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Urey warns NEC, CDC

The chair of Liberia’s four collaborating opposition political parties Businessman Benoni Urey has warned the National Elections Commission (NEC) and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) that the collaborating parties will not accept cheating in the pending senatorial and representative by – elections.

“We’re sending out this warning to NEC and all Liberians, even the CDCians, don’t try to cheat in these elections. We will not accept nothing less than the will of the Liberian people,” Mr. Urey said Tuesday, 16 July in an exclusive interview with the NewDawn in Logan Town, Bushrod Island.“You see, for once, we must stand together and say we’ll accept nothing other than the actual results of these elections,” he notes.

Mr. Urey’s daughter Ms. Telia Urey is standing as the Montserrado District #15 representative candidate for the four collaborating opposition parties, while Mr. Darius Dillon also stands as the senatorial candidate for the four collaborating parties in the by – elections.

With just four days to the polls, the NEC recently suspended the by – elections indefinitely due to delays in the arrival of the “pre – packed kits” in the country, making the conduct of the by – elections on July 8 impossible.

But Mr. Urey warns that the NEC and the CDC should not try to cheat in the pending by – elections, boasting that in spite of the rain, the crowd at Mr. Dillon’s campaign launch on Saturday, 13 July “far exceeds that of CDC.”

“These people have spoken. The voice of the people must be heard,” Mr. Urey adds.
He indicates that these by – elections are not about the candidates that are in the race, suggesting that they are about President George Manneh Weah versus the Liberian people.

Concerning his daughter Telia Urey’s quest to represent District #15 in the House of Representatives, Mr. Urey indicates that Telia has won the district already because she got the people’s support.

Mr. Urey emphasizes that “we will not accept cheating this time” because the people will speak as they have been doing from the time the campaign was declared opened.
The businessman – turned politician also claims that everywhere his daughter Telia is way ahead, insisting that the polls cannot be stolen.

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He says the claim by rivals that Telia is not a resident of District #15 is a joke, explaining how the candidate inherited the Urey family’s home in Caldwell, a property he says the family had for more than 30 years.

According to him, Telia has been living with the people in Caldwell and her community people are the ones spearheading her campaign.He warns that no one person owns Montserrado County, but the Liberian people.

Meanwhile, Mr. Urey says as Chair of the four collaborating parties – Unity Party, All Liberian Party, Alternative National Congress and Liberty Party, he represented all of the political leaders at the campaign launch of Mr. Dillon, dismissing the suggestion that the other political leaders abandoned the senatorial candidate on Saturday.
“I represent the four heads – Unity Party, ALP, ANC and Liberty Party. We are one,” Mr. Urey says, adding that it’s a group thing and the bond of the collaborating parties is stronger than it has ever been.

On the day that Mr. Dilon launched his campaign, Mr. Urey explains that Liberty Party’s Charles Walker Brumskine had to go for medical treatment, while Alternative National Congress’ Alexander Cummings had some board meetings and other obligations to attend to.

Further, Mr. Urey indicates that Liberty Party Sen. NyonbleeKarnga Lawrence is still in a state of mourning, so she could not be present.
He also says Unity Party’s Joseph NyumahBoakai had lost his wife’s mother, so he had to be with the family.

Mr. Urey was on Tuesday seen with his daughter’s supporters in Logan Town, working out things to engage residents of the district in preparation for the pending election.By Winston W. Parley

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