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A wake-up call to our Liberian youth

The essence of youth participation in society is to seek readiness to building a vibrant society, social network, contribute to nation’s economic growth and development, bring about a new paradigm shift as well as strengthening national leadership. In the wake of national development, it takes courageous young men who’ll vow to share their sweat and blood for the redemption of their generation. We live in a country of hidden greatness. Our young generation sees far below the future of our nation. This is a crisis in the making that we all need to be concerned about, and work together to avert. Our nation fell away some years back due to the inability of its earliest inhabitants to consciously fight and defeat the foes of our nation’s greatness.

In this current generation, it has now become a great challenge posed on us to rise up and restore the true mirror of the homeland that has been broken. This challenge is urgent, practical, critically important, and vital. We as young people have no choice if we want a bright future. We must strongly glean from our wisdom the tools necessary to grow our society, impact our country, and transform this current generation. We are to see beyond the future of this generation and effectively illuminate the plight of today’s youth in our permissive culture.

There is no retirement in war! In war, the time is crucial, the cost is great, but the cause is worth it! Our nation has been in a grave danger for so long. The national battle wages for the hearts and minds of our generation. It is our fervent hope that the youth of this country will not only sit and watch national government and/or leaders, but that we will join them on the front lines. Against formidable odds, we can come together to fight off evil– to win a war that once seemed unwinnable and to secure freedom for our future generation. It is time for us to wake up and acknowledge that this is our war for the hearts of today’s youth and for the future of our country.

It is time now for us to get involved, not only as supporters but as warriors. It is the story of history that the younger generation are used to revive and restore a nation that has fallen away. Therefore, the enemies of our youthful generation often work to destroy youth before they can fulfill that destiny. It is no surprise, then, that today’s political terrorists have targeted youth for national instability through empty politics. To rebuild our generation and move mama Liberia forward, we will have to expose those political terrorists sleepers cells at work within our country, sound a clarion alert, and set forth a succinct battle plan to defeat the enemies.

Youth wanting to see Liberia being great must put on their working shoes and be willing to make all necessary sacrifices to move our country to greatness. For us in the youth and student community, it’s not too late for a wake-up call regarding even the socioeconomic crisis with today’s youth-generation. Rather, it’s time for an intellectual explosion that begets a progressive, passionate leadership response to take action too long overdue. Like a pregnant woman is responsible for the welfare and health of the child she carries, so is every nation responsible for the generation within its womb. And to capture the urgency and danger of the critical state our youth are in, there should be a team of powerful, practical and profoundly passionate young men and women to rise up to the occasion, seize the moment and sound a clear call to all who dare to accept the mandate to save our generation.

Fake political messengers who are power grieved, self-centered, with no love for country and respect for human dignity will parade in another form, infuse material wealth into your actions against your national leadership and teammates. Fellow Liberian youth, don’t be carried away by what they say or do. They are subversive and effective in promoting their selfish agenda. These enemies of decency are already in our nicest families, as we will soon see. Yes, even in the best of government ministries and agencies. Let us not be deceived by their slippery movements– not even by their material wealth.
For 170 years our nation bleed, our nation suffered in the dead hands of modern democratic wonders of nature, and was locked down in political and economic captivity. Today, we now see a 171 year old Liberia that focuses light on building human resource capacity especially the youthful generation, prioritizes health and education which play major role in the economic growth and development of a nation as well as roads and infrastructures. Why can’t we have an open mind and create an able environment and make our contributions to the homeland through action programs? Why can’t we support the positive changes and/or developments, honestly convert the negative actions of the government to positive and move our country to greatness? Our national leaders are waiting. They are willing to give us their faces. They are willing to extend their helping hands. Rise up now Liberian youth, rise up! I foresee a better Liberia.
By Alpha G. Gray

About the author:
Alpha G. Gray is a student of the University of Liberia reading Biology major with emphasis in Medical Science. He is passionate about his field of studies and wants to make the case in his scientific life. He can be contacted via (alphagbessaygray@gmail.com) (alphag.gray@yahoo.com) Tel: +231776915195

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