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2 persons leave ETU

The chief medical officer of Liberia Dr. Francis Kateh has disclosed here that only two persons are presently in Ebola Treatment Unit, while 58 others are on the verge of completing 21-day observatory period after they were discharged.

Speaking Wednesday in Monrovia, Dr. Kateh said the 58 persons are now Ebola-freed and counting up to April 28, to be formally certified. He expressed confidence that the remaining two in the ETU will come out successfully.

Dr. Kateh urged Liberians to make use of Ebola vaccines being administered to people, saying about 196 doses of the vaccine have been given to 196 Liberians to help prevent them from contracting the virus. The chief medical officer also urged community leaders to call the Ebola team immediately whenever there is death in their respective communities so the body can be swapped before burial to determine if the victim died of Ebola or not.

He added that hiding dead bodies in the community is one of the factors that led to the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in 2014.  He urged Liberians to become proactive in fighting the Ebola rather than allowing it to spread before taking action as the response process now is better, saying Liberians already know how to fight the virus.

According to him, adherence to preventive measures such as regular hands washing, reporting dead bodies to health officials for proper burial, and calling health personnel to assist when signs and symptoms of the virus are being experienced, among others should become paramount.

By Ethel A. Tweh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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