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13yrs-old-girl raped, murdered

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A 19-year-old Sierra Leonean national OusmanKamara has been charged with rape and murder for suffocating and sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl to death. The victim, HawaZouyea, was pronounced dead subsequently upon arrival at the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town, Bushrod Island. 

According to police investigation, during observation and examination of little Hawa’s dead body, stood was seen in her underclothes (panties) which indicates she was suffocated. Police charge sheet detail that defendant OusmanKamara was arrested by the Joint Security of Liberia at Bo Waterside on 2nd November near the border with Sierra Leone while attempting to flee Liberia.

Police further narrate that defendant Kamara forcibly took 13-yrs-old HawaZouyea into his bedroom on 27th October 2016, suffocated her until when she became helpless, and sexually abused her until she eventually went unconscious. He then inserted a roll of white thread into the victim’s virginal, then locked her in his room and absconded from the crime scene.

According to police investigation supported by inquiries and eye witnesses’ accounts, suspect OusmanKamara of the Temini tribe entered Liberia from Sierra Leone on November 17, 2015 and has since resided in Ballasua, Bushrod Island in the same house where the victim lived with her mother and other siblings.

The investigation noted that it was a daily routine of the deceased that after school, she would pass to her mother selling place at Duala Market on Bushrod Island to get the key for their room and proceed to the house to take off her uniform.

But on this fateful day (27th October 2016) when she returned from school at about 1300hrs and picked up the key from her mother in the market, she met only the children with suspect Kamara in the house.

It was then that the defendant engaged the victim in a tussle and forcibly took her into his bedroom and locked the door. “When he succeeded in his criminal motive, he remained in the room with the victim for a while, then came out without her, locked the door and absconded from the area”, the police charged sheet read.

However, after the mother of the deceased waiting and could not see her daughter return to the market with the key, she grew concerned and decided to go to the house to find out. Police said when she accordingly arrived at the house; she only met the children while all the room doors were locked. She questioned the children about her daughter’s whereabouts and the children said, “Hawa and Ousman were fighting; he put her in the room and locked the door!”

When the deceased’s mother knocked at Ousman’s door and could not get any response, she subsequently began calling for help with the children still insisting that Hawa was in suspect Kamara’s room, causing one of the neighbors to climb in the ceiling, peeped into the room and discovered the victim lying on the floor.

They immediately broke the door, went in and met the victim lying on the floor unconscious, covered with a bed sheet. She was rushed to the Redemption Hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival by Doctor Longrin with Medical Board License#569, police said.

By Zee Roberts-Edited by George Barpeen

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