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A Panorama View on Voodoo and Juju Powers Versus the Sudden Deaths of Innocent Young Liberian Politicians in the Liberian Legislature

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Political Hot-Fire has learned from assorted unimpeachable antecedents inside Liberia that Voodoo and Juju dynamism have taken over the entire Liberian Legislature functionaries, with some lawmakers soliciting extraordinary voodoo and juju power to kill, paralyze, poisoned and or willfully throw special spiritual sicknesses and or terrible disease at one another in the Liberian Legislature. The source further lamented that voodoo and juju power are not only utilized among lawmakers on Capitol Hill, but it is also used effectively during elections to subdue, paralyze and kill one’s opponents in a representative and or senatorial race with the hope of preventing one’s rival from succeeding as representative/senator. Voodoo and juju are used to consolidate perpetual power within multiple power corridors on Capitol Hill.

These narratives do not in any way suggest that some Liberians are not dying from natural causes or under well-known circumstances. Political Hot-Fire wants to remember the late Representatives Munah Pelham Youngblood, Adolph Lawrence, J. NagbeSloh, Geraldine Doe-Sherif, and Edward Dagoseh and all other lawmakers who may have died before them may their souls rest in peace and light perpetual shine on them Some Liberian skeptics believe that voodoo and juju power resonate with the body politics in Liberia. It has given rise to countless and contested powers among very poor young Liberian adolescent politicians who had been living in acute systemic impoverished conditions across Liberia for many years. The irony is that the young Liberian adolescent politicians see some of their colleagues come to political prominence and suddenly get rich overnight, while they continued to languish in acute poverty for years.

A case in point can be attributed to the late Samuel Kanyon Doe’s era, when he and other little-minded young politicians they took over the affairs of government in the late 80s and vandalized the nation’s wealth and quickly amassed wealth for themselves overnight with the assistance of their guns versus some levels of voodoo and juju power according to sources. Such political dramas unfolded under the very eyes of other poor young Liberians who felt that they can also muster the courage to generate some levels of popularity with the help of voodoo and juju power to get to the top and possess the cookies’ jars to themselves as well. But some ordinary Liberians are beginning to ask themselves, why the body politics in Liberia is heavily loaded with different types of voodoo and juju power at an unprecedented magnitude especially among young Liberian Lawmakers on Capitol hill?

Though dirty politics may account largely for such a scenario, the question that arose is what is politics within the Liberian setting, especially among poor young Liberians? It is believed that countless definitions of politics have made political science more attractive to the point where Liberians have begun killing one another unmercifully for the sake of elected portfolios, political power, wealth accumulation, name tagging, influence, and affluence.

But one useful source also defined politics as a “multifaceted game.” Others see politics as: “game of the impossible.” Speculatively, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, the current Vice President of the Republic of Liberia from the Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, defined politics as “Our Time.” Others tried to qualify politics by what they intend to reap out of it that is to lineup their private pockets as quickly as possible through massive wealth accumulation schemes at the back of ordinary poor, poor downtrodden and very sick Liberians whom they claimed to represent in the Liberian Legislature.

But politics in the Western world, especially in the United States, is one of the finest things to happen to any decent individual or is one of the best practices in life, given the prevailing circumstance under which it happened. It is also a very wonderful and delicate human engagement’ and exchanges about the government and its people.

But in Africa, especially Liberia, the story is completely a different one. It is different because politics in Liberia is a very dangerous and a poisoner game to venture into. It is a dangerous game because it is about life and death game, especially for most very poor young adolescent politicians and a long listing of school dropouts who sacrificed their lives simply to become Representative or Senator. They soon find themselves in the corridor of using dangerous juju and voodoo power to pave their way up the power ladder as lawmakers, which eventually come with a very big price, and mysterious deaths are in the equation as well.

Moreover, most poor Liberians who may be fortunate to contest elected seats often solicit a certain type of reinforcement using voodoo and juju power to win said elected seats and consolidates their power on Capitol Hill as long they continued to seek voodoo and juju intervention. Other Liberians who might for some mysterious motives decide to set their eyes on similar seats could be eliminated or killed quickly with the use of voodoo or juju power. The defeated party may continue to seek additional voodoo and juju support at all costs as a means of fighting back. But such a very serious dog fight often leads to another individual killing the other, and the one currently occupying the position can be three times vulnerable to the danger of the other person’s voodoo and juju connections.

To be a Lawmaker within the Liberian Legislature is a superb lucrative business in Liberia. The job itself is capable to get one out of poverty sooner rather than later if he/she wins. The heavenly good news is that when one is elected as a representative, he/she is paid the sum of $7000 US a month with additional fringe benefits including gas slips and security guard services, a cook not forgetting a gardener especially for the one that served as Speaker and or President pro tempore. In the case of an elected Senator, he/she is paid US$15000 a month with huge benefits for staying in power for 9-years or more. This is the reason while an elected position such as representative or senator comes with a dangerous price to pay.

Elected positions are considered outstanding, indispensable, and highly competitive. A representative or senator portfolio can attract wealth accumulation in a very short period, but it comes with a very big price. This political narrative revealed that the fight among multiple impoverished young adolescent Liberian politicians is a death or survival game in most instances. To succeed as a representative or senator, one must engage in an extreme witchcraft initiatives, ritualistic killings, human sacrifice, ritual sacrifice, or the search for human body parts or to solicit a special ordained praying fanatic Man-Of-God who are spiritually inclined to fast and pray for victory in one’s representative and or senatorial elections.

Others will use cash violence as another approach to willfully kill their opponents in cold blood. That is how desperate the representative and senate races can be in Liberia according to the source. Another chilling revelation speaks volumes about some innocent young politicians traveling as far as other African Countries like Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Guinea, Togo to consult with blood-sucking oracles, voodoo and juju priests who demand fresh human parts to fix medicinal materials for success in any elected race in Liberia.

Those blood-sucking demons will first request for several fresh human hearts, young babies’ eyes, fingers, tongue, private parts, brains, and several other sensitive human parts of an innocent child to be used purposely to destroy the lives of their opponents directly or indirectly in a representative or senatorial race in Liberia. Another confirmed source revealed how some Liberian politicians go to Benin purposely to sleep with dead babies and dead pregnant women on display in caskets and the politician must stay in the casket for 4-days without food or water. Some are made to eat the flesh of a female’s private parts with the desire of winning the representative or senate seat through such a high-level voodoo and juju encountered. Some politicians are forced to have sexual intercourse with dead bodies to intensify their grip on power and to also eliminate their opponents instantly.

Another source pointed out that Liberian politicians interact with lived snakes primarily to get a 100% chance in a representative or senatorial election. Some politicians are given a special powder to sprinkle around the offices of their opponents that would make them very sick and they would eventually die before the race would commence in earnest. A blood-related substance is also given to a politician to place them on top of their opponent. These sad narratives have continued to reverberate across the Liberian Legislature up to present the source indicated.

Young politicians can either quit now and or redirect their interests and attention elsewhere or solicit strong backup support from a supernatural power either by drinking human blood or bathing themselves with said human blood simply to sustain themselves in power in the Liberian Ligature. If for some reason a young man/woman is not ready for a prime-time elected position within the Liberian Legislature could be a very wise decision any sound-minded young Liberian politician could easily make or take the bull by its horns and die later.

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