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428 raped in Montserrado

-Gender Minister

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection has described as alarming, the total number of rape cases from January to November of last year.

The ministry said from January to November of 2014, the total number of 554 rape cases were reported, 428 of which occurred in Montserrado alone.

The ministry indicated that while the deadly Ebola virus disease was still on the increase, some women and children were still facing sexual violation in Montserrado County- a report putting Montserrado at the top of the scale among the 14 counties which account for 126 cases.

The ministry said out of the total rape cases reported, 512 cases were perpetrated against children between the ages of 10-17 years in the country.

Minister Julia Duncan Cassel, addressing a Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism daily press briefing Thursday on Capitol Hill, noted that in November and December of last year, there were two deaths as a result of rape in Lofa and Montserrado Counties involving children between 13-17 years, while the perpetrators were arrested and currently awaiting trial at Supreme Court of Liberia.

Madam Casell pointed out that it was disheartening for innocent girls to undergo pains from wicked individuals. She said on January 18 of this year, another death was reported as a result of rape involving a 12 year old girl in Molton Corner in the Browerville community, outside Monrovia.

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She described violence against women as the most shameful human rights violation, adding that gender-based violence was not only a violation of human rights, it also hampers productivity, and reduces human capital, as well as undermines Economic growth and good health.

She emphasized the need for concrete actions to be taken against such situation as a way of protecting women and children against every form of violence, especially sexual abuse.

The Gender Minister further blamed the government for the lack of funding to protect women and children from sexual- base violence.

She said the ministry, most of the times, rely on funding from donors to carry out its SGBV programs, as well as implement some of its major projects within the ministry. 

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