LoneStar Cell MTN Open Mobile Money at Total Station

The Management of Lonestar Cell MTN says payments with MTN Mobile Money at Total Gas Stations in the country have been made easier. According to a press release, all of Total 31 Gas Stations and Stores are now on the list of a variety of payment points across Liberia, where customers can now carry out Mobile Money transactions in simple, quick, easy and convenient.

The release notes that Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money offers a fast, safe and secure way of transferring money, making payments and completing a number of other transactions, using cell phone.

“It’s a simple and convenient way to manage your money and financial transactions, all in one place! Mobile Money is offered by Lonestar Cell MTN in partnership with a variety of Merchants, leading banking institutions in Liberia and now Total Gas Station”, says the release.

With Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money, customers can send and receive USD and LRD, top up airtime, pay bills for DStv, LEC, school fees and gas, among a variety of other goods and services.


ALP seeks prayers from Imam Council

All Liberian Party (ALP) Standard Bearer, businessman Benoni Urey is on his knees, seeking spiritual intervention from the National Imam Council of Liberia to claim victory in next Tuesday’s (October 10, 2017) Presidential and Representative elections.

Mr. Urey has been meeting with members of the Imam Council here headed by Chief Imam Ali Krayee in a two-hour closed door at his Lonestar Cell MTN office in Oldest Congo Town. Briefing reporters on Monday, 2 October after the meeting, the ALP Standard Bearer explains that the National Imam Council had been invited to remember the party in prayers as Liberia goes to elections next week.

The Presidential hopeful says the All Liberian Party is privileged to have members of the Council paying a visit, saying, “We asked them for this visit, and they were kind enough to come and pray with us as we gear towards the elections time.” He stresses that the Imam Council can play a significant a part in the electoral process adding, “We want them to pray for the ALP, including free, fair, and peaceful elections, because too often we forget the importance of election process in our country.”

“These people have played a meaningful role as religious leaders, and we thought to invite them in order for them to pray along with us and the nation to have a peaceful and transparent election that is the purpose of this gathering here today.” Meanwhile, Chief Imam Krayee says they are always available to answering calls from any politician that will invite them. “We are willing to answer to call of anyone, who is willing to work in the interest of Liberia.”

Imam Krayee continues that the ALP standard bearer explains to them some of the good things he has been doing for the Muslims community. “Those who will work in the interest of humanity, it is our prayers for God to bless him, and his household.” He calls on international election observers in the country not to restrict their observation to only peaceful elections, but to observe the results from the polls, stressing that what transpires at the polling center should be followed up at the National Elections Commission to ensure a peaceful election.

Liberians go to the polls on October 10, to elect a new President and members of the House of Representative in what is to produce first peaceful political transition in 73 years.  The ALP standard bearer Urey is among 20 candidates in the race, including one female and five Independent Candidates, vying for the Presidency.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

Protest at MCC

Employees of the Monrovia City Corporation are protesting here in demand of improved working condition, benefits and salary increment. The aggrieved workers, including sweepers, drivers, janitors and security, among others claim the MCC administration led by Mayor Clara Doe-Mvogo has failed to seek their wellbeing since she took over the leadership of the city corporation.

Parading with placards on the grounds of the MCC, they explain that some of them are working without leave, insurance, medical benefit, transportation, since the inception of Mayor Doe-Mvogo’s leadership. Mr. Isaac Walker, who claims to be spokesperson for the protesting workers, laments that most of them have not received salary, incentives and other benefits for several months, but they continue to work.

He says Mayor Doe-Mvogo doesn’t care about them and condition under which they work although they have written her officially on their plight, but she is yet to address their concerns.

They vow to continue the protest until authorities at the Ministry of Labor intervenes because they are tired of unfair labor practices, coupled with disrespect despite the fact that they are ones doing the dirty job for the MCC.  They continue that Mayor Doe-Mvogo has refused to call general staff meetings simply because she does not want the workers to confront her with their plight. Officials of the MCC have promised to respond later.  By Emmanuel Mondaye-Editing by Jonathan Browne

PREVAIL studies go to communities

Public acceptance of the PREVAIL Ebola research studies has been exceptional so far given the nature of responses from community dwellers across Liberia.

