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8 jurors selected in Tyron Browne’s case

Eight jurors have been selected so far at the start of jury selection process Tuesday, 4 September in the brutal murder trial of late journalist Tyron Browne.

The Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia needs a total of 15 jurors to complete the jury panel, but many of those forwarded to the court did not qualify during screening by lawyers to get the case started.

Seven more jurors must be selected to complete the panel of 15 jurors needed to sit as judges of facts in the murder trial of late journalist Browne.

The selection of jurors will continue Wednesday morning, 5 September at 9:30 a.m.

Judge Roosevelt Willie observes that the poll of jurors was empty following the selection of the first batch of eight jurors.

He says he has spoken to the jury manager about it and the jury manager has informed the court that he would make prospective jurors available by Wednesday morning, 5 September.

The judge announced that selected jurors were to be sequestrated on Tuesday. For those that were not selected, Judge Willie told them to proceed to Criminal Court “C” to the jury management office.

Defendant Jonathan Williams is standing jury trial for the alleged murder of late journalist Tyron Browne in April this year.

He had declined a jury trial, but Judge Willie denied the request saying that “In all cases except where a sentence of death may be imposed, trial by a jury may be waived by a defendant who has the advice of counsel or who is himself an attorney.”

He is being tried for murder along with Alice M.K. Youtey and Edwina Promise Youtey who are also charged with hindering law enforcement.

All of the three defendants have pleaded not guilty to their various charges, placing the burden of proof on government to prove the allegations of murder and hindered law enforcement.

The indictment says Alice, Edwina and Williams lived in the same compound where journalist Browne had gone to visit when he was brutally murdered by defendant Williams to the full knowledge of the co-defendants.

According to the indictment, when defendant Williams and Caesar Kennedy conspired and killed journalist Browne on 15 April this year, co- defendants Alice, Edwina, Massa Kennedy and Juana Bracewell watched and were in full knowledge of the incident.

But they were indicted along with principal defendant Williams because prosecutors say they all remained mute and concealed the murder from the police and all law enforcement personnel.

According to the indictment, defendants Williams and Caesar Kennedy killed journalist Browne in the Kingdom Care Community of Duport Road, Paynesville.

Defendant Williams allegedly used a knife and inflicted grievous bodily injuries on diverse parts of journalist Browne’s body, rendering the victim unconscious.

Defendants Williams and Caesar allegedly conspired and transported victim Browne’s injured body in Williams’ Infiniti jeep marked A63505 and dumped the victim at the roadside at Kingdom Care Community in Duport Road.

The indictment says journalist Browne remained there until he expired. Passers – by discovered the body later, according to the indictment.
After dumping journalist Browne’s body, the defendants washed the vehicle and burned the plastic they wrapped him in with the sole purpose of concealing and destroying all traces of evidence.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited Othello B. Garblah

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