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AFEL wants tough actions against disrobed police commander

The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFEL) has threatened to join other security institutions in the country to take drastic actions against disrobed police commander of Maryland County Jacob Comehn for brutalizing a female officer in late March 2021.

AFEL president Atty: Vivian Neal in a news conference said the Liberia National Police action to disrobe the Maryland County commander isn’t enough, demanding that additional actions must be taken including full investigation into circumstances surrounding the gruesome attack on the female officer, who is commander for the women and children unit of th police in the county.

AFEL condemned the act and described it barbaric. It called on police inspector general Col. Patrick Sudue to ensure the incident is fully investigated to a logical conclusion.

AFEL calls on the head of the LNP Col. Sudue whose key responsibility is to protect lives and property to go beyond just actions and follow the instructions from the police professional standards division for speedy investigation, said Atty. Neal.

“We will join the prosecutory arm of the government which is the Justice Ministry to ensure this matter is legally resolved for justice to be served; meanwhile, we were able to get in touch with the victim through the Gender Ministry.”

On Friday, April 9, 2021, deputy line commander for the women and children protection section Sergeant Rebecca Nimely, alleged that she was physically assaulted by her boss, Col. Jacob Comehn for trying to intervene in a case involving her landlord that was being heard by Commander Jacob.

Sgt. Nimely narrated the action by her boss was prompted by information given to him by his deputy that during the recent riot in the county over the murder of a motorcyclist, female officers in Maryland left the streets, something, she noted Col. Comehn didn’t inquire but held it against them.

She disclosed that on March 31, 2021, she saw her landlord without clothes sitting on the bare floor in his boxer, which claimed her attention and decided to ask what took him to the police station.

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But while the landlord was explaining, she said Commander Comehn accused her of obstructing Justice and sarcastically remarked that they [female officers] failed to make any arrest during the protest, but he had to return from Monrovia before arresting several persons in connection with the violence that was characterized by arson attacks on public and private properties, including a prison compound and the home of Speaker Bhofal Chambers, who hails from Maryland County.

According to Sgt. Nimley, while inquiring from her landlord, her boss ranted invectives, telling her to get her “a–h—“outside to which she advised him not to insult her anymore.

She stressed that upon her response, Commander Comehn rushed on her angrily, and a PSU officer tried restraining him, but he shoved the officer off and then punched her several times in her face, inflicting wounds on her.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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