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Unbearable acts continue to impede our society after an enormous awareness being carried out. Upon following the difference social media posts and media discussions, it has finally raised an alarm of a recurrent Gang Raped again that led to the demise of a 15 years old girl in person of
Vivian Wreh, of the New Georgia Community.

Vivian who said to have gone for party didn’t return until her body was discovered dead in the sand just a stone throw away from home.

According to information from health practitioners told the late Vivian Mother that she was temper with both in her anus and virginal. This is so atrocious on the part of boys who are in the constant habit of committing such crime! I robustly condemn the act of rape and will see to it that those perpetrators being brought to justice through our continue engagements with stakeholders, government officials, and policy makers for the right of women in Liberia and the world at-large. Unfortunately, our Liberia’s society had been predominately infected by rapees due to weak justice system and lack of trained security workforce which we see as a major challenged for our girls.

Violence against women and Girls are pretentiously against their Human Rights. Any attempt or failing to achieve goal five of the SDGs could lead us to a crashing moment. No matter how you interpret it- socially, economically, legally- girls and women in Liberia have been abused with an increased in number each year. Almost one-third of all women who have been in a relationship have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner.

Being cognizant of the fact that government and other civil society organizations have over the years developed programs through conferences, workshops, seminars, jingles, radio talkshows, and newspaper on eradicating violence against women and girls but the problem is still echoing if there’s hasn’t been anything done. Upon a critical research and finding of solutions to these unbearable acts in our society thus far; I have come to a conclusion of the mistake that we keep evolving by empowering girls and ignoring the boys.

We keep empowering the girl child for decades & ignore the boy which isn’t solving the problem. That’s short-sightedness in my view.

A keen look at society makes me confirm that boys are equally vulnerable and swayed into crime. These guys that you ignored today’s are the perpetrators of the acts committed. How many girls smoke marijuana in incomplete buildings in our neighborhoods? How many girls take tramadol and become a nuisance to society? How many girls carry arms during violent political revolutions? How many girls are arrested for rape crimes and armed robbery attacks? How many girls practice scamming? It’s the boys of course. Yet the same girls we keep EMPOWERING are the girlfriends and future wives of these guys we fail to empower today. Unfortunately, society is the first to cast a stone at some of these guys who have never had the opportunity to be empowered like the ladies. What a pity!

You may educate the girl child and give her the best of resources society can offer, but when she marries a violent fellow or drug addict (who was not empowered as a youth), she cannot have a fruitful career. Her drug addict husband will make life miserable for her at home. She may be a successful public figure but will wet her pillow with tears every night.

As we empower the girl child and ignore the guys, let’s not forget that the drug addicts, fraudsters and gamblers who are not being empowered today are their future husbands.

I look forward to seeing seminars, conferences and workshops organized ONLY for boys as I see many around restricted to the girl child. If we continue like this, we shall have future wives whose husbands have been past rapists, addicts, and criminals who got into such vices not because they loved to but because they never received the empowerment their wives received while they were young.

If girl child empowerment programs have reduced the rate of unwanted pregnancies, abortions, prostitution and other vices among women, then male child empowerment can also reduce the rate of marijuana, tramadol and rape cases in our society today.

Let’s join our hands to see that the boy child also receives attention and empowerment as the girl child. An empowered woman may reject the marriage proposal of an addict but won’t use her acquired values to stop him from abusing her sexually or otherwise. It’s time that we look at the future of our youths from a balanced perspective, leaving no stone unturned.By; Jackson David

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