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A voice in the wilderness

Sergeant Major Karmoh Duke Freeman of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) alarms to the Voice of America (VOA) that roaming terrorists in neighboring countries may spill into Liberia, stressing that the worrisome terrorism developments outside Liberia must be deterred by additional troops for the army.

In an exclusive interview with the VOA Tuesday, 20 November Sgt/Maj Freeman notes, “We asked our partners to get involved immediately so that we’ll curtail the situation, because we need more than what we have at our border points.”

This is a warning from a truly patriotic soldier, which should be heeded by senior officials not only in the military, but our entire national security apparatus. It should not be treated like a mere statement coming from a scary soldier.

Roving terrorists in West Africa had struck as close as Grand Bassam, a beach resort in neighboring Ivory Coast on March 13, 2016, killing 19 people, including some expatriates and wounding several others.

That was after two separate earlier attacks in Mali and Burkina Faso in November 2015 and January 2016, respectively taking scores of lives, including some members of the security forces.

Sergeant Major Freeman recommends routine military patrols along our porous borders, including recruitment expansions for AFL, police and immigration officers.

He is a loyal soldier executing a patriotic duty to the motherland, because Liberia is all that we have and we must protect, defend and preserve it. This country cannot afford to be caught pants down by dangerously armed roving terrorists that kill without any remorse.

We just can’t cope with a nightmare of waking up one morning to hear that some parts of this country have been besieged by bloodthirsty terrorists, shooting people pointblank in their heads and slashing others’ throats – reminiscent of their brutal killings.

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Former presidential candidate Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine had sounded similar caveat here few years ago, calling for a national security strategy on terrorism. The warning keeps coming, this time around, from a patriotic soldier.

It is about time the Government of Liberia listens and acts immediately to avert a possible terrorists’ attack against this country by increasing the strength of our military, police and immigration and building their capacity to face any future eventuality head-on and decisively rather than having them pulling trickles at one another, which undermines national security.

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