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2017 population report highlights Reproductive Health

The Country Representative of the United Nations Population Fund or UNFPA, Dr. Oluremi Sogunro, says the state of the World’s Population Report for 2017 focuses on Reproductive Health, particularly good health care for pregnant women.

Speaking on a local radio station in Monrovia on Tuesday, October 17, he notes that the world is getting wider and wider, and women need reproductive health care, something which, according to him, is a major challenge for rural women in Liberia.

He stresses that reproductive health care is important because people in rural areas lack access to good health care, which leads to increase in maternal mortality, particularly among rural inhabitants.

“In 1999 we highlighted children’s report where now boys and girls have their rights, we also signed the human rights that we have today and now we are highlighting Reproductive Health, we are going to reach to the poorest women to make sure they have access to good health care”, the Country Representative vows.

He emphasizes that UNFPA will reach out to women in rural Liberia  to educate them more on how to avoid pregnancy or when to get pregnant, noting that because the women are not knowledgeable about their bodies they suffer lot of health complications.

Dr. Sogunro explains that market women too need to be taught on all these things because most of them have less education and suffer from
complications too. “Our girls need to have access to quality education; it is not good for girls to be in the streets selling water, those days we never had the resources that we have now.”

“Let’s tear down the rape law, few weeks ago the house amended the rape law, we need to stop all these violations against our women and
girls”, the UNFPA Country Representative concludes. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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