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Abi Jaoudi Trading and the rotten food

The extent of harm inflicted on the consuming public by Abi Jaoudi Trading Company in the sale of rotten poultry products in Liberia might never be established, but no doubt, there are victims of such unwholesome and unscrupulous business practice.

One could just imagine for how long Abi Jaoudi Supermarket, now Abi Jaoudi Trading Company has been in this country before inspectors from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry recently busted an entire warehouse full of expired and badly decomposed foods, including poultry products unfit for human consumption still stockpiled at the entity.

Also, we might never know or say for certain how many other unscrupulous businesses could be involved in similar harmful business practice across the country.
Though the Government of Liberia thru the Ministry of Commerce moved in swiftly and fined the management of Abi Jaoudi Trading US$75,000 after the discovery, the effect on consumers as a result of the act is totally something else that should be addressed.

The company concedes that messy products were indeed, in its warehouse, but argues that they were not being sold to the public. According to Abi Jaoudi Trading, they were just about to dispose of the products when the government inspectors made the discovery.

This explanation by the management to the public is difficult to believe. Anyway, we think they were seriously constrained to say something as a facing saving strategy. Liberians are disappointed.

However, we think there are health and environmental issues as it relates to this incident, and they should not be swept under the carpet just because a fine has been reportedly paid. The public would like to know for how long those products were being kept in the warehouse, and then come the health concerns.

Sincerely, we are taken aback by the attitude of this business entity, which has not only abused the hospitality of the Liberian people over the years, but betrayed their confidence by bringing in unsafe products into the country for sale and public consumption.

Now, our people might be going with various sicknesses as a result of consuming some of those rotten products from the Abi Jaoudi Company’s warehouse. Who pays for their health? They are innocent customers and consumers whose safety was jeopardized.

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We raise these issues rightly so because if it were in the developed world, Abi Jaoudi Trading Company would have been immediately shut down and prosecuted for the harm done to the Liberian people and the public in general, including employees who directly work in the warehouse were the decomposed products were stored, because we believe they also were exposed to serious health hazard.


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