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200 meet on anti-Ebola protocol

A conference of more than 200 persons on the anti-Ebola protocol jointly released by the Ministries of Health and Education has ended in Fish Town, River Gee County, Southeastern Liberia.

The meeting, under the auspices of the county administration, was intended to discuss the official protocol released by the Government of Liberia, through the Ministries of Health and Education, against the spread of the Ebola virus disease in the county.

District Education Officers, Commissioners from the six districts of River Gee, parents, as well as 130 school principals from across the county were in attendance.

During the forum, the official government protocol on Ebola as schools reopen across the country was read to participants, following which discussion ensued.

At the end of the meeting, a resolution was reached for parents and teachers to spearhead clean-up campaigns on all school campuses before the March 2, 2015 reopening date for schools in the county.

The resolution also challenged Parents Teachers Associations to embark on the construction of hold centers by February 27 for any suspected Ebola cases, as well as ensure the commencement of regular classes on March 2, 2015, among others in consonance with the official protocol on Ebola as schools reopen.

Meanwhile, only 54 out of the 164 anti-Ebola kits have been distributed by the international NGO, German Agro in the county.

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