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Ten reported dead in Nimba

-As tragedy hits county

By Lincoln G. Peters

At least 10 people have been reported dead in Nimba County, northeastern Liberia in two separate incidents over the weekend.

Two persons died in what residents say was a revenged killing, while the remaining eight met their untimely death when a canoe in which they were riding capsized

Locals have been mourning the dead as some angry residents destroyed and burned down homes in the town where the revenged killing occurred.

In the revenged killing, eyewitnesses say it all started when a 60-year-old-man from District #7 in Nimba County was reported to have killed a 28-year-old-man hitting the back of his neck with a cutlass for allegedly provoking him in a gathering. The victim reportedly died due to the cutlass wound.

“It all happened in the morning. Most [of the] time, the children gather here to have some fun, and even discuss politics and other things,” one witness could be heard on a local radio station explaining. 

“However, while they were here talking … the old man came. Later the boy tried to joke and laugh at him that he did not do anything with the money he made in his youth,” the witness said.

The witness indicated that the 60-year-old-man got offended by what the victim had allegedly said, and therefore took a cutlass and chopped the back of the victim’s neck.

When people got on the scene, the witness said, the victim had died. The angry crowd reportedly mobbed the 60-year-old-man to death in revenge and also burned down his home and other houses.

Meanwhile, in the second incident involving the eight dead, the eight farmers were traveling to a nearby town via canoe when the canoe capsized.

They were said to be traveling to a town separating Districts #7 and 8 in Nimba County.

According to a report, the canoe was controlled by a 13-year-old boy, and it had 18 persons on board along with other goods.

“It’s a sad day for us in Nimba because we have a lot of deaths at the weekend. We have eight persons who are all farmers confirmed dead after their bodies were discovered after a canoe capsize,” one resident narrated.

“We also have two men who died during a fight with several properties destroyed,’’ the resident said further.

Nimba County District #8 Representative Larry P. Younquoi has confirmed the incidents and described them as saddening and frustrating for the county.

He said 10 ten people lost their lives over the weekend. According to him, an older man that killed a 28-year-old-man was an ex-soldier assigned at the Roberts International Airport.

He noted that the younger folks in the area usually joked and laughed at the accused old man.

But the lawmaker said the old man has repeatedly warned the young folks that he did not like their jokes.

He said the accused this time and reacted.

However, Representative Younquoi consoled the bereaved family, adding that the situation has been put under control and calm had been restored to the area following police intervention. –Edited by Winston W. Parley 


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