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A Tribute to the Late John Francis Whitefield

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The remains of the Secretary General of the former Ruling National Patriotic party, NPP, Grand Bassa County Senator John Francis Whitefield will be interred on Friday, February 8, 2013 in Kingsville, Grand Bassa County following a night of wake-keeping at the Fair Ground in Buchanan. The Buchanan wake-keeping will be preceded by a night of wake-keeping, this time, in Monrovia at the NPP headquarters in Tarr Town, Cong Town following the removal of the body from the Samuel Striker Funeral Parlours in Sinkor, Tubman Boulevard. Senator Whitefield died three weeks ago following a brief, but unknown ailment at the ‘St. Joseph Catholic Hospital’ in Cong Town.

The Story of the Whitefield Family – A Tribute to the Late John Francis Whitefield

While the death of the Senator Whitefield may be painful to his family and close relatives, the conspicuous abandonment exhibited by executives and stalwarts of the National Patriotic Party which he served as national Secretary General up to his death creates even greater pains in the hearts of his wife, children, brothers, sisters and other relatives.

Immediate family sources, also confirmed by NPP Chairman-Emeritus Cyril A. Allen, revealed that that since the death of the three weeks ago, not a single executive or stalwart of the NPP has visited his home to sympathize with his family, including his wife Hawa, discharged last Saturday from the Benson Hospital in Paynesville after coming down with hypotension (pressure) as the result of her husband’s death.

The Political Leader of the NPP, Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor (also a colleague of the late Whitefield from the same party), Chairman-Emeritus Chief Allen, National Chairman T.C. Gould (also from Grand Bassa County), as well ar NPP Legislators, among executives and stalwarts failed to identify with the family-least to say a telephone call to his wife before mentioning visitation.

Except Chief Cyril Allen who was man (and will always remain a man to speak the truth) enough to admit guilt and expressed regrets, not a single individual has spoken about this matter since it was published by the New Dawn Newspaper.

For those of us who have followed contemporary Liberian politics since the NPP was forced out of power, the late NPP Secretary General stood his ground on behalf of the party in full representation of its ideals in times of difficulties along with Chief Allen when others were either “playing low” or politically ‘pendiluming’ (crossing carpet to the ruling Unity Party and others.

This only exposes the careless or don’t-care attitudes those who claim to be executives and stalwarts of the NPP towards John Francis Whitefield in death…and it could be possible that wherever his ghost is, it must be a total disappointment and regret for him in terms of the negative pay-backs being given his family.

Today from the Samuel Striker Funeral Parlours up to his interment, they shall be seen in their numbers- pretending to be weeping and sharing sorrows with the impressions that they are in deep sympathy. Yes! It’s possible they could be, but their attitudes towards the late Whitefield family exposes their true nature.

What the executives and stalwarts of the NPP have exhibited before all of us and not only the deceased family is only a reminder that “WHEN A HUNCH BACK PERSON IS BEING BURIED, IT IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT TO BE PRESENT SO AS TO KNOW THE POSITION IN WHICH HE’S BEING LAID TO REST’. If it is happen now to the late National Secretary General, John Francis Whitefield, could the situation of others be different?

It must be stated here emphatically that this article is not intended to expose the executives and stalwarts of the National Patriotic Party to public ridicule, but the bitter lesson being thought the Whitefield family so that others would learn to proper conduct themselves in order to avoid such deep sorrow.

Even if NPP Political Leader Jewel Howard-Taylor and other NPP Legislators, as well as Chairman T.C. Gould, Mr. Edwin M. Snowe, Chief Allen, former Vice President Moses Z. Blah, etc., etc were so…….much busy and were working through a special committee chaired by former Senator John Gray, who has not even visited the family, a single day or a few minutes at Whitefield’s House with his family would not have given the matter permanence.

But again, that’s the way we are as living human beings. And all that can be said to Mrs. Hawa Whitefield and entire Whitefield family is to take courage in the Lord Jesus Christ and keep hope alive.

May the soul of the Late NPP Secretary General, Senator John Francis Whitefield and those of the fate departed rest in peace perfect and may light shine upon them.

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