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Special Feature

A Rejoinder: Ellen Is Not A War Monger! I’m Living Proof

Since 2006, Liberia has now recently emerged to join and become a full-fledged part of the credible nations of the world (under Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s leadership). During the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, this country had serious problems with monstrous levels of corruption, mismanagement in government and public corporation circles and bad governance. There were no attempts made by any previous government to rein it in.  Over the past 3 years there has been a virtual turnaround in public finance and nation development.

Things would not not be rosy perfect…just yet…mainly because of the many years of destruction of life, of culture, infrastructure and so forth. It will take some time to focus on the most vital elements that will make the difference for benefiting the majority of the people. In order to properly develop the education, health and agricultural sectors, this government has had to start from scratch. It is going to take some time and it will cost much more money. I would frankly rather take my chances with her.

I was incarcerated and made desolate by the evil undertaken by the Liberian security officers and military in 1985, led by the late Jenkins Scott and others. I was falsely imprisoned and humiliated and at one point almost lost my life as a consequence of “zero hour.” I was not charged with any crime and indeed was with my Mother on the 12 of November 1985 at our place of family residence.

I want to say here that I want those people who continue to place my President and my mother’s name in a line-up with the iniquitous elements such as the former warlords in Liberia, to immediately desist. She reacted to the scandalous mayhem in Liberia as most intelligent but palliated other people would. The TRC or no other Group constitutes enough authority to make the “charge-less” “charged-for.”

I reiterate that George Weah does not possess the moral fabric or the cerebral integrity to become a leader of governance in this republic. I am inexplicably strained to characterize what leadership would likely produce under a proposed CDC Presidency.

I am very serious and this should not be taken lightly as I for one, refuse to live in renewed reprisal fear in Liberia based on this particular faction aspiring plan to ultimate political ascendency.


·         Limited freedom of movement and CONSTITUTIONAL guaranteed freedom of speech.
·         Rampant fraud, abuse and corruption strangely at the highest echelons of political leadership.
·         Acute shortages OF the very basic commodities throughout Liberia.
·         Acute shortages at LPRC in the oil and gas business.
·         Failed commitments and unkempt promises both locally and internationally.
·         Donor fatigue without explanation.
·         A dysfunctional LEC.
·         Bad roads and the abandonment of road maintenance subsequently leading to renewed urban decay.
·         Back to the 6 month calling and waiting period and coupled with increasing delay for GOL employee salaries.
·         Back to gangster day politics.
·         No further resolution on Liberia’s sovereign debt leading to hindering the GOL’s ability to obtain WB finance or IMF drawings.
·         Implications for currency creation; causing spiraling inflation left unchecked, and resorting to US$ currency flight as a direct consequence.
·         High food prices and serious material shortages.
·         Ruined economy
·         Development shutdown.
About the Author: James Sirleaf (Formally of Citibank, N.A. Monrovia, Liberia-1981-1990). Resident Vice President, Citigroup London) General Manager, Corporate & Institutional Banking First International Bank (FiBank) Liberia.

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