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2 BIN officers guilty of robbery

Two officers of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization in Grand Kru County have been found guilty of robbery. The trial jury for the May Term of the 12th Judicial Circuit Court in Barclayville, Grand Kru County last week Thursday, 23 June brought down a guilty verdict against two BIN officers recently charged with robbery and aggravated assault by police in the county.

Officers Jackson Gaye and Benedict Sarr were recently arrested, charged and sent to court by the police for prosecution after they reportedly wounded and robbed a businessman Augustine Paye of 280,000 Liberian Dollars.

According to report, they fled Grand Kru to River Gee County following the theft, which took place on April 14, 2016 in Sweken Forpah Statutory District. The two BIN officers were subsequently arrested by the police after a three-week pursuit, and brought back to Grand Kru to face justice.

Meanwhile, final ruling into the case which lasted for four days, is expected this week by assigned judge of the 12th Judicial Circuit Court, Zupallah Kizeku; John Bropleh reports 

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