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About 567,000 Women Died- At Child Birth In 2009

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The UN Under-Secretary General and Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the United Nations for Innovative Financing for Development, Philippe DOUSTE-BLAZY says about 567, 000 pregnant women around the world died in 2009 at child. Speaking in an exclusive interview with the New Dawn Tuesday, the UN envoy expressed doubts that the new millennium goal objectives will not be achieved.

“We’re few weeks away from the UN General Assembly that will be held in September. The assembly this year will be centered on the objectives of the new millennium that were defined in 2000. “

“I will like to blow the alarm by saying that not only the objectives of the millennium will not be achieved, but worse than that, there are shames of humanity looming, for instance 567 thousand pregnant women died 2009 while giving birth to a child.” Philippe DOUSTE-BLAZY told New Dawn.

The Under Secretary General, who is also the ex-French Foreign Minister under Jacques Chirac’s administration, arrived Monday in Liberia for a three day official visit. Philippe DOUSTE-BLAZY is the President and Founder of UNITAID, a UN agency that is financing the fight against Malaria, AIDS and Tuberculosis in developing countries, said his organization is finding the way to get developing countries out of the hardship.

“Because of the financial and political crisis that is striking the big democracies, it will be difficult to increase the developmental aids. It is time to create new sources of financing, what we call innovative financing in developmental aids, UNITAID is the first laboratory.” He said.

UNITAID is the premises of a first global micro-tax. The member countries have chosen to impose a tax of two dollars on every plane ticket. In Europe, it is two Euros per ticket. It started in 2005 with France, Brazil and Chilly, today there are 16 member countries, and until now a total amount of one and half billion of dollars.

“3 over 4 children that are suffering from AIDS in the world are treated freely through the funding of UNITAID. We are financing UNICEF in the treatment of pregnant women HIV positive. We are financing the biggest portion of Malaria eradication’s program initiated by the Global Funds.” Philippe DOUSTE-BLAZY said.

He indicated that new measures are taken to make sure poverty is eradicated in the world. That measure is a new tax on bank transactions. “For instance take the financial transactions in stocks exchange; to date you have 900 thousand billions of dollars every year. “

“If you impose a tax of 0.005% on these transactions, you have immediately 45 billion dollars which is the figure we need to achieve our goal. No one will again be poor, and it is possible.” He concluded.

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