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2 sentenced for murder

The 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Katkata, Margibi County has sentenced two men to jail for 25 and 50 years respectively after they were found guilty of killing their colleague for a power saw.

The convicts, Gayflor Beyan and Mark Varney conspired with the brother of Gayflor identified as Sylvester Beyan and killed Emmanuel Cooper in 2012.

The perpetrators hail from Barmelen Kollie Town along the Borlorla Road in Margibi County.

Margibi’s Acting County Attorney, Isaac Liverpool George, told this paper that the sentences for 25 and 50 years were decided by Judge Mardea T. Chenoweth of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court after the accused were adjudged guilt by a jury panel. 

He said the convicts were charged with criminal conspiracy and murder.

Attorney George further narrated that after committing the murder, the perpetrators escaped, saying, “Gayflor Beyan went to Gbarpolu County and his brother Sylvester Beyan flew to Lofa County as well as Mark Varney, who went to an unknown destination.”

According to him, the next morning, Mark Varney returned to the town and told the police upon his arrest that the late Emmanuel Cooper was escorted by the two brothers (Gayflor and Sylvester) so they should be held liable for his death.

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The Acting Margibi County Attorney said the State was blessed when Gayflor Beyan was arrested on January 7, 2015 by the brother of the deceased in Gbarpolu County, who also revealed that Mark Varney connived with him and his brother to kill Emmanuel Cooper for a power saw, allegedly owned by the victim.

 Atty. George also noted that Gayflor mentioned informed the police during investigation that Mark told them it was hurtful for a younger brother like Emmanuel Cooper to pay him and so he planned the conspiracy to take his life.

He said while Sylvester Beyan is still on the run, his brother Gayflor Beyan, 26, has been sentenced for 25 years because he admitted to the crime, while Mark Varney, 36, was sentenced for 50 years because he denied the crime with inconsistent testimonies before the court.  .

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi County

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