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12th graders suspended at Sister Iye High School

A group of 12th graders from the Sister Iye Elementary, Junior and High School System along Kebbah road in Barnesville Township have been sent home by the school administrator for allegedly taking in alcohol and gang raping a female student.

Reports gathered by this paper reveal the incident occurred after the school administration dismissed classes early last Friday, 12 October to have an appreciation program for teachers on campus.“After they sent us home, one of our friends had some money on him, so we went and bought some alcohol (Moringa 69) and eggnut (weed eggnut) and drank it before going to our friend’s house to kill [spend] sometime there,” a student source on campus narrates.

The source continues that while chilling at their friend’s residence in Palm Hill community, some of them got intoxicated and started to misbehave, adding that it was from this backdrop a community dweller called the school principal and informed him about the misbehavior of his students in the community while still dressed in their official uniform.

“While we were sitting and drinking right in front of our friend’s house, we saw the principal coming, so we decided to run in our friend’s room because some of our friends were still in their uniform, and the principal entered the house, pushed the door opened, and saw everyone of us in the room with this female student lying in the bed.”

“But to our utmost surprise on Monday when we went on campus, our principal turned the whole information around, telling other students on the devotion line that he met us naked and having sex with the female student, who was drunk. We got flogged 25 lashes each and were asked to call our parents, but from the way the principal narrated the story on campus, the girl’s parents got the information and brought Police on the campus in a police car,” our source details.

When this paper visited the Iye School campus on Wednesday, 17 October the principal was not immediately available. However, he was subsequently sent for and upon arrival, was seen having brief meeting with some staffers from one office to another.

Finally, Principal Barko G. Sorsor came out accompanied by some of his staff, including Vice Principal Florence T. Nyorkor, who instead, spoke with this paper, as Mr. Sorsor sat and listened in silence.

Upon explaining reason for the New Dawn Newspaper’s visit on campus, VP Nyorkor responded: “Actually, I am very sorry; I don’t know what you are talking about. My students came to school on Monday; my campus is clean and clear, no police, the only problem I have is some of my students on Friday; we allowed them to go home soon because we had teachers’ appreciation day and then our students went out to another area behind here, where they can sell alcohol and other stuff; that’s how we got the information that my students were in the streets, not at a friend’s residence and the principal went there and saw them on the road under influence of alcohol; that was the only information we got.”

When asked to speak with Principal Barko Sorsor himself, he confirms some of the information, but denied his students were involved in alleged gang rape.However, Principle Sorsor confirms parents of the female student in question visited the campus to query about drunkenness, not about alleged gang rape.“Investigation is ongoing right now as we speak and Friday will be a meeting with parents of all those that were involved and then final decision will be made,” he explains.

By Ben P. Wesee–Editing by Jonathan Browne


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