34 yr-old Woman Commits Suicide

A 34 yr-old woman in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County has committed suicide after she was pronounced HIV positive at the Martha Tubman Memorial Hospital.

According to the deceased husband, Albert Gaye, his former wife was troubled over a report from the hospital that she was diagnosed of the virus and tuberculosis.

Mr. Gaye said Martha who lived in the Airfield Community had left behind her seven children and a two-month old baby.

Her husband said he left the house on Sunday, April 17, 2011 to go on the farm in search of food but return to hear about the death of his wife. He explained that he left his woman in good health before picking up to the farm.

He said since his wife received the medical reports from the hospital, she had been worried, and often reminding him that she was going to died of AIDS or TB.

But he said he had always encouraged, that he was going to remain faithful to her and did not care about what the hospital had said. Albert Gaye believes that his wife hung herself because of worry and trauma from the medical report she received earlier from the hospital.

Reports say Martha, the mother of 8 children including a two-month old baby stated crying seriously around 7:am Monday morning. The reports also state that Martha hung herself in her room while her young baby was asleep.

Other reports say that the neighbors in the area got concern when the deceased’s two months old baby was overheard crying endlessly. This prompted some of them to rush in the house to inquire what was happening to child but found the mother hanging dead in the room.

Meanwhile, the death of Martha has drawn the attention of some residents in the area, reports say parents were seen advising their adolescent girls to be careful of the deadly disease before they are victimized

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