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A Rejoinder – Responding to Brumskine – Weah is “a true leader”

It is not good to respond to newspaper reports about political leaders in Liberia, without verification, given the historical misrepresentation and mischaracterization of statements made by Liberian political leaders.

But statements in the The New Dawn Liberian media attributed to the political leader of the opposition Liberty Party, on the contributions of the Standard Bearer of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change, Ambassador George Manneh Weah is not one to ignore.

According to The New Dawn, Counselor Brumskine praised the CDC leader as “a true leader, and deserve to be one.” Brumskine thanked the CDC leader “for inspiring the opposition in the interest of National Unity.” Brumskine however noted that he has been “stigmatized today by the decisions“he made during the presidency of Charles Taylor regarding the status of forces agreement for Liberia. Brumskine admitted that he was “learning how [to] become a powerful force to reckon with in the political landscape of Liberia” just as Ambassador Weah has done over the years. The news reported that Brumskine was responding to a previous statement of Weah calling for the resignation of the National Election Commission’s chairman. Brumskine warned that opposition leaders should not threaten violence to seek the removal of the election chairman.

CDCians welcome the statement from Counselor Brumskine regarding our standard bearer, but it is important to refresh the memories of Liberians that Ambassador George Weah has always been a man of peace, who “cherishes the democratic aspiration of the Liberian people.” Ambassador Weah had indicated to CDCians that he believes in the unity of the Liberian opposition. CDCians believed that the failed CDC-LP merger deal should not create a divided opposition. CDCians hold firm a view that Ambassador George Weah decided to run for president in the interest of the suffering Liberian people, and this is why he continues to reach out to all opposition leaders, to join him in bringing relief to our people.

Ambassador Weah has always spoken out against violence as a political tool in Liberia.  It can be recall that during an event in Philadelphia, Weah cautioned that “the Liberian opposition must not use any violent means to remove President Sirleaf from power.” Ambassador George Manneh Weah has always been a “man of peace” and this was why he always spoke against war. We can further recall that his home was burned down and other properties destroyed when he called for United Nations force to rescue Liberians from self destruction. Ambassador Weah have always sought to consult with all political leaders in our nation, including president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,  to bring our people together for peace and unity.

As a CDCian, it is my view that our standard bearer have been wrongly crucified by Liberia’s political elites, to the point that Counselor Brumskine’s supporters believed that Ambassador Weah holds a personal grudge against the Counselor for failing to endorse him in the second round of the 2005 election. This is not the case, Ambassador George Weah has not promised anybody the Liberian presidency, and rather he has always stated that the Liberian people should decide for themselves who to lead them. On many occasions, Weah have clearly stated that he wants to serve the people as president-What is wrong with the people making their own decision?

On the altar of Jehovah, I pledge undying resistance to undemocratic choice for the Liberian presidency. Excuse me while I throw out.

About the Author:
Chorphie Charlie is a social and political commentator who resides in Philadelphia. He can be reached at gbanapekin@hotmail.com.

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