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2-Month-Old Baby Found Dead in Clara Town

At about 6:00 AM Friday morning, the Clara Town Community on Bushrod Island suburb of Monrovia sunk in grief when residents discovered the dead body of a two month old baby boy on a sports ground.

Sources residing within the vicinity of the sports ground told this paper that the dead baby was found floating in the Doe River, wrapped in a lapper. According them, most mothers in the community in the habit of leaving their children on the sidewalk and in market places.

Another resident of the community, Vamuyan Foday, said that abandoning children alongside the river is a normal practice by most babies’ mothers, noting that the dead child might have been left on the river bank during the night.

He disclosed that have been a series of deaths in the community, including children, but it appears that they have not drawn the attention of anyone yet.

“For a mother, who carried a nine-month pregnancy to just abandon her baby at the riverside is worrisome and terrifying”, he said.

For his part; Jonah Nyea, founder of the Jonah Island near Clara Town narrated that the dead child found floating on the water came from the next community and has nothing to do with the people of Clara Town.

Nyea said during the rainy season, the water usually brings many things within the community that does not belong to any resident there.

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He suspected that residents of the next of community might know something about the dead child, adding that our community cannot do such a thing, because we work together as a team; when a child passed, we as leaders of the community along with the parents of that child bury the body for the growth and development of the community.

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