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9th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Wants Justice Actors to Disengage from Undermining the Court system

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The newly assigned judge at the 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga, Bong County, Roland Dahn has called on Justice Actors in the County to disengage from acts that intend to undermine the justice system of the country.

Speaking during the opening of the February term of court on Monday in Gbarnga, Judge Dahn said equal justice can only be dispensed when those responsible are forging for impartiality.

“As a justice actor, it is always good to be fair to what you are doing because you have taken oaths to do it. This is what we call patriotism or love for Country. Let’s put first the interest of the country and the benefit it brings to the justice system of our country instead of following little or nothing” he adds.

He pledged his commitment to the country’s justice system; promising to ensure the dispensation of justice void of favor or bribery.

Judge Dahn said in collaboration with his colleagues; they will work diligently to adjudicate cases on the docket for the February term of court.
He disclosed that there are currently 105 cases on the docket maintaining that 39 of them are criminal cases, 48 civil and 18 sexual offense related cases currently on the file awaiting hearings.

“Before this term of court ends, I want to see that all of us can make significant progress in trying some of these cases that have stayed here for a long time. Let us work together for the betterment of our Country justice system.

The 9th judicial circuit Judge also warned Justice Actors to abstain from interference of cases thereby appealing to party litigants to work with their lawyers in speedily adjudicating some of the cases on the docket.-By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan

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