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76 percent road ready for July 26

Local engineers working on the laterite road between River Cess and Sinoe Counties have told President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that the project is “at 76 percent completion,” assuring that the project would be turned over to government in the first week of June.

President Sirleaf and her entourage are touring projects in the southeastern counties of Sinoe and Grand Kru where this year’s Independence Day celebrations will be formally held on July 26, exactly two years after the annual celebration was interrupted due to failed projects under former Public Works Minister Antoinette Weeks’ administration coupled with the Ebola crisis.

Along the way the Liberian leader made several stops in towns and interacted with students, health workers and road contractors and gave them some tokens to motivate them in their work.

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In addition to engineers’ assurance that this year’s Independence Day celebration would not be postponed like it was in 2013mainly due to failed projects, Liberia’s General Services Agency Director-General, Madam Mary T. Broh, a former Monrovia City Mayor – has for more than a week been leading renovation and maintenance works on key public structures, including the Presidential Palace and the Greenville City Hall that she says are already “85 percent” complete for the holiday.

Mr. David Moore, administrator of a local construction company that is paving  part of the road and bridge projects along the River Cees-Sinoe highway – told President Sirleaf on Wednesday that the project was 76 percent complete.

Liberia’s Public Works Minister, Gyude Moore, also said the Ministry of Public Works is working with logging companies and mining companies including Putu Iron Ore and Golden Veroleum Liberia for their contribution towards the projects; while the Armed Forces of Liberia implement the engineering aspect,  from Nyenford Town to Greenville City, which is approximately more than 30 kilometers.

In response to President Sirleaf’s call for Minister Moore to take advantage of the favorable weather condition as the sun is still here, Mr. Moore said the project between River Cess and Sinoe will be completed early June.

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He also assured that similar speed of work will be completed, including bridges for Barclayville in Grand Kru County, and that they will be accessible even in rainy seasons.

As for the wooden bridge at Saywon Town, leading to Greeville City where in 2013 President Sirleaf had to disembark her Presidential motorcade to walk due to its deteriorating condition, local contractor Joseph Davis said it was 80 percent ready, and will be completed by June first week to enable smooth passage for the July 26 celebrations.

As for Madam Broh, she has appreciated a high level of cooperation between local city council staff under the Greenville City Mayor and her team from Monrovia; telling reporters that she has split the Monrovia team between Greenville in Sione and Barclayville in Grand Kru Counties to get places fully prepared for the holiday.

Madam Broah says work is almost finished, and a skeletal staff from Monrovia will be left in the counties to work along with the local city council to keep things in intact. 

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