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5,000 children benefit from Budu Children Project

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Nearly five thousand less-fortunate and destitute children, as well as the elderly from towns, villages and cities in Cheesmanburg, Arttington and Millsburg in rural Montserrado County over the weekend received assorted Medical, Educational and Relief donations from the Budu Liberian Children Project in Liberia.

Budu Liberian Children Project is a joint Humanitarian, Educational and Spiritual campaign that was launched in 2003 on the than Liberian Budubura Refugees Camp in Accra, Ghana to care for the needed during the days of the Liberian Civil Crisis. The Budu Liberian Children Project, after the official closure of the Budubura Refugees Camp in Ghana has turned its focus in Liberia working mainly with Liberian Orphanages first in Lofa County.The Budu Liberian Children Project donations included Cloths, text books and Food as well as Free Medical and Dental treatments for people suffering from Malaria, High Blood Pressure, Severer Body Pains, Pneumonia, and lactating Mothers and Pregnant Women.

In a statement read by its Executive Director Orea Wright before the free medical treatment, educational and relief distributions last week in the town of Quenyondee in Cheesmanburg and reinforced at the Millsburg Township distributions said, the gesture was sorely intended to put smiles on the faces of thousands of less-fortunate and destitute children who are the future leaders of Liberia. Mr. Orea Wright, a former Liberian Basketball International said, as a Devote Christian, he was led by the Holy Spirit to make the series of donations after a visit in the Cheesmanburg and Millsburg Communities. Mr. Wright pointed out that the gestures are in no way intended to gain political relevance or popularity, neither was it intended to get something back from the people of the different communities, something the former Liberian Basketball Veteran is warning Liberians to strongly desist from, because as he puts it, giving little handouts for political relevance or positions was abusing the rights of children who are so desperately in need.

The Former Liberian Basketball International said, the donation was made possible by some humanitarians and Church Leaders he has worked with over the years in the United States, Ghana and Liberia. He named the humanitarians as, another former Liberian Basketball International Aston Wolo, Pastors Tola and JNB Family of Baltimore Maryland, Linda of the Church of Life of Rochester, New York and a highly respected Liberian Businesswoman Cumba. The Executive Director of Budu Liberian Children Project also provided three highly sophisticated Telephones to the three town Chiefs representing the three towns in the Cheesmanburg Community to assists them as they work on behalf of the peoples.

Receiving Reverend Orea Wight and delegation both in Cheesmanburg and Millsburg Townships Commissioner Gorden Lee Cisco, Town Chief Blamo Quaye and Township Clerk Charles Momo praised the Budu Liberian Children Project for the gestures, saying they were takin a back, pointing out that this was the first time that they have not made a request, but they and their people were immensely benefiting from donations they never requested for. 

Meanwhile the well-known Liberian Dentist who worked at the ELWA Hospital, Edward Yannay-Maquie said, who told newsmen that he was also led by the Holy Spirit to perform the free dental treatment to put smiles of the faces of the people, is warning Liberians with dental problems not to be afraid, debunking reports that Wisdom Tooth cannot be extracted, that yes Wisdom Tooth can be extracted with care. Dentist Yannay-Maquie said, the changing your tooth-bush is one of the safest way to keep your teeth in good health.

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