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230 churches endorse Dr. Jones

A group of churches claiming to have a national membership of more than 23,000 from 230 churches have endorsed the presidential bid of Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) in Kakata City, Margibi County.

“Furthermore, we are calling on all of our fellow Liberians irrespective of political affiliation, religious background, tribal connection and status, who are interested in seeing a better and transformed Liberia to join us in supporting the candidacy of Dr. Joseph Mills Jones to become the next President of the Republic of Liberia”, the group said on Saturday, 8 July.

eading the endorsement statement at the Kakata City Hall, the Grassroot Pastors Association of Liberia (GPAL) President Rev. Bishop Obediah Allison Sr. said the group has endorsed Dr. Jones due to his innovative steps and imaginative actions taken to empower Liberian entrepreneurs.

The group cited Dr. Jones’ successful implementation of the Financial Inclusion Policy of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) during his tenure as Governor, helping to lift Liberians out of poverty and transforming their lives.

The Grassroot Pastors Association argues that Dr. Jones is the most prepared and trusted aspirant with a vision to drive Liberia to its destiny.Accepting the endorsement, Dr. Jones said he always gets a pleasant reception in Margibi County whenever he goes there. He told his supporters in Margibi County that it is now the time for the majority to reclaim their destiny and rule.

The MOVEE political leader insists that the regular politicians here have let the people down, but his party has been clear that poverty is not Liberia’s destiny.He promises a change in Liberia to reconstruct the nation’s economy to make it stronger, suggesting that economic growth must go along with inclusive development.He says “we” have been poor too long that politicians are now beginning to measure development by the constructions of latrine and hand pumps.

Later on Sunday, 9 July, Dr. Jones told Sinoe County University Students Union in New Kru Town that the way he was brought up by his family showed that “you didn’t have to be rich to be caring”. He argues that one does not learn to care by earning a PhD, but at the foot of your parent.Attending the induction of the student union’s leadership and fund raising program on Bushrod Island, said pit latrines are not development, but Liberians should be talking about something else.

He told the students that Liberia will not develop as long as Liberians remain on the margin of the economy while others control it.The president of Sinoe University Students Union Alex S. Noah said in his induction address that many challenges are confronting the student community of Sinoe.He cited the need for better learning facility, qualified and well paid instructors, laboratory, while requesting for financial assistance for university students. He appealed to the leadership of Sinoe County to robustly operationalize and continue scholarship program to assist students.

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But he encouraged his compatriots not to give up but to remain focus. He says Sinoe County is all they have in common and they must do things that will promote peace and prosperity.He urged for respect for leaders, while in return requesting for better relationship among Sinoe people to make the county a respectable and developed place.

He cited Dr. Jones’ numerous support to the Student Union, and said they are proud to identify him and vowed that they will stand by him for always standing by them.
“… Dr. Mills Jones comes number one among all the politicians in terms of the people”, he says, and adds that the Sinoe students will always be with him up October this year.-New Dawn

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