. “This has not changed!” Piah emphasized “In fact, the Vice President has already met a number of leaders on bilateral levels through the kind arrangements and intervention of President Sirleaf,” he said.

“Finally, it is also very important to speak to the issue of “protection for the President and members of her family”, a message being preached by the rumor mongers.Let me state for the record that when it comes to the issue of integrity, President Sirleaf stands by her integrity and those of her family members. Her integrity remains untainted and exemplary. This is therefore an open challenge to those who think otherwise because President Sirleaf has absolutely nothing to hide and seeks no protection from anyone because her records are just clear and clean. In short, President Sirleaf has done nothing wrong to warrant seeking protection from whoever takes over as President of Liberia following the elections.” He concludes.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

CDC opposes war crime too

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The Vice Standard Bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, says here that if elected in October, the Coalition has no plan to prosecute any past leader or Liberians for their role in the country’s 14-year civil unrest.

Senator Taylor in an interview with this paper Tuesday afternoon, August 8, on the grounds of the Capitol Building says a Coalition-led government will instead focus its attention on how to move the country forward than looking back to prosecute citizens.

She says the Coalition for Democratic Change comprises three political institutions, including the National Patriotic Party of detained former President Charles Taylor, Liberian People Democratic Party of criminally indicted former Speaker Alex Tyler and the Congress for Democratic Change of Montserrado County Senator George Manneh Weah, and that no one member can make decision that will affect the Liberian people, especially call for the establishment of a war crimes court.

The Bong County Senator continued that if the Liberian people decided for the international court for prosecution of individuals for economic crimes, human rights violations and crimes against humanity that would be their choice.

Commenting on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s alleged support the CDC, Madam Taylor says as one of the ranking members of the Coalition, she could say for sure that they are not in any talk with the President, adding that if there were anything of such, she would be in the know.

Senator Taylor notes that the best thing the President could do to instill the kind of level playing field among participants for the ensuring elections, is not to pledge support for any candidate or political party in the race.

Rumors have been circulating here that President Sirleaf was in talks with Coalition Standard Bearer George Weah to give her possible support against her own ruling Unity Party now being led by Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, but the Executive Mansion here denies.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Jonathan Browne

Ellen strategizes with female candidates

President Ellen Johnson - Sirleaf has begun suggesting strategies to female representative candidates that could help narrow down the number of female contestants as a way of strengthening them to get more women winning seats in the House of Representatives this October.

After being presented with 152 female representative candidates along with the name of a single female presidential candidate and six female vice presidential candidates at the Liberian Women Political Forum on Tuesday, 8 August, Mrs. Sirleaf felt short of being excited especially with the news that seven females are battling against each other in just one district.

“I will say to you, you people are many. I wish we had done it in such a way where we could have taken note of each of those running against each other and had been a little bit more selective in narrowing it down to say in this area instead of having five of you competing among yourselves and then competing with men, making it very difficult, you know,” she says.

During the forum at the C. Cecil Dennis Auditorium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Sirleaf cautions that if female candidates in a particular district cannot select and support one candidate against their male counterparts, they might lose a seat to a male candidate while fighting each other.

Since everybody wanted to contest, President Sirleaf says it makes it a little bit hard to do the things that “we needed to do” to make the female candidates stronger. In addition to the challenge already posed by the number of female candidates residing in a single district, Mrs. Sirleaf also sees another challenge posed by the fact that each of the female candidates come from different political parties, thus making it difficult to ask one person to stand down to support the other.

While acknowledging that money helps in achieving political objectives, Mrs. Sirleaf tells the female candidates that the road to political success is not money, noting that “the main ingredient is your relationship [with] your people.”

She says the competition among the female candidates is heavy, saying how they’ll come out of it, will depend on what they will put into it.” She reminds the female candidates of the need to be willing to work in the communities and do what is necessary to prepare for the elections.

Speaking earlier, Montserrado County Representative Madam Josephine Francis who is seeking re-election narrates how Mrs. Sirleaf supported her quest for the district seat and became victorious.

She says the campaign is not easy, even for the incumbents, and cautions that female candidates should make sure that their followers do not disturb the peace and not be abusive. She calls Mrs. Sirleaf a role model for the female politicians here, saying she has encouraged them to take such steps.

She warns that the House of Representatives is not for some little boys or girls, but for men and women who will be committed to their country. She discourages those who may be looking at the job for income earning to stay home because where Liberia is today; no one is carrying “us back.”

Youth league endorses Simeon Freeman

The head of the youth league of the Movement for Progressive Change says MPC Standard Bearer Simeon Freeman, a business entrepreneur, is suited for the Presidency to take Liberian to another level.

Speaking at the party headquarters on Tuesday, 8 August in Monrovia during an endorsement program, Father Blade says Mr. Freeman has provided employment for so many young people through his water company, Digital Satellite Television (DStv) office and other jobs thru his initiatives.

“In this light, we will campaign from door to door, house to house to make sure that Mr. Freeman gets elected as President”, he vows.According to him, if the MPC Standard Bearer is elected as President in October, he will create more job opportunities across the country especially, for the youths, who are jobless.

Mr. Blade says the youth league of the party believes in Mr. Freeman’s vision for Liberia, stressing that he can be trusted with Liberia because of his service records to the Liberian people. “It is time for the Ellen-led government to leave power; we need a new government and we cannot give this country to Joseph Boakai because he is part of this same government that has failed us; 12 years, he was unable to help for the development of this country, this country cannot be given to Joseph Boakai because the 12 years he serves as Vice President was a waste.”

He says the youth league endorses the candidacy of Mr. Simeon Freeman, and they are ready to campaign in making sure he wins the Presidency because he is the best candidate in the race to represent the people of Liberia.

Until the impending elections, Mr. Freeman, who hails from the costal County, Grand Bassa, is unknown in Liberian politics. He has lived his left in the private sector, engaged in business.

By Ethel A. Tweh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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