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31-year-old suspect charged with murder

31-year-old Abu Sackor has been charged with murder, while Alpha Bah has also been charged with criminal facilitation to murder.

According to police charge sheet, defendants Abu Sackor and Alpha Bah allegedly committed the offence at the Miami Beach on July 17, 2016, and were subsequently arrested on 20th July by Police Officer Jerry K.M. Wymah at 1100 hours.

The police charge sheet says in violation of chapter 14, section 14.1 of the revised penal Law of the Republic of Liberia, both defendants Bah and Sackor, who are residents of West Point Township, were arrested, acquainted with their rights, investigated and subsequently charged with murder in contravention of Chapter14, Section14.1. Police charged Suspect Abu Sackor with criminal facilitation to murder in violation of Chapter 10, Section 10.2 of the revised penal code of the Republic of Liberia. He is to be forwarded to court for prosecution subsequently.

The police charge sheet added that during the investigation, detail inquiries and eyewitnesses’ account revealed that suspect Alpha Bah brought a new kitchen knife on Saturday July 16, concealed it in his trousers, and took it to an entertainment center at Miami Beach on Sunday 17th July 2016, claiming that he and his colleagues were attacked the previous Sunday, 10th July by Abu B. Kabbah now deceased, during which he allegedly lost his cellphone, feet wears and other valuables.

Investigation also revealed that on 17th July suspect Bah after acquiring the knife with criminal motive concealed in his trousers, collected several of his friends from West Point Community in persons of Abu Sackor, alias Abu Kettie, BB, Young Geasay, sparticus, items, Iyoe, Petee, Papay and Rafell to accompany him at Miami Beach to have some drinks.

The charge sheet noted that his girlfriend named Amelia William was also asked to come along, but suspect Bah refused. The investigation continued that while the victim and his friends were amusing themselves on the beach at around 2100 hours, they were suddenly surrounded by suspect Bah and his cohorts, who attacked them, causing some of them to run helter-skelter.

And while the victim was attempting to escape, his shirt was grabbed from the back by suspect Bah who pulled out a knife from the side of his pants and stabbed him in the left side of his upper back. The victim bled profusely and was subsequently taken to the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival, according to the police.

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The investigation added that following the attack on the victim, suspect Bah and his collaborators immediately fled the crime scene and went into hiding. Subsequently, a man hunt was mounted which led to the apprehension of suspects Alpha Bah and Abu Sackor.

According to the police, during an intensive interview with suspects Alpha Bah and Abu Sackor, Bah voluntarily admitted to stabbing the victim, which led to the retrieval of the criminal agency, a blue handle kitchen knife with pointed edge blade, about 7-inches long with blood stain.

Having thoroughly investigated and analyzed witness’s statement as well as suspect Alpha Bah and accomplice Abu Sackor voluntarily tacit admission, coupled with crime scene observation and evident adduced, the following facts, including suspect Bah’s claim that the previous Sunday before the incident, he was attacked by the victim or deceased and his colleagues on the same beach, which prompted him to acquire a knife for his protection, that suspect Bah informed his accomplice Abu Sackor who is a close confident to him about his intent, prior to their arrival on the beach, among others.“In view of the foregoing circumstances surrounding the death of the victim Abu B. Kabbah, coupled with eyewitnesses’ testimonies as well as suspect Alpha Bah and accomplice, Abu Sackor tacit admission, and evidence adduced, the investigation has resolved to charge suspect Abu Sackor with the crime of criminal facilitation to murder”, the police charge sheet concluded.

By Zee Roberts-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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