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A House Divided Within Itself

It is sometimes disgusting when structures within the public sector are fragmentally at variance with each other-something which undermines the cohesiveness of the sector. This is something that continues to avail itself within the current Liberian administration- a situation wherein government institutions have, one way or the other for the past years,  been at each other’s throat.

Interestingly, most of the issues over which such conflicts exist are either minute or perceptional, but made, through the radio and newspaper, to appear as if they were major. At times, when government institutions are in the wrong, they result to the blame-game, using the various radio/television shows and newspapers for smear campaigns against the others for damage control in the eyes of the gullible Liberian public. And because of the kind of “Liberian society” we have presently, officials and personnel of these institutions would normally distribute scratch-cards and cash among surrogates to phone in and either castigates the institution(s)/official/(s) and individual(s) about whom the campaigns are against or show the campaigner(s) with praises.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism that should be the spokesman for the entire government, is at the forefront of these negative campaigns as evidenced by the recent Rodney Sieh-Chris Toe Affairs in which the Liberian anti-graft house-the General Audition Commission or GAC was demonized by Deputy Information Minister Isaac Jackson and his boss Lewis Brown.

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism,   hereto forth known as MICAT, is tasked with the statutory responsibility of propagating the policies and programs of the Liberian Government, through information dissemination internally and externally. MICAT is also charged with the responsibility of promoting activities relative to culture and tourism through the National Culture Troupe, as well as history and other attractive sites, among others. For MICAT to almost abandon these major and meaningful tasks/ responsibilities and concentrate on the minute aspects of its mandate is a complete disservice and waste of public resources.

Many had thought that MICAT would have been all over the place-into the interior and just everywhere around the country with renewed vigor in the gather and dissemination of information regarding government policies and programs, but to their surprise, MICAT has become a “DEAD GIANT” and no more the ‘sleeping giant’ referred to by Minister Lewis Brown when he appeared for confirmation hearing before the Liberian Senate. Many had also thought that by now the ‘sleeping giant’ would have been re-awakened, strong and active, but the passive nature of the Lewis Brown leadership has completely “KILLED” the ‘sleeping giant’.

Visiting the Information Ministry, one would realize that it is only the office of the minister, Isaac Jackson’s, as well as Comrades Robert Kpadeh’s are active, while others remain very inactive or dormant. Even though the ministry’s “weekly press briefing” brought about by the Cletus Sieh administration and talk show appearances to either react or discuss something already known by the public may just be a minute aspect of the tasks to be performed by Ministers Brown and Jackson and others at MICAT.

For Deputy Minister Jackson to have concluded that the Guthrie Audit conducted by the GAC was ‘unprofessional’, and “needs further investigation “to prosecute anyone- a standard response to any investigation or audit that implicate a” protected” person in Liberia only suggests his limitation and misplacement at MICAT. To be continued.

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