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250 MNG Gold contractors’ redundancy unjustifiable

--Martin Kollie

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Student advocate Martin Kollie says reasons given for the redundancy of about 250 contractors by the management of Turkish mining company MNG-Golda is unjustifiable.

The company operating in Kokoyah Statutory District in Bong County, last month laid off about 250 of its contractors, citing “unfavorable market condition” in Liberia and a “fall in the world market price for gold” as reasons. The company had warned that at least 800 of its 1,700 Liberian contractors would be laid off this year and more could follow in subsequent years.

But our correspondent says Mr. Kollie who hails from Bong County recently phoned in to a local radio from exile, arguing that MNG Gold’s decision is intended to render the people of Kokoyah untold suffering and also deprive the national government of adequate revenue generation.

Kollie then attributes the high poverty rate and underdevelopment in Bong County to bad leadership.
He alleges that leaders of the county have over the years squandered the resources that are intended for the development of the county and improvement of the citizens’ livelihoods.

“They have only cared for themselves and not the ordinary people. If they cared for the citizens, our leaders would not have sat there and allowed MNG Gold to make such fun out of our people in Kokoyah,” he adds.

According to him, MNG Gold is exporting millions of dollars from Liberia in Gold, but the self-seeking politicians have only cared about their interest and are doing nothing towards the suffering citizens.
Our correspondent says further that since the laying off of the workers, the district’s Representative Albert Hails is yet to make public comment as he has been accused of being in the know of the company’s action since August of this Year.

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong County–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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