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20% of Liberian youths on drugs


Liberia’s drug abuse is devastating its youthful population, says Drug Enforcement Agency.

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh

Monrovia, Liberia, May 8, 2024 –The Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) says two in ten youth of Liberia are deeply involved in the consumption of narcotics substances or drug abuse, which is devastating the country’s youthful population.

Hassan Fadiga, Deputy Director for Operations, addressing reporters recently in Monrovia, said youth’s appetite for drugs is rapidly growing and warned that if not tackled with resilience in few years to come, the country risks a national crisis.

President joseph Nyuma Boakai has declared drugs a national health crisis and asked all of his officials

Hassan Fadiga, Deputy Director for Operations

According to him, recent global statistics have revealed that two in ten Liberian youth are on narcotic substances, something he notes poses serious threats to the country’s stability.

Ge decried the alarming rate at which the youth are becoming addicted to illicit drugs and warned that if not brought under control, Liberians might not live freely in their homes and the entire country, as it would become more dangerous with an increase in crimes.

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He said the prevalence of drug abuse here and its negative impact are public health and safety issues, so it requires robust efforts to clamp down on it as a means of safeguarding the country.

“If the increase in drugs and the growing proliferation among our youths “don’t frighten us as a nation, and don’t frighten you, and if we don’t get this under control, I’m afraid Liberia will become more dangerous to live, and citizens will now start seeking asylum,” he said.

“If we can put this under control, my brother, 10 years from now, you will be afraid to live in your own country, and I’m afraid Liberia will now become or even surpass Haiti.

The Liberian population is being hooked on narcotics such as Heroin, Italian white [cocaine], marijuana, and the recent discovery of ‘Kush,’ most commonly used here. According to the LDEA, every dangerous drug is now in the country, including Zombie.

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