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It is highly imperative to note that love and selflessness is the foundation for true leadership. If we can solve the problem of leadership in Liberia, then we would have achieved a lot in changing the cause of history and accomplish things twenty generations to come will be proud of.

Look around and see, the depth of bad leadership eating deep into the fabric of our society. Many of you, our leaders today, are totally unconcerned about the welfare of this country, but seek your selfish interest and what you can save for your unborn generation. Know that the content of your character as a leader is worth more than the reputation you build up to manipulate and impress people even when your failure seems to be so glairing.

Remember, that you have a part to play in causing a social, economic, political and moral change in our nation and I want to challenge you in helping rewrite history, and end this form of bad leadership and governance. We can win the war against poverty and corruption, if only you truly understand your place and purpose as a leader, and selflessly commit to building rather than blame shifting.

I still want to challenge you to make leadership more inclusive, and build a society where everyone’s opinion matters. No one is destined to build us a developed and enviable nation to live in. The reason we fail many times is because you who are at the forefront of leadership in this country have failed to make things happen for us. Understand that the greater part of the choice to make of what we want for this country rest with you, even though each and every Liberian has a part to play.

You have a choice and decisions to make, yes you will always have a choice to do right or wrong but as a leader, understand that no choice or decision you make leaves you the same; it either makes you better or bitter. Therefore, to savage our nation and end this bad governance is to make the right decisions and do what is right all the time.

As a leader who desires success rather than tragedy, pay attention to leading by example. Learn to listen to the heart and mind of the people you lead. Become a leader that adds value to people, not one that uses people to achieve what he/she wants and neglects them after achieving his or her objectives. The essence of leadership is the ability to lead yourself, and others in the right direction towards achieving a common goal for the good of all. It is being a role model, becoming a symbol of excellence that others admire and naturally will follow. Anything short of this, is leading to tragedy.

Yes you can make a difference, you can turn tragedy into success if you are determine to lead with vision and purpose first in your homes and offices and any where you find yourselves. One thing you must not forget is that leadership is an opportunity and a responsibility that history will judge you for what you did or didn’t do with the opportunity to make this country a better place.

Quality leadership is the key to the revolution this country needs. The day you become conscious of what you do in your homes and offices and become leaders by example and not in name – willing to sacrifice your comfort for the good of this nation, is the day Liberia will begin to experience uncommon prosperity and progress. Imagine a nation where we all see ourselves as one and lead without any tribal, social or religious sentiments; that would be a land of true Liberty and justice.

You will always have an opportunity to lend a helping hand to someone around you but what you do at such times determine who you really are. Know that leadership is not a right but an opportunity – an opportunity to contribute positively to your society and better the lives of others. It is an opportunity to be a role model to others, honestly knowing that history will judge what you do today even when you are no more.

Liberia will become a better place, our children will enjoy prosperity, and corruption will become a forgotten issue if you will make the decision of being the change in our society. It is true that you alone may not be able to do it all, but your legacy will be an inspiration to others and a pattern for others to follow.

It’s no longer time for talk but take action that will change lives. Embrace good leadership today, and together we will make Liberia a better and enviable place for others to emulate.  

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a much sought after motivational speaker and offers training in leadership and business development concept and planning, creative sales and marketing, strategic planning and team building. He can be contacted through email at: or on phone at: 0886-264-611 or 0776545394)

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