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Administrative Office Procedures and Work Ethics in Today’s World

The constantly changing work place is a reality today and the consistency of this change is evidenced by the technological innovation that confronts you as you go to work and go about your daily life. Technology is rapidly changing and this encourages the administrative professionals to be a lifelong learner. In addition to technology, the composition of the workforce is changing rapidly. Your success on the job depends on your ability to constantly adapt to change and to understand people of all races, ethnicities, and social backgrounds.

The values that you have as a worker will prepare you to become an effective and administrative professional. Think about ways that you can develop your “job” into a career.  The skill needed to be successful includes, working as a team member, being dependable, making effective decisions, managing stress, focusing on the customers, and becoming a productive leader. As an administrative professional always think professionally, talk professionally, behave professionally, dress professionally and address issues professionally.

The impression you make on others and your attitude towards co-workers, your professional dress code and conduct as well as work ethics, has more to do with your professional image. And this image is important in being able to help you obtain a job, keep a job as well as help you get promoted. These impressions are made each day as you deal with co-workers, supervisors, clients, and customers as often times. Your attitude is shown in your body language; your speech, and in how you look. Your work ethics shows how you conduct yourself at work.

As a worker/employee you should always be on time, meet the deadline and follow the rules and procedures. My friend, how you manage your time and how you make decision will be important in the way you are evaluated by your boss. Your professional image shows when you use decorum and appropriate etiquette at all times. Remember to be polite, to compromise, to learn from others, to be honest, to be flexible, and to give help to others when they need it. Note: your work and your desk show your professional image. Know how to introduce one person to another and your handshake also shows your professional manners.

Since we are in a global world, it is important to be award of cultural differences. There are different customs and etiquette that must be adhered to when doing business. The places you choose to work is an important decision, the work that you perform and the people you work with can make your work good or frustrating. If you are not happy in your work, your productivity will be low. Being an effective member of a team is very important. There will be goals on many levels that you and others will make and will need to accomplish. You may be part of several different types of team: Project Team, task force, etc. the success of the team’s goal will depend on how well all members of the team interact, respect each other and work together.

One of the most important factors in team work is communication. Understanding diversity, accepting limitations, accepting differences, and listening effectively will keep the time line of communication open. Being able to resolve conflict is an important part of working with team and keeping record accurately is as good as resolving conflict too.


Self-management is being able to control what we do, how and when we do it and adjusting to change in the work place and in our personal life. Setting realistic short and long term goals can help interpret how successful we are. In short, everyone needs to understand that it may be necessary to set priorities and to adjust goals or how they are accomplished due to circumstances. It is important to keep being motivated as maintaining your physical and mental energy by eating well, taking regular exercises and getting enough rest/sleep.

It is important to manage our relationship at home and at work. Learn to control stress. Stress can show out in many physical and emotional forms and so it is important to understand how to deal with stress in our lives. Stress can show in anger which is never an appropriate response at the work place. Being organized and planning well can help eliminate too much of stress at school, home and on the job. There are many tools that can be used to help organized the day’s activities so that nothing is forgotten and everything is done correctly and on time. By having and sticking to a plan, setting priorities, avoiding procrastination, and working efficiently. By this, you can complete the day’s task and your long term goals.

Be aware of the routine and try to reduce them so that you are more efficient and can complete the necessary activities. Do you read news paper a whole day without attempting to achieve something more important? Avoid it and stop talking around aimlessly. Take your responsibility seriously and do all you can to complete each day’s task successfully and avoid procrastination or things that waste one’s time.


An ethical behavior is very important in every company. You want to work in an institution or company that has an ethical reputation. Organization that is ethical will be internationally aware, honest, and committed to diversity of human nature and environmentally sensitive and responsible. Stop sexual harassment! You must be honest, loyal, and able to accept responsibility for your actions and keep confidential information. Also remember that your personal life can affect your professional reputation.


After you have worked for a while, you may become more interested in the leadership and management of the company. It is always respected when someone move to the top of the company. By doing your best and taking the initiative on projects, you may find that you are earning the respect of those above you and promotions will happen. There will be many on the job to share your leadership skills which they see as an opportunity. You need to have a good idea of what your goals are and how you will achieve them. You should also have a set of values for it shows your loyalty and that you are committed to your institution or organization and its goals.

Try to plan and organize well as you work through your task each day. Doing a great job on each task could be noticed and salary increase and promotion may follow. You need to continuously work on using good communication skills, both in face-to-face discussion and in your written documents. Working effectively in a team situation and helping those around you to be successful will also show your leadership skills. Enjoy sharing your skill and talent with those around you. Understand that the work place can be challenging and well rewarding. Keep learning and taking advantage of any training that is available to you in your work environment so that you become more valuable to your employer and organization.


Customer service can be defined as the ability of an organization to consistently give customers what they want and need. I am sure that you can think of many goals that customer service is important to you. You want someone to be able to answer your questions correctly and efficiently when you need information. You want to be helped without an extensive amount of wasting time and to be treated with kindness and respect.

All employees in a company, regardless of their position or job need to offer effective customer service. There are many customer service skills that you will need as an administrative professional. Listening and answering question as efficiently as possible are important on the phone as well as in person. When you are helping someone face-to-face, it is very important to give that person your fullest attention and watch your body language. And voice qualities are always necessary. When you know the person, as co-worker, customer or client, it is important to use their name. You want to show that you do understand what the problem or concern is and that you are trying to solve it. Treating someone with respect and showing sympathy shows that you have good customer service training. There will always be difficult situation(s) that you will need to handle. Be sure to be as tactful and helpful as you can be as you try to solve the problem. Be polite, calm, friendly, and pay full attention to customer’s wishes.


Written communication is essential in the business world as well as in your personal life. It is vital that each document that you create uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation marks and correct format. Correspondence is the life line of an organization whether it is an e-mail, interoffice memorandum, letters and reports. Remember that each document that you create is a reflection of you and your company/organization or institution, and you want it to show the very best of both.

Watch out for part 2 next week.

(J. Benedict Lewis is a community development strategist and project management expert. He is also an inspirational and motivational speaker and a researcher.  He can be contacted through phone on: 0886-642-075/0776017204 or through Email:  Jblewis66@ yahoo.com)

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