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6m National Heritage Culture Challenge kicks off Saturday

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh

A national heritage cultural challenge with a 6,000000 Liberian Dollars or $40,000 United States Dollars prize will kick off Saturday, 24 December 2022 at the Tamma Corporation Heritage Village in Congo Town.

First of its kind, the national heritage cultural challenge will feature at least 75 participants.

They will include five from each of the 15 counties, exhibiting their talents, norms, and cultural values.

Tamma Corporation, a television group, Tamma TV Channel 2, is the organizer of the much-anticipated cultural challenge.

It will be televised live on its partner series SATCON Liberia, which also serves as a Co-sponsor of the event, including the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS).

Monrovia Club Breweries (Club Beer), the e-Wallie network, the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA), and TipMe Liberia, among others, are partners.

Announcing the colorful   cultural event, Tamma Corporation Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Kamara said the national heritage cultural challenge event’s key objective is to discover and establish Liberians’ national identities, true, cultural norms, and values.

Mr. Kamara disclosed that the winning team will walk away with a grand prize of US$40,000 or its Liberian Dollars equivalent, $6,000000.

He said the prize will be the winning team’s county and an infrastructural development project.

He stated that individuals on the winning team will get a cash prize.

Mr. Kamra said the competition will also create a platform for the unique people of Liberia to showcase their talents, and knowledge of their culture.

He said they will showcase the skills they have including dancing, singing, and comedy, among other unique talents.

Mr. Kamara said the competition is for five weeks, and participants will demonstrate their cultural talents in various categories including cultural performances.

He said the demonstration will include the strongest warrior, a display of cultural dishes, fishing with nets, and leadership styles.

Further, he asked for the support of the public by way of votes through mobile phone messages, e-Wallie, and TipMe Liberia.


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