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3 Liberian kids win UWC scholarship

SOS Children’s Villages Liberia has hosted six top candidates who made it to the final stage of the United World College Essay competition. United World College is a global education movement that makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. UMC has seventeen schools and colleges on four continents; majority of which focus exclusively on children between ages 16 and 17.

In Liberia, the organization is headed by former youth of SOS Children’s Villages Liberia Saye-Maye Cole, an alumnus of UWC. Saye has developed from an orphan into an ambassador of change, making extraordinary effort to give back to his country through educating young people.

Speaking at the ceremony recently in Monrovia, SOS Children’s Villages Liberia, National Director Augustine Allieu extolled the six Liberian kids in the final stage for their hard work and dedication. He noted that education is not just about memorizing and passing exams, but demonstrating ability to search for the right thing at the right place.

Mr. Allieu, who served as Guest Speaker, added that education strengthens “our analytical skills and intelligence quotient.”He said no one should say academic education is not important, quoted from former South African President Nelson Mandela that, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

The ND therefore urged the students to develop a spirit of patriotism, volunteerism, community service and respect for other cultures, amongst other. He noted that an educate person or scholar is one who respects cultural diversity and gives back to his nation, and thanked the Mr. Cole for creating the platform for Liberian children to excel.

The six students who made it to the final doing the ceremony read their essay, after which the final nomination of the three-best essay was done. Among the six finalists were 16-year-old Nelly E. Wendu of SOS Hermann Gmeiner International in Matadi, Oumaru V. Kamara of Monrovia College and Cherish A. Vankan of Levi C. Williams, who booked their tickets abroad to study in China, Japan, and Thailand, among others.

Mr. Cole extended thanks to the SOS Family for accommodating him as one of their sons, noting that all he had achieved was as the result of SOS support. “It is my own way of giving back to society”, he concluded.

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