PREVAIL is a joint Liberia-U.S. clinical research program established in 2014 in response to a request by former Liberian Health Minister, Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale to then U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary, Sylvia Burwell, to assist Liberia develops vaccines and therapeutics to tackle the Ebola Virus Disease.

During a field visit to Duala community in Montserrado County sector two by a team of monitors from the Liberia Crusaders for Peace, many residents spoke positively about the work of PREVAIL. Since launching its first vaccine study in 2015, PREVAIL has so far been involved in six major studies about the Ebola Virus Disease, including several other sub-studies in Liberia.

The residents express joy that the U.S.-Liberia clinical research partnership is here, attempting to find lasting solutions to the scourge of Ebola that has struck Liberia and her neighbours to devastating effect.

Key messages are being provided on the ongoing PREVAIL Five vaccine study, which seeks to enroll about 5000 participants, including children between ages 1-17 years old.

The rationale is to find out whether the vaccine is also effective in children as they are found to be in adults and how long it lasts in the body. Sick people, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, Ebola Survivors and people who have taken other vaccines within a month’s time are not allowed to participate in the PREVAIL vaccine study.

Madam Jenneh Kromah is one of those persons, who came in contact with an Ebola patient but did not get infected with the virus. She now sells cooked food in the Gbalaswa community in Duala Bushrod Island. Madam Kromah said the various PREVAIL research studies are good for Liberia and it will be a proud moment for the country if a vaccine is found for Ebola in Liberia.

The on-going Ebola preventive vaccine study otherwise known as PREVAIL-5 is taking place at the Redemption Hospital in the Borough of New Kru Town. PREVAIL-5 is jointly being conducted by Liberia and Guinea under the auspices of the West African Regional Consortium.

While in the Galaswa community in Duala, Bushrod Island, the team also visited a ghetto where a group of young men expressed interest in
enrolling into the ongoing vaccine study known as PREVAIL-5.

They explain how they have made couple of attempts at the Redemption Hospital to enroll in the study, but faced some minor challenges including lack of contact numbers. Madam Munah Yancy is the field Communicator who has been encouraging those men at the ghettos, she said though it is challenging but it was necessary for her to get to the people the most in need of the information.

“These guys maybe looked down upon in the society but they have been seeking information to enrolment into the PREVAIL studies ranging from the Ebola Natural History Study to the current Vaccine study”, she says.

The Community Chairman of Balaswa, Stephen Kaifa, also notes that the scientific research will have lasting benefits for the people of Liberia and the rest of the world.

According to him, the research study presents an opportunity for Liberia to make history, urging Liberians to take advantage of every opportunity provided by the scientific research being conducted on Ebola.

Much of the success of the study has been largely attributed to the SMC’s community engagement and awareness activities being carried out by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace, a partner of PREVAIL. The LCP has recruited and deployed over 300 young people, including survivors to work as community mobilizes and communicators aimed at garnering public participation in the various Ebola research studies being conducted in Liberia.

By Bridgett Milton-Editing by Jonathan Browne

AME pastor calls for peaceful elections

The senior pastor of the Eliza Tuner Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church Alvin E Attah is admonishing Liberians to remain peaceful during and after the October 10 elections. Rev. Attah urges registered voters to peacefully go out to where they registered and cast their votes on next Tuesday.

Speaking on Sunday, October 1, during regular worship service at the church on Camp Johnson Road, the Liberian prelate stresses that no amount of violence will produce election result, and cautions Liberians that after casting their votes, they must wait until the results are officially announced.

According to A.M.E Church pastor, it will require extraordinary leadership on the part of every citizen, especially those who are partaking in the elections to take the lead in educating their supporters and reminding them that in every competition there is only one winner and that winner must be embrace as Liberia’s next leader.

“We remember the strong women of Liberia who stood under the rain and sun to inspire the peace process by encouraging one another and some
of those same women are in our midst today praying to God for peace to be sustained in this nation”, he expresses Pastor Attah recalls that Muslims and Christians have contributed immensely to the peace and growth of Liberia and that Liberians should not allow themselves to be used by selfish politicians, who do not care about the safely of the people.

