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23 sent to court in Maryland

Police in Maryland County have arrested and forwarded to the Harper Magisterial court 23 suspects in connection with a recent violence land dispute in the county that left property worth US$51,663.00 destroyed.

Those arrested in connection with the arson attack are: Dweh Bloh, Ylea Saba, Yeaba Saba, Emmanuel Akoko, Ghana Tiah, Yeabo Mle Sieh, NimelyYuah, Godfred Merriam, and Gba Mle Nyema. Others include, Doe Sunday, Eric Wilson, Yuah Howard, Weleh Yuah, Dweh Nyema, Hodo Himmie, Newyueah Howard, Gabriel Howard, Klabo Howard, SidaHne, Hodo Hysenon, and Tartu Clark.

They are currently reminded at the Harper Central Prison, awaiting court trial on charges ranging from Arson, Robbery, Armed Robbery, and Theft of Property to Riot, Criminal Trespass, Criminal Mischief, and Criminal Conspiracy, respectively.

The act by the alleged defendants contravenes Section 15.1, 15.30, 15.32, 15.51, 15.21 and 15.5, respectively of the New Panel Law of Liberia. According to the state, the defendant being purposeful, intentional, wicked, willful, criminal, and unlawful, acted thereby, depraving owner of the said land of its asset and capital expended to upgrade the estate.

Plaintiff complained under oath that on Tuesday, 23 May between the hours 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. the people of Pedebo community, Maryland County refused to adhere to a court order for the conduct of an investigative survey of 260.3 acres of farmland, said to belong to Dr. James Elliott.

The farm was allegedly vandalized by co-defendant BuduYuwea, still at large, setting ablaze two houses and other items on the farm. The alleged attackers used lethal instruments, including cutlasses and single barrel gun, inflicting body injuries on their victims.

Meanwhile, Co-defendant BuduYuweh, identified as ringleader, is reportedly still at large along with several others, including Namely, Tuby Dennis, General Town Chief, Half Graway, Budu Jude Allison, General Town Chief, Kings Town; Dweh Sadalang, youth leader, Grawey, GiobaYude Merriam, Mayor, whole of Grawey, Thomas Dio, land secretary, Graweycian and Hne Wallace, General Town Chief, Grawey, respectively.

Latest report gathered from the county, says the case has been transferred to the 4th Judicial Circuit Courtin Harper. For his part, the clan chief of Pedebo town, Ben Klah David, in an interview with the NewDawn in Pedebo recently said, he and his people are currently living in fear as a result of threatening messages from unnamed sources.
Chief David is calling on government through the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Carter Center to probe the situation to bring a permanent end to the conflict on said land.

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He warns that failure to quickly intervene he foresee a war between the people of Pedebo and Bleejay, because he and his people will not sit to watch any of their sons and daughters harmed without retaliating.

“Even if we go to war and all of us die, we will never change our word; the land in question belongs to Dr. Elliott and we cannot just do anything because he acquired the land from the late Senator J. Hodo Manston and presented documents to justify that he bought the land from Manston and we saw the deeds and agreed, all of us know that Dr. Elliott is the owner of the land”, Chief Ben Klah Davis defended.

By George K. Momo/ Maryland-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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