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A shattering political dream: The fate of Dr. Daniel E. Cassell

Fugitive Liberian presidential aspirant Dr. Daniel E. Cassell now lingering at the Essex County Prison in New Jersey, the United States after his extradition from the State of Georgia is on the verge of shattering his entire political dream in the wake of legal entanglement on the charge of Fugitive From Justice for alleged fraud.  

He had earlier failed to appear to answer the charges and the indictments in New Jersey were transferred to Georgia where defendant Dr. Cassell was subsequently picked up on March 17th based on a court-filed Warrantless Arrest Affidavit on the charge of Fugitive From Justice and subsequently detained by the Clayton County Sheriff’s office, according to the U.S.-based African Star publication.

A Physiologist by profession and behavioral specialist consultant, Dr. Cassells had worked in the United States for years and established his own business there, Kwenyan Professional Health Services prior to coming to Liberia and organizing a political party.

The Star quotes the State of Georgia statute GA Code § 17-4-62 (2020) as saying, “In compliance with law and according to the docket of the Magistrate Criminal Court in Georgia, Dr. Cassell’s First Appearance Hearing was scheduled for March 18, 2022.

He will now face prosecution in the State of Georgia over allegations described as white-collar crimes that experts say some New Jersey doctors, chiropractors, pharmacists, and patients find themselves ensnared.

If found guilty, Dr. Cassell could face a jail term between 3 – 5 years plus thousands of dollars in fines, according to sources in the United States.

However, he is deemed innocent until found guilty by a court of law in the U.S.

Dr. Cassell obtained his doctoral degree from North Central University in the United States where he plied a successful career before coming to Liberia in 2020 to enter politics.

He established and became the Political Leader of the fast-growing People’s Liberation Party (PLP) that displays affluence and financial competence, drawing support from thousands of impoverished citizens, including jobless youths. He had been in a tussle with the Government of Liberia over the bringing of a helicopter to the country to boost his campaign for the 2023 presidential and general elections.

However, following news of his arrest last week in America, the PLP appointed its National Chairman Taplah Doe as interim head of the party, as it digests the legal entanglement and seeming collapse of the vibrant political leader. 

The PLP in a press statement issued on March 25, 2020, dismissed rumors that it was considering options on whether to suspend or expel its political leader Dr. Cassell after his arrest in the U.S.

The Star quotes a source from the PLP as saying it is too early for the party to consider a replacement for Dr. Cassell immediately although conceding that time is running out to prepare for the 2023 elections.

The party says it is “arranging to send a delegation which will include legal experts to the USA to ascertain information and determine the party’s next course of action.”


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