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A rejoinder to Independence Day Orator

The Missing puzzle of July 2016 Independence Day Oration

Like any anxious reader, when I arrived lately in Monrovia from Harbel where it had been rainy throughout the morning hours on July 27, the first local daily that caught my attention was The NewDawn newspaper. 

I could not wait reading through. Quickly on page eleven, I discovered a half-page on the Independence Day oration of July 26; captioned “Orator warns against war” which was remarkably broadcasted live on ELBC radio. I noticed the speech was summarized for printing purpose by Winston W. Parley. The journalist professionally managed to provide the main points which I took off time to read and understand. This year’s public speaker was as usual very emphatic.

The NewDawn newspaper coverage followed the usual July 26 oration pattern of Independence Day introduction: “Liberia’s 169th Independence Day Orator Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan has called on Liberians to fight against poverty, disease and ignorance, rather than fighting war” the paper started the story.

This is indeed captivating. By the time I completed reading, one question perked my consciousness. Since time immemorial, Liberians have lived with and continues to live with poverty, disease and ignorance until in 1974 when Liberian 19th President William R. Tolbert, Jr. made it a national policy for eradication.

After forty-two years today in July 2016 Dr. Nyan is suggesting that war is not the best approach against poverty, disease and ignorance. Therefore, he says: “If you want war, let’s fight. But you know what we’re going to fight? We’ll fight poverty, and fighting poverty, we’ll fight ignorance. In fighting ignorance, let the papers be our bullets,” he said amidst hands of applause at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion in Monrovia.

This is the brilliant utterance of Dr. Nyan that sparked the question: “When the Progressive Alliance of Liberia —PAL and the Movement for Justice in Africa —MOJA came to Liberia in the early 1970s, were there no papers for bullets to fight poverty, disease and ignorance that President Tolbert had already declared public enemy?”

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Dr. Nyan spoke well on this year’s Independence Day observance. But I am still thinking if he actually understands or means what he mentioned about the road leading to 2017 presidential and representative elections that has its roots in the strange democratic process introduced by the PAL and MOJA which lead to the assassination of President Tolbert, the replacement of Liberia’s 1847 Christian Constitution amended 1955 thus leaving the scabs of bloody, destructive, costly, senseless and unnecessary fourteen years of civil war that turned Liberia completely upside down?

Indeed, I really recognize Dr. Nyan as a very eloquent public speaker who hails from River Gee County in eastern Liberia and a renounced scientist making his living in the USA. The major concern I have ties in with Dr. Nyan’s advice for the critics of government to “…also suggest practical solution that will move the country forward. This requirement is fundamental to consolidating peace and progress in this country’s transformation process as we move towards getting our democracy to being a viable one, …rather than going to war, …fight diseases, using syringes as their guns and [medical] solutions be their bullets,” adding that “…if you want to fight, let’s fight corruption, let sincerity be our guns and honesty be our bullets.”

Dr. Nyan motivated my spirit when he added “And you’re still not tired, you still want to fight. Let’s fight. If you want to fight, let’s fight against hatred. When we’re fighting hatred, let love be our guns and peace be our bullets” after which he reflected upon the co-existence of various religious groups in Liberia, urging Liberians against ‘creating’ Muslim-Christian conflict that did not exist here, and suggested the need for the country to remain tolerant of different religious groups and forge ahead.”

This aspect of Dr. Nyan’s speech brings me forward with the simple truth of doing justice to Christianity that equally suffers from the progressive decision that has made secular ideology a constitutional matter in Liberia since the 1980s.

This is exactly the point that the speech missed out because, I understand was due to the limited time according to the River Gee County’s Honorable Wesseh on the ELBC Super-morning Show for Dr. Nyan to prepare for this occasion marking the 169th year when Liberia prophetically emerged as Africa’s firstborn nation on earth. Therefore, I am convinced that Dr. Nyan only forgot to include in his oration this missing puzzle which provides a complete and clear judgment that cuts the long matter short by adding: “And you’re still not tired, you still want to fight. Let’s fight. If you want to fight, let’s fight against secularism. When we’re fighting secularism, let Christianity be our guns and the 1847 Preamble be our bullets” having realized that it was a terrible satanic mistake in the constitution crafted during the 1980s to betray the covenant decision of the founding fathers of Liberia that “…bow before the altar of the living God” in the Providence Baptist Church which ordained that occasion marking the Independence Day divine convocation on July 26, 1847.

As such, Christians do not envisage any religious conflict in Liberia despite the fact that Muslims are instigating the confrontations being ably managed by the Christian tribal elders, chiefs and church fathers with the body of Christ across Liberia through their various institutions and networks of meeting, intercessory praying and fasting, outreach, crusade, etc., etc.

Moreover, the Almighty God —Jehovah nissi of Christianity has activated the situation that brings me into divine presence with sense of understanding the times of massive confusion, frustration and hopelessness that placed Liberia in a very serious spiritual dilemma overshadowed with seven national stigmas; namely: 1 Ungrateful 2 Religious 3 Hospitable 4 Complacent 5 Wicked 6 Destructive and 7 Unnatural. These unique characteristics subsequently imposed upon the Liberian people seven biblical curses now ready to give way for the eighth curse to appear when Liberians continue to legally recognize and maintain Liberia as secular state.

There are no by-passes about this historical and national decision because it can be justified biblically, prophetically, numerically and scientifically as was documented in the original Constitution and passionately referenced in the public statement of Liberia’s first President Joseph Jenkins Roberts in 1848:

“The Gospel, fellow citizens, is yet to be preached to vast numbers inhabiting this dark continent, and I have the highest reason to believe that it was one of the great objects of the Almighty in establishing these colonies, that they might be the means of introducing civilization and religion among the barbarous nations of this country…” (A Short History of the First Liberian Republic, 2010, Joseph S. Guannu, p. 12)

Additionally, Liberia’s President James S. Payne, in his 1868 public speech mentioned:  “The position we occupy, as a Christian government on this coast, imposes a system of duty upon us in relation to that section of our population which is in a heathen condition. Holding the opinion that it is time that the Republic should more directly extend its influence… to them, the impression made upon our aboriginal population should teach them obedience…” (A Short History of the First Liberian Republic, 2010, Joseph S. Guannu, p. 15)

Moreover, longest-serving President Tubman First Inaugural Speech of 1944 admitted: “Placed in the midst of a large semi-civilized population we must be resolved, if we are to achieve the purpose for which the establishment of Liberia upon these western shores of Africa as intended, to shed the light of Christianity and civilization among our less favoured brethren and with them create a strong unified African Negro State.” (A Short History of the First Liberian Republic, 2010, Joseph S. Guannu, p. 30)

For details understanding of these national influential utterances, submit your invitations from church congregations, Bible Study groups, fellowships and evangelist movements to witness and participate in the live teaching sessions and attend the Liberian National Bible Study coming soon on various radio stations. You may contact: End Times Prophetic Teaching Ministries Liberia with text to (0777 or 0886) 57 96 70 or email: endtimes2013@yahoo.com

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