He says it is time for electorate to ask politicians what they intend to do for Liberia if they lost the elections. Rev. Attah reiterates it is time Liberians desist from violence despite their political differences and go for peaceful polls.

He stresses that the rebuilding of Liberia depends on its citizens, adding for Liberia to move to the next level, every Liberian needs to play his or her role in the rebuilding process. “Those of us who occupy public office, when we use public resource for our own; for our benefit, we behave like Ahaz and Micah and begin to speak of evil, idolatry, injustice, stealing, dishonesty, violence l but when Hezekiah became king, the nation of Judah began to experience some form of recovery as they gradually regain economic strength”, he concludes.

By Bridgett Milton-Editing by Jonathan Browne

Salome Karwah Foundation underway

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is expected to establish a foundation in honor of the late health worker, Salome Karwah. The late Miss. Karwah survived the Ebola crisis in Liberia, but died from child birth complication on February 21, 2017, at age 28, just four days after giving birth.

Disclosing this at a News Conference on Monday at the Health Ministry in Congo Town, Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Francis Kateh, says
the mission of the Foundation is to provide for children that lost their parents from Ebola and those who also lost their mothers, while giving them birth.

He says that as a true manifestation of government’s commitment to establishing the foundation, a legal framework will begin immediately. “What is important here is we lost an energetic female, who had a desire to become a nurse in order to save the lives of others”, Dr. Kateh adds.

According to him, the deceased experience as Victim of Ebola, recuperation and willingness to save others was commendations placing her on the Time Magazine.

The Chief Medical Officer says although her death occurred seven months ago, an immediate investigation was requested by the Ministry through his efforts, Liberian Dental Association which was fulfilled as requested.

“Let me indicate that the Ministry of Health has instituted as a Standard Operating Procedure to immediately carry on a death audit whenever a woman dies while giving birth hence, this was done by the Montserrado County Health Team.”

Expressing his deepest condolence to the late Salome Karwah family, on behalf of the Health Ministry, Dr. Kateh, calls on all local and international humanitarian or philanthropies organizations and individuals to immediately assist the surviving kids of the late Salome Karwah


“It’s a lifestyle I have struggled with.”

Social media is going wide with a statement made by Alternative National Congress or ANC standard bearer Alexander Cummings more than a year ago on gay issues.

Mr. Cummings whose campaign for the Liberian Presidency has gained steam since the first Presidential debate here told the late Mamadee Diakety a year plus ago that the issue of gay is a It’s a lifestyle I have struggled with.

But many on social media thinks the ANC man must have been referring to himself while others think otherwise. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

Cummings: The question on gay rights: Um I answered the question perhaps not too elegantly. Um and I used the words that are conflicted by this issue. But let me explain why-let me explain what I mean by that. Um, it’s a lifestyle that I’ve struggled with. As important though, I believe Liberians are also focused on health, education, jobs. And I also want us to focus the conversation on those issues.

Mamadee: Do you think you’ve answered the question the right way because it’s a very sensitive issue. Cummings interrupts: It’s a very sensitive issue and I don’t know whether there is a right...

Mamadee interrupts and continues: It’s a very sensitive issue and you have to be straight-will you support it or it’s something that you know… Cummings: Mamadee, I think I have answered the question um the way I am comfortable answering it. And again I gat to be authentic to who I am. There will be political answer perhaps that people will want to hear. But I got to be real Alex and I want the Liberian people to see the real person and that I will not change my answer to suit um different situations. Um I think that is the kind of leader we should be looking for.

Opposition leaders get invites to welcome Ellen

Major opposition leaders here are expected to receive invitations to an intercessory prayer intended to thank God for the safe return of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf following her final major address and farewell to the United Nations General Assembly.

President Sirleaf is expected in the country today following a two week long visit to the United States where she addressed the 72nd meeting of the UN General Assembly.
Executive Mansion sources told this paper that the intercessory service is being planned to thank God for her safe return and also her continues high rating among the global leaders.

Our Executive Mansion source said, Rev Jervis Witherspoon is expected to invite all major political leaders to join the President to pray for a peaceful election here. The intercessory service is expected to be broadcast live on major radio stations here.

