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Ahead of LFA Election – Aspirant Bility Unveils Plans

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The President of Watanga Football Club, Musa Bility, has promised to create and maintain a cordial working relationship with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, when elected as president of the Liberia Football Association.


According to him, the current administration of the local Football house has had a soured working relationship with the MYS over the past four years thereby killing the spirit of the game.

“Liberia Football Association cannot work effectively without cooperating with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, therefore we will have no alternative but to create and maintain a very good working relationship with them(MYS)”, Bility stressed.

He further promised that if elected as president of the FA, his administration will also subsidies the work of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL). By creating an avenue where local sports will be prioritizes by them (SWAL).

“We will form a partnership where in our list and their list will be a local sport. Because we will be going for something good and we will have to compensate them, so there are better incentives for SWAL”, He said.

He noted that he will make club presidents as stakeholders of the game, so they can have a fixed budget to enable them run their respective clubs during league seasons.

Bility indicated that as president of the FA, “Everybody should expect football to improve as it has never been in the history of the country. I will be an agent of positive change”.

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