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Acelor Mittal Taken to Task

A one-day meeting citizens’ meeting is expected to convene in Wolota Clan, Kpaai District, Bong County. Speaking to this paper in an interview, two youth leaders of Wolota- Giocondo Flomo and Samuel Nyofarkollie, said the meeting seeks to understand from the county leadership, the expenditure of the twenty-percent Arcelor Mittal Social Development Funds allotted to the District.

Giocondo and Samuel expressed the belief that the affected communities in the clan were not impacted by the fund, stressing that on several occasions engaged the company on the matter, but were referred to their lawmakers and local authorities.

According to them, Arcelor Mittal has failed to live up to its social obligation to the citizens, including the construction farm-to-market road, especially the Palala-Zoewinta road, as well as schools. During the meeting, the citizens will also seek redress from the authorities reasons behind the alleged failure of Arcelor Mittal to live up to the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) signed with the government.

Meanwhile, citizens of the district have unanimously agreed that the huge pile of scraps in the district will not be removed until proper negotiations were made. They said the authority must properly arrange and have the citizens involve in the process of selling the scraps, instead of sending unknown individuals to inspect the scrap to be sold.

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