7 alarms over stigmatization in Lofa

A fourth-month community safety initiative – the community platform has been launched in Lofa County.

The project, under the auspices of the Liberia Young Men Christian Association or YMCA, is sponsored by Mercy Corps, an internal charity.

It focuses on further awareness on Ebola, and seeks to provide adequate understanding of the disease, as well as improvement at the various treatment centers in the county, among others.
About 300 community members are being trained for the house-to-house campaign aimed at disabusing the minds of Lofa citizens of the negative perceptions against Ebola survivors.

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Meanwhile, seven persons quarantined at their various homes recently in the town of Zeegida in Zorzor District have expressed serious concern about being discriminated against by their compatriots.
Though they are yet to come down with the symptoms of Ebola since their isolation, they complained of being continuously stigmatized.
The Lofa County Health Team said it is re-enforcing its awareness on stigmatization in the town of Zeegita.

According to the team, the seven suspected persons are left with only six days to complete their observation.

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