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27 Health Workers Off GOL Payroll

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Heath Ministry authorities have resolved to delete from the ministry’s payroll, the names of twenty-seven healthcare workers assigned in Lofa County.

According to a release from Ministry of Health, nine of the healthcare workers, including registered nurses, Certified Midwives and accountants, abandoned their assignments without permission, but only returned for enumeration during the just-ended National Health Workers census and later left.

The release quoted the authorities as saying that another batch of thirteen health workers also abandoned their posts for no reasons, while five others refused to return to work after obtaining permission to go on study leaves.

The Ministry of Health is encouraging the delinquent healthcare workers to immediately report to the Central office for reassignments if they are still interested in working with the system. The ministry named those concerned as Gankanue Monwan, Babatunde Adeyemi, Dorfelson Jayguhwonyan, Augustine Ballah and Darlington Jallah. Others are Boakaib Kanneh, Mercy Bowulo, Bob Zaza, and Saah Kunderfarmah.

Other delinquent employees of the Ministry of Health, especially in Lofa County, also include Samuel Barcolleh, Kahmaa Mehn, Jerry Tiah-Tiah, Ben Johnson, Weedor Zaizay, Jameson Flomo, Nah Johnson, Emmanuel Nyema, Fredrick Sumo, Rose Benedict, Rennie Viah, Comfort Lawor, and Francis Forinda. Additional delinquent employees risking deletion from the payroll include Louise Goyee, Joseph Foday, Georgia Korha, Edward Gbanyan and Gayduo Gayflor.

The decision by authorities of the Ministry of Health to remove the delinquent employees from the ministry’s payroll, according to the Health Ministry release, followed complaints and subsequent recommendations from the Lofa county health team, requesting appropriate actions against them.

It can be recalled that dozens of healthcare workers have been complaining to the government to have them placed on its payroll, and that up to present, an appreciable number of them have succeeded.

As part of efforts to better the health system, the ministry is targeting over four thousand healthcare workers for employment.

-Edited by George Barpeen

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