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150 Islamic Scholars to grace symposium in Liberia

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King Mohammed (VI) Foundation of African Oulema in Liberia, a faith- based  institution with over 200 Islamic Scholars is expected to conduct a two-day  symposium under the theme “The values of tolerance and moderation, and its impact on  sustaining peace”, according to Secretary General, Sheikh Sualiho Dukuly.

A dispatch released by the foundation says five (5) Islamic Scholars from the Kingdom of Morocco would grace the workshop. The Mohammed VI Foundation was established by a decree of His Majesty, King Mohammed
VI of Morocco in 2015.

The group is currently based in 30 African states. It’s a leading institution  involved with dissemination of the true values of Islam across the globe, including  peace-building and mediation initiatives. The dispatch discloses that keen amongst the workshop’s objective include  cooperation, exchange of experience, and coordination of concerted efforts by the  African Islamic scholars to enable them fulfill their duties in disseminating the  true values of Islam in Africa and the rest of the world, which are based on  moderation, tolerance, peaceful coexistence to promoting security, peace, stability,  and development in Africa.

“At the end of the day, we expect that participants will fully understand their own  roles in disseminating the common objective of Islam, which includes promoting  peaceful coexistence, eradicating extremism, as well as consolidating peace, unity,  and development in Liberia and other parts of the world,” Sheikh Dukuly says in an
exclusive interview with the New Dawn.

Editing by Jonathan Browne

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