Supporters of the ruling Unity Party loyal to the president and other sympathizers are expected to welcome the president at the Roberts International Airport today from where she will be escorted to the church with fanfare home.

President Sirleaf recently address the UNAG at which time she said among other things that the pending October 10 elections will pave the way for new generation of leaders here.


Unnecessary fear

River Gee County Senator Conmany Wesseh terms criticism by some political parties leaders that huge excess ballot papers brought into the country by the National Elections Commission is intended to cheat as “unnecessary fear”, stressing that that the NEC headed by Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya should be given chance to carry out its constitutionally assigned responsibility.

Speaking to The New Dawn on Friday, September 30, at the Capitol Building, Senator Wesseh says it is unfortunate that politicians, who serve as baseline for the electoral process to so early start crying foul when there is no room for cheating in these elections.

He points out that if the National Elections Commission has any reason to cheat with the excess ballot papers, it couldn’t have announced the total number to the public.

“I think our people should give the National Elections Commission chance to perform its duties. There is no need to create fear of cheating, how possible will the election commission cheat when they have already told us the total number ballots, the total number of voters, the divisions of the ballots, how could anyone cheat; the electoral process will be closely monitored by the media, international and local observers, representatives of political parties, candidates and the civil society?” He asks.

According to him, with these observers and the interest of everyone to see a peaceful transition, there is no way for any political party or candidate to be cheated, adding that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is championing for a smooth transition.

“The President and the international community have put so much in the process to allow cheating, it is far from happening. This is what I called unnecessary fear.”

On September 20, the NEC announced the arrival of 3,053,435 presidential ballot papers and 3,112,725 legislative ballot papers for the October 1o Presidential and Representative Elections.

Currently, there are about 2,183,629 registered voters across the country with 20 registered political parties.

NEC Chairman Cllr. Jerome Korkoya says distribution of the presidential ballot papers to all 5,390 polling places throughout the country this week.

Meanwhile, Sen. Wesseh has inspected the annex of the Capitol Building which is currently under construction by the Chinese government. He praises the Government of China for such kind gesture and anticipates the project would be completed by April 2018.

The senator intimates that the annex, which contains about 200 rooms, is expected to provide more working space for lawmakers and their staffers, and Capitol Building employees.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Jonathan Browne

Fire guts 2 tier shops

Despite its limited manpower and logistical challenges, the Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS) saves the commercial district of Bushrod Island from what could have been a devastating scene when fire gutted two tier shops opposite Sonia Pharmacy at the entrance of the densely populated slum community of Clara Town on Friday, September 29.

It took firefighters from the National Fire Service some minutes, according to one senior officer of the LNFS, to get to the blazing tier shops. Firefighters subsequently off the fire, thereby, preventing it from spreading to adjacent stores which could have caused unimaginable disaster.

Eyewitnesses on the scene narrate that they saw smoke emitting from the generator room and later into one of the warehouses adjacent the shop. But authorities of the LNFS say investigation is still ongoing to determine the cause of the fire. No one could identify the source of the fire or suggest what might have been the cause. However, a light smoke and a blazing fire were still hovering over the two shops till evening when the Liberia National Police instructed all cars to ply on only one side of the road, something which led to huge traffic congestion on the entire Bushrod Island.

Meanwhile, some eyewitnesses blame the LNFS for wasting so much time in coming on the scene to fight the blazing fire. They explain that the fire started at 10:00 in the morning and all efforts by employees of the premises to use fire extinguishers to off the fire did not materialize.

Owners of the tier shops were also seen running helter-skelter scavenging for what was left of their businesses. The fire occurred near the street where commercial vehicles usually park to get passengers bound for central Monrovia. Commuters and passers-by stood at the scene, gazing at what was left of the fire, as they express regret for the losses, something which has caused huge traffic on the Bushrod Island.

Fire incidents on Bushrod Island are frequent, sometimes claiming lives and properties, and leaving families in agony. “It is time for some fire prevention education,” a young man said. “Or at least the communities must begin to do something to prevent unnecessary losses”, notes Amos Tokpa, a Clara Town resident.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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