Abortion Kills Woman -Nurse Faces Trial

Julia Samuel, a woman claiming to be a nurse, is expected to face prosecution at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia for allegedly aborting a two-month-old pregnancy that killed victim Massah Gaybeon this month.

The police have charged suspect Julia, who’s awaiting trial, with Negligent Homicide and Criminal Abortion. Investigators gathered during inquiries that on November 9, 2011, the deceased complained to her fiancé that she was feeling very cold and experiencing severe headache.

The boyfriend (not named) is said to have suggested taking her to the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Medical Hospital on 24th Street, Sinkor, for treatment. But according to police reports, Massah, instead of going to the JFK Hospital, asked her boyfriend to take her to a friend (Suspect Julia Samuel) at the New Matadi where she (the victim) had a private doctor.

Julia’s boyfriend told police investigators that upon their arrival at the New Matadi, he questioned Julia whether she was a nurse, but the accused claimed she was a nurse and had worked at the S.D. Cooper Hospital and the S.O.S. Clinic.

Julia then told Massah to remain at her (Julia’s) residence for proper checking, while she also told Massah’s fiancé to return in the evening. But according to police, when the victim’s fiancé returned from work that evening, the defendant again told him that she wanted Julia to spend the night with her.

During the night of November 10, defendant Julia Samuel allegedly criminally aborted Massah’s two-month-old pregnancy, the police said. Unfortunately for the victim, she bled profusely and became helpless.

At about 2:am that night, police say, the accused realized that the victim’s condition was deteriorating, so she, unknown to the boyfriend and the family, put Julia on a motorcycle and rushed her to the JFK Hospital, where she was reported dead at 3:48 am on November 11